May 012013

Come historic 5/5/13, genaplah 7 months I’ve neglected the blog. Every time I do so, I say I’m sorry. What can I say but: sorry again!

A lot of things have changed, and some of them changed yet again.

But that’s a story for another day perhaps. On to the elections!

Nov 042010

:) Firstly, Happy Deepavali :) More on that to come :)

I took a bit of time to go through some old blog posts. Really old. Like more than 3 years.

They tell the story of when I first started working with PKR :P I remember the mamak table where it all started, and then the longer post in which my younger self justified my decision to the world :P (can I say thank you again for those very kind comments, heh)

Ah, reading those words again…. nostalgia.

Anyway, I thought for purposes of transparency, it’s important that I report my latest ‘career’ move.

It is my pleasure to maklumkan that I have been engaged by the Selangor state government to help with some communications work.

I won’t go into specifics here/now or spin some long story (it’s not really the same situation as it was 3 years ago :), but I hope by the first few months of next year, we’ll have been able to have helped with some improvements.

Perhaps more relevantly, I think the new job will keep me pretty preoccupied :( That, plus what with Twitter (hehe, followlah) and the TMI column clogging up my brainspace and all, may not leave half as much time for blogging as I would like :(

I’m sad I probably will not end up writing as much, and really do hope you’ll forgive the lapse; I have absolutely no plans to let it go completely dead. Just that the old frequency may no longer be sustainable :(

I apologise especially to people who actually load up every now and again to check for new stuff. Might I perhaps recommend switching over to an RSS reader of some sort? That way, you’ll only be notified when something new comes up :)

The best is probably Google Reader which can really revolutionise your blog reading experience :) I very heartily recommend it! Firefox and such has built in RSS readers as well I believe :)

Hmm. Remembering those old posts linked above made me think this post would be longer or more dramatic. But. I guess. That’s it, really :P :)

Allow me to take the opportunity, my dearest friends and readers, to thank you once again for your company all this while. I have been, and always shall be, appreciative :)

A lovely mouse abounded in those days, and a puppy I really miss did as well not so long ago – one who does an amazing likeness of Big Mama, if I may say so :P :) I thus dedicate, and to all of you as well (just the song, not the funny dancing :) –

Feb 132010

What I really feel like saying this CNY: Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Hope all of you have a good year ahead.

ps- this may be the last post on this faithful layout/theme, in use for quite a few years. thank you for serving so well, theme.. :)

Dec 312009

Someone called asking for directions to a wake, and I hadn’t any idea what he was talking about.

Eli called later with the bad news. It was on the blogosphere earlier, but I’d been nose deep in work and had totally missed it :(

I think John introduced me to Rajan, who like Eli, John, Hafiz, myself and many others wrote for a short-lived project I tried back in the day: (someone noted that most have since become TMI columnists :P )

I remember he popped by my house on one occassion, where a group of us were playing cards. He wasn’t one of the evening’s winners, but he was a great sport and extremely warm company.

I remember his laugh and smile, his easy humour and even easier manner.

And now – all of it taken away by a single accident.

Sigh :(

Funeral Details:

Date & Time:
Thursday, 31 December 2009, 2:00pm

Grace Assembly of God Shah Alam
6 Persiaran. Petaling
Seksyen 28
40400 Shah Alam

See map.

Feb 042009

Update: His memorial service Thursday and Friday 8pm at Gui Yuan / PJ Modern Casket, Jln 229 Section 51A (Kg Tunku). The funeral is on Saturday at 10am. For further information please contact 6012 358 6900

Malaysia lost a young, brilliant and good hearted gentleman today :( :(

His name is Markus Ng. I did not know him well, but we had a few good conversations at the PJ Sunday night vigils.

He was my younger sister’s age, worked for Unicef, and had a keen mind which he used extensively to think about ways to make Malaysia better.

He passed away peacefully last night, but under circumstances as of yet unclear.

We’ve seen so many young ones go before their time recently. Shukree, Toni, Salman..

We will miss you all. Deepest condolences to the family for this terrible loss :(