Dec 232008

prescript 1: Thanks again to all who came for last Sunday’s vigil in memory of Syukree. I was compelled to speak there for the first time in tribute to the young man gone too soon. Thanks as well to all bloggers who wrote about the vigil.

prescript 2: Might write more on this later, but don’t forget to sign the petition to HRH the Sultan of Selangor to kindly have a look into the unethical antics his Chief Police Officer has been up to.

Blogging has been relatively slow sorry, with some holiday mood kicking in, but just some quick notes.

Firstly, KeADILan has gone ahead and reshuffled a little bit the state leaders (“State Liasion Chiefs”) around the country.

Notably, DSAI himself has been made state chief for Sabah and Sarawak. Such an appointment is something of a procedural oddity – one that obviously signals a very firm commitment to making serious inroads in East Malaysia.

On the whole, I think the move is a welcome one. Too long have our brothers and sisters across the South China Sea been neglected and given a bad deal. Sending the top gun to personally oversee developments there is I think appropriate.

In other news, Mat Sabu seems to be out of the running for the KT candidacy? If so, this is a little unfortunate, as I quite like the guy (on top of everything, he’s quite entertaining. Don’t be surprised if it’s just a ruse though, politics = possible).

I quite like Syed Azman too, so I’d be happy with him.

But I’m not going to meddle too much in Pas internal politics, save perhaps to note that like all political parties, I think there are divergent factions, and I think the final announcement of the candidate may reveal certain trends.

Over lunch the other day, my colleagues and I were joking: perhaps the selection of Wan Farid was a typical hedge bet by Najib.

If he wins, he can say it’s because of the transition plan. If he loses, he can say it was because it was Abdullah’s man.

Sneaky fler!

Alright, will beg your pardon if this blog quiets down a bit for Christmas and new year – family time!! :)

Dec 032008

Little points, this Weds morning:

– I contend that this week, Zaid Ibrahim has done more than Chua Soi Lek by far for Malaysians, even for non-Malay Malaysians. The good doctor should realise that walk is bigger than talk, and that if he is still going to support an Umno-led government, even refinements of his position come too little too late, and are on the whole utterly useless and contribute nothing to building a better Malaysia. (Also see Penarik Beca‘s tongue in cheek)

– Additionally, a few disturbing trends point to the (for now) slim and vague possibility that more and more pawns may be being put in place to create tension and unrest. Ides of March?

– YB Tony does the homework to debunk Najib’s nonsense statistics on crime.

Nov 182008

Let me sincerely ask a question, prompted by my ever observant and inquisitive colleague.

So, Ronnie Liu is being charged for abetment (specifically, for abetting customers and workers at a hotel in obstructing justice).

The question: If Ronnie abetted these individuals, should we not assume that said individuals who were abetted have also been charged and found guilty?

Failing that, would there not be a serious legal defect here pointing to bad faith?

I’m no lawyer, but it struck me as a question worth asking. All clarifications welcome.

I suppose I should take the opportunity to display my regard for Ronnie’s consistent showing up at…. well, pretty much every event :P :)

Nov 072008

Alhamdullilah, syukur nikmat!!!!

The police can of course re-arrest him (a dirty tactic not uncommonly used), but let us stay cautiously hopeful that there will be one less man detained without trial by day’s end!!


Judge Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad said that Raja Petra’s detention was unconstitutional.

He said that the Home Minister had not followed the proper procedure under Section 8 of the ISA to issue the detention order against Raja Petra.

The judge also ordered that Raja Petra, editor of the popular ‘Malaysia Today’ website, be produced in court by 4pm today after which he should be immediately released.

It should be exciting, so be there if you can!

Oct 312008

The only consolation is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Razak Baginda wasn’t all that guilty of murder to begin with (if that is so, then welcome home – it’s a great relief, I know). Thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if those cops were almost as innocent.

I suppose with Razak acquitted, there’s even less chance any higher ups will even be questioned. Wherefore justice for Altantuya?

What’s going on? Can’t you just hear the heavy breathing? I think I need Halloween comic relief :P

Where are the good guys??

or the cute guys? sigh…

Sep 142008


Friends, let’s gather tonight for a candlelight vigil in solidarity with all still under ISA detention.

9pm, 14th September, 2008

Blog House
66,Lorong Setiabistari 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

It’s open to everyone, and we hope as many people will come to show that with every passing day, we will care ever more for all still detained unjustly.

It’s very last minute, sorry, but this means we need your help even more to mobilise support, spread the word, sms’es, etc. Stand up and be counted in Malaysia’s hour of need.