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nathaniel tan has faith in Malaysia. Born in Dec 1980 (presents, presents!) at Pantai Hospital, I thereafter lived in Damansara Utama (Selangor, Malaysia), and attended Villamaria Kindergarden and SRK DU (UPSR), during which I moved to where I’m writing this now – Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (KL) – and soon after attended Sri Cempaka (SPM – Moral: C5), Sunway College (A-Levels – Physics: C) and Harvard College (BA, Special Concentration: Peace and Conflict Studies – GPA: Low!) – in that order, as far as i can remember.

Some of the more offbeat places I’ve had a chance to spend some time in: Dili, East Timor (10 days in early 2001); Freetown, Sierra Leone (6 weeks in mid 2003, 4 spent with the UN-GOSL SCSL) and in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (about 3-4 months early/mid 2005 with JRS Indonesia).

Some slightly more offbeat places I’ve ‘studied’ – South Orange, New Jersey; Yellow Springs, Ohio, The (Red?) Center for High Energy Metaphysics, and The Hague. Wish I were more in touch with friends from all those places..

Jobs? Tuition teacher, too many research assistantships, co-op taskmaster, ‘movie’ reviewer, ‘faculty advisor‘, too few internships, info/advocacy officer, and most recently, wordpress junkie.

Updates 29/6/07 – I started working with KeADILan in March of 2007 with Tian Chua, and as of June 2007, branched out on my own to set up an organisation called JustNetworks to take on an ambitious number of projects.

Enough links for ya? :)

I like people :) Leave a note :)

I also love politikus :) a lot <3

Updates 17/8/08 – There’s a lot to catch up on :P I worked with Anwar Ibrahim as an employee of the Foundation for the Future, June 2007 to March 2008, when he resigned from his positions at the Foundation. In July 2007, I got arrested by the cops, and Li Tsin (who I really miss) saved my butt, along with much help and support from everyone throughout the saga to whom I am still eternally grateful. We won the elections in March 2008. In about August 2008, I started working with my dad in finance.. :) Maybe that wasn’t so much after all……

I feel that many things about me have changed over time, walking through the years….

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  1. […] Ok. I, Nathaniel Tan Jin Ji of Taman Tun (Dr. Ismail, not Mahathir) would like to respectfully state for the record that I think YAB DS Abdullah has failed to do enough to stem corruption in this country, has largely been a hugely disappointing let down in terms of pushing through the reforms he promised, and is primarily responsible for a government of the day that is at best uninspired and at worst rampantly (but quietly) hacking away at all the good things in this country needs for a future where the pride of the rakyat lies in our collective integrity, sense of justice, and compassionate humanity, rather than in dizziyingly tall buildings. […]

  2. High Energy Metaphysics???
    You’re too brainy for WordPress! :)
    Ps. Pls email me re: potential job

  3. The internet is a wonderful invention. We go way back up to the SRKDU years but we haven’t been in touch for donkey years. Now, I’ve suddenly stumbled into your website while I was searching about social and political commentary of Malaysia (well, I’ve been out of the country for a real long time and I long for any news of Malaysia). Great job by the way Nat!

  4. […] government is making a real mess in Nathalie’s Tan arrest. I don’t know Nat (his bio) personally, and I am not sure if he did (or did not) violate any laws, so I am not going to jump […]

  5. […] blogger by the name of Nathaniel Tan was arrested on Saturday under Malaysia’s Official Secrets Act of 1972. As far as I am aware […]

  6. […] March was the proof’ that ‘impossible is nothing’. Because my getting old cousin Nathaniel got active in Politics, and me uncle & aunty having a busy time following him when he gives […]

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