May 102013

I know it’s disheartening and demoralising.

I’ve engaged in very few such internal partisan affairs in my time writing. I did this time, because it mattered too much.

We thirst after unity, I know; and we swallowed a whole lot in order to present that united front going into GE 13.

Now is another time. Now we must look inside and straighten what is crooked, and fix what is broken, well before the next general elections.

Know your author

When you read anyone’s writing, it’s important to know the background of the author. Let me try to be honest and forthcoming.

My company has done work for the Selangor state government for about 2 and a half years now. If you’d like to know how much I’m paid, some of the pro-Azmin cyberpeople have put out some figures. I am not sure exactly how much people my age with similar background/qualifications are paid, but I’m guessing it’s not far off.

I’m not a member of TSKI’s staff, and have actually never had a serious discussion with him since starting work. I report to his staff, who are my colleagues and friends, and who – while also not perfect – I have come to respect, especially in terms of their professionalism.

If Azmin did become MB, I would not seek to continue my work with the state government. Losing one’s job is never nice, but I have to admit, it would be far, far from the first time I have been technically unemployed over the last 10 years. It’s not unfamiliar territory for me.

You will have to decide for yourselves whether you feel my objectivity is compromised for any reasons of personal gain.

What I have already written has resulted in angry accusations from many whom I very recently considered old friends. I won’t pretend to be stronger than I am, that experience was hurtful and very sad.

I thought about stopping.

Then I thought about it some more. I finally figured – if I give in to fear now…. Well, they said in that movie: “If you start running, they’ll never let you stop.”

No to bullies.

Why does this matter at all?

Who will the next candidate for PM be, post-Anwar?

In Malaysia, the head of the primary party in the winning coalition is conventionally given the post of PM.

The battle over the MB-ship is a prelude to the next PKR party elections.

Those elections will likely decide which breed of leaders will lead PKR into GE 14.

What does Khalid vs. Azmin represent?

I want to be upfront here. Using html-inspired styling, I want to indicate where I am writing Just My Opinion, instead of pretending they are facts etc. People are free to evaluate and judge for themselves.

[Just My Opinion]

All men have their weaknesses and strengths.

Khalid is not a particularly charismatic speaker (though when he gets started on things that he is passionate about….), he holds very firmly to his beliefs and is not easily persuaded unless faced with solid facts and figures. I’m sure more than a few people have described him as ‘stubborn’.

I would say his first strength is his fervent belief in doing the right thing. My impression is that as a believe in being a gentleman, he would never endure the undignified ugliness that often comes with politics if not for the fact that it is politicians who are ruining our country, and who must be replaced.

In his time as MB, I have watched him ignore excessively political/petty considerations in favour of working hard to improve & empower the civil service, displaying a religious fervor in ensuring prudent financial management, and prioritising policies that actually make a difference in the lives of an every day man.

That of course, is my opinion and interpretation of his work. It would be best if you examined the evidence, and made your own conclusions.

Umno style feudalism


For the statesman, every deed is measured to give a better life to the rakyat.

For the politician, every word is measured to get more votes from the rakyat.

Azmin choses his words as well as any leader this country has seen. If only he chose his principles half as well, we would have quite a statesman.

Khalid spent his life managing and building organisations. Azmin spent his life politicking. The difference shows.

I have often described Azmin’s politics as feudal.

By this I mean I feel he spends the great bulk of his time putting loyalists into positions of power.

Look at all the people who stood behind him on his Friday PC. Those of you who follow politics more closely will be in a better position to judge: are those candidates who were likely chosen on the basis of merit and performance record? Or on the basis of loyalty to their boss?

Does their track record of service and performance in parliament match their track record of loyalty?

Azmin strikes me as the kind of man who spends his time on the only two feudal priorities that matter: a) recruiting loyalists (however inept) who follow lords instead of principles, and who will help him rise to power, and b) finding ways to feed those loyalists with resources and positions of power.

As you can imagine the MB of Selangor has a lot of opportunities to ‘feed’ people. The fact that Khalid is having none of blind financing of party people is certain to create a group of party people who are discontent with him – for, in my humble view, all the wrong reasons.

And look at this whole Friday PC fiasco.

Rumours of a real leader with integrity jumping ship would never even have been taken seriously, much less become an internet phenomenon. Real leaders do not need to play out some elaborate, attention-seeking farce of a drama, with little real content beyond a few sulky jibes.

Real leaders spend their time working, not politicking.

By their fruits…

Another thing I invite you to scrutinise is the nature of a leader’s supporters.

Play close attention to the things they say, and the tone that they take.

See whether or not they spend their time engaging in discussion, or in attacking others.

Compare whose are emotional, and whose are level-headed.

I have often noted that a full time career in politics tends to compromise somewhat one’s abilities to take a step back, separate emotion from reason, and treat one another civilly. It is one of the sad effects of the pressures of the job.

[/Just My Opinion]

Moving forward

Azmin has taken a cue directly from Najib’s book, in wasting no time in going from general elections mode, to party elections mode.

He has fired the first shot, and so be it. Let them come.

I can’t pretend to be inspired by the silence of so many PKR leaders people (like myself) held in such high esteem (maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt for what may be behind the scenes work), but I hope they too will overcome whatever fears they may have soon.

In the end, the next top leaders of the party, and potential top leaders of the country, will soon be determined by PKR members, past, present and future.

It’s a dirty job, but if you and I don’t do it, then people like Azmin will overrun us all.

  11 Responses to “Why such ugly bickering over the Azmin issue?”

  1. Thank you for speaking up!

    • What has Azmi done for Selangorians??????? It is Tan Sri Khalid that I admire.
      Azmi is just riding on the bandwagon! His actions on Friday reminds me of Team A
      and Team B not long ago in BN!

  2. Fight Hate!

    1) Go to Utusan Page:
    2) on the right side look for the asterisk and drop down arrow
    3) Select Report Page
    4) Select “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook”
    5) Select “Hate Speech”
    6) Choose “Targets Race or Ethnicity”
    7) Check mark Report to Facebook
    Copy this message to your friends or do a status update

  3. I do not trust you PKR people, you jump ship ship very easily. Dicks, that is what i would describe some of you guys as. All for power and material gains. Azmin is only the tip of the iceberg. What about the guys surrounding him?

  4. Good of you to dare to be different! Those of us who have been following the political scene since 2008 with an inquisitive mind would have noticed that in the past 5 years, a vast majority of publicity about Azmin, be it on mainstream trash or alternative web-news, was about him lambasting his fellow Pakatan people. I have yet to read about his articulating anything constructive or intelligent about national policies, nation building, racial harmony …… or in fact anything that would make me says … “hmmm, this is someone who has it in him to be a strong leader for Malaysia.” Azmin is so full of UMNO DNA. He is at the other end of the spectrum when you compare him to Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli, Dr Dzul.

  5. I squirm at the thought that after Anwar, Azmin is next. What is Azmin’s credentials? What are the principles and values he hold dear to? When was the last time he articulated his thoughts and ideas considering he is the no. 2 man in PKR? The fight for seats for GE13 was not something pretty.. and the way PKR refuse to ceded Semenyih to PSM despite PSM beng the incumbent and Arul has been working the ground and of couse we know, it cost pakatan a parliament seat much to the pleasure to BN. PKR point their finger at PSM and said they spoil things for Pakatan.. Yes, pkr got more votes than PSM, but we need to look at the big picture. Knowing PSM will not step down from semenyih, it is a foregone conclusion that pakatan will be ceding the seat to BN. Happy?

  6. Re: EM’s comment.
    Utusan is now at:

  7. thanks for speaking up Nat. when the online media start buzzing that this chap is going to make an announcement i alredi knew it is not for the good. n the announcement itself is one bloody joke. i am so disappointed with PKR. how many more brutus is lurking in there? and why is the rest of the pkr so call leaders so deafening silent? the great AI cant tame his own troop? how to aspire to be the PM of Msia??

  8. Fuck all the power hungry asshole. Pot calling kettle black.

  9. It is been sometime that I gave you a visit, young man, its now almost three weeks from the GE13!
    I would like to hug and give you a pat on the back for such courage of conviction you have written1
    Please carry on although I am not of your party but I follow its every development. I was an Anwar supporter from his ABIM and then his UMNO days and after his incarceration! I was there the night he was sacked and later arrested and was also active in the Reformasi Struggle Days!
    So for the sake of PKR, men like MB Khalid must keep to the Basics, God-fearing, Honesty, dedication,Integrity and Transparency!
    ALL must be done to stop DSAI from risking PKR becoming MCA!
    Azmin – Zuraida team and his bunch of cronies must be stopped from using the PKR to perpetuate UMNO culture of self-gratification, cronyism and all its negative traits!
    ITS multi-national members such as you (I don’t know what happen to TC!) who must fight tooth and nail, and clorox PKR from such `too much personal agenda!’ starting with DSAI!
    PKR live up to your name – Parti KEADILAN RAKYA1!

  10. And in future please hold YOUR Congress on week days so as to reflect its multi-racial plural religions consistency… AZMIN and that small fry he is using as proxy to blackball Kak Wan must be taken to task this coming Congress to-morrow!
    Hope and pray he will get a good tobgue-lashing for gross insubordination!
    And DSAI must take that planned Lecturer position in United Kingdom and US of A as there will not be a PM position for him the next five years!
    UNTIL the FPTP, MTGP and gerrymandering are addressed – neither the 5.6millions voters or the Pakatan Rakyat will get to SEE a CHANGE of government!
    Its time to keep pledges and deliver the Manifestos Promises (in States Won Resoundingly)

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