May 042013

I predict we will win.

I spent almost every day of the year taking the stance that our role is to shape the outcome of the elections, not to predict its results.

This one day, I will indulge.

I guesstimate scenario A, the most likely, to be a convincing PR victory. 55% of seats or upwards.

I would go so far to say as there might be a BN candidate or two who will lose his/her deposit.

Should such an overwhelming victory come to pass, I am guessing that the transition will actually be peaceful, not unlike in 2008.

The less likely Scenario B I guesstimate to consist of a narrow PR victory or near hung parliament.

In those circumstances, I expect a huge effort by BN to buy over MPs, and to throw the kitchen sink at everything and everyone in a desperate, last ditch attempt to hang on to power.

In this scenario, we need to play our cards very carefully.

Under no circumstances should BN be allowed to steal a victory. In our eagerness to ensure this however, we must be strategic and prudent in our approach. We must walk the fine line between firmness and vigilantism.

If there is clear evidence of cheating or treacherous attempts to steal the election, we will take to the streets if we must, but we must do so peacefully. Non-violent resistance is the only path to success.

I expect Sunday itself to be a very high strung day. It seems almost impossible that there will be no reports of suspicious behaviour at polling centres, and the situation is likely to get tense.

For those of us on the internet, I think the most important thing to do is to try and get verification before spreading anything, and to not let our excitement overtake our objectivity.

The battle between accurate information and misinformation will be as important as any other over the next 48 hours.

I have a suspicion that May 5th will unfortunately not see the end of BN’s brand of politics and shenanigans.

Something tells me that we have not seen the end of sex videos, for starters.

I put no stock in rumors of sex videos of PKR vice presidents or Menteri Besars.

Nevertheless, I get a feeling that there are a number of cards that have not been played yet.

The bad guys may be waiting for the exact right moment (just prior to deciding or swearing in the Prime Minister perhaps?) to unleash their final assault, with the aim of creating disarray, and a political crisis that they will somehow try and bend back to their unholy goals.

Whatever happens, try to keep a level head, and do what you can to hold the new members of parliament accountable.

I think we will win because the rot that has taken root in BN has run to deep. So deep that it has gone beyond hope of reform, and so deep that even the most skilled spin doctors can no longer hide it.

We’re almost there, brothers and sisters. Hand in hand, let’s take that great leap into the future!

  3 Responses to “Nat’s GE13 Predictions”

  1. Amen brother!

  2. Hmm…

  3. i was totally wrong! sorry about that!

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