May 012013

Come historic 5/5/13, genaplah 7 months I’ve neglected the blog. Every time I do so, I say I’m sorry. What can I say but: sorry again!

A lot of things have changed, and some of them changed yet again.

But that’s a story for another day perhaps. On to the elections!

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  1. In the last 3-4 years I’ve noticed the action has shifted to Facebook & Twitter. Blogs are still useful for more detailed information, but people seem to favor the quick-hit convenience of reading FB newsfeeds off their smartphones & tablets. My blog traffic has fallen to approximately half what it used to be – but then again I have cut down on local politics and focused more on personal & universal issues. In effect, I find I can reach more people via FB than via my blog. As for Twitter, I have an account but no smartphone (not yet!), so my tweets are mostly updates on blogposts. Have not become addicted to Twitter, although I can’t say the same about FB, which occupies 70% of my online time. Why? Well, FB provides a wide range of services from trivial chatter to political news & updates on what;s happening in music, literature, dance, etc.

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