Oct 052012

Utusan/Papagomo led craze of using Shadow Cabinet as an issue to sow disunity within Pakatan is so…. BORING!

Their attempt is to get Pakatan leaders to fight over who gets what ministry etc. The logic they used to fabricate this fictitious list has inspired me (via my fave muse :) to create my own shadow cabinet for 2020:

  2 Responses to “Umno/Papagomo: Fictitious Shadow Cabinet 2013 // Nat: Fo’ Real Shadow Cabinet 2020”

  1. I am crossed.Why Patrick was not elected to any post?He is brighter than most of the ministers we have.

  2. Nat,
    Would like to get a hold of your parents. Any contact info you can send? Hope all is well. Mark and Connie

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