Jun 052012

Another tragic death in custody >:( Where does it all end?

Was this man beaten to death?

Would beatings not be a plausible cause for peritonitis?

Peritonitis may be localised or generalised, and may result frominfection (often due to rupture of a hollow organ as may occur in abdominal trauma or appendicitis) or from a non-infectious process.

Press Statement: 4 Jun 2012





SUARAM expresses regret and is disappointed at the latest death in custody involving deceased, Isparan a/l Subramaniam, 37, on the 29th May 2012. Isparan was pronounced dead at about 10:30AM at Sungai Siput Utara Police Station’s lock-up.

The post mortem result from Ipoh Hospital indicates that Isparan died of “Perforated Peptic Ulcer with Peritonitis”. Isparan was suspected as a drug addict and was arrested and detained at Sungai Siput lock-up before his premature demise. He is survived by his wife and three children. Isparan’s family members are in grief and were haunted by many questions left unanswered:-


  • The deceased had never had any gastreous problems and/or anything relating to gastreous problems prior to the arrest. How could he have begotten “Perforated Peptic Ulcer with Peritonitis” while under custody?
  • If the cause of death according to the post mortem is true, which the family members vehemently deny, why have not Isparan been referred to the hospital immediately?


SUARAM questions and will continue to question the gross negligence by the Officer-in-Charge’s acts and/or omissions in failing in his duty to ensure the detainees are always safe and in good health. We demand that the Officer-in-Charge produce his daily Journal immediately for scrutiny, failing which, the allegation of tampering with evidence by the Officer-in-Charge is inevitable.

It is in the best interest of the public that the Chief Police of Perak answers these questions. Otherwise, the public will hold the Officer-in-Charge and/or police liable for negligence and as result caused Isparan’s death.

SUARAM urges the government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine WHY instead of HOW Isparan died in police custody.  SUARAM pushes and will continue to push for the formation of Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to prevent future death in police custody. 

Released by,
Right to Justice Coordinator

  2 Responses to “Another man beaten to death in police custody? >:(”

  1. I said before and I am saying this again and again and will surely say it many times in future.
    The Malaysian police is not there to protect the people or to ensure everything is peaceful
    plus everything the police is expected to. When you get arrested or even trying to lodge a
    report, you will be lucky to come out unhurt or better still alive.
    That is what Malaysian police is good and famous for, what can you expect from a bunch of
    Umno lackeys aside from being revealing their true colour ! You can’t expect a snake to bear
    a tiger, can’t you ? Snakes will always bear snakes regardless of what you do, a good example
    is what shenanigan Mahathir has been trying to turn cow horns into ivory by giving the cow
    horns polishes for years the cow horns will always remain as cow horns no matter where
    they are sent to for polishing !

  2. Is there no end to PDRM’s cruelty? Is there no conscience?

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