Feb 022011

Happy Bunny Year!

Whoops, I mean…

D’oh! I mean…

I hope it’s a good and happy time for all.. :)

I wanted to take this quick opportunity to follow up on an earlier post and say that I think blogging in the year ahead will prob be a bit different.

I can’t help remembering that the last time I started thinking along these lines, where I was hoping to follow in a little mouse’s footsteps and blog a little more diversely, something happened soon thereafter that derailed those plans.

This being a time for luck, I hope such luck will keep me from such fates again :)

But yes, politics is basically a day job now, and there seems to be sadly less place for commentary that needs to be longer than a Tweet (where I seem to do most of my ‘writing’) but shorter than a column.

So, I hope you don’t mind if the blog might take a little bit more of a Tumblr like direction – shorter posts sometimes, much more variety in topics, copy/pasting, that sorta thing.

Apologies if this disappoints anybody, or changes the reading experience in any significant way.

I don’t really know how it’ll all pan out, but we’ll take it as it comes I guess… :)

It’s been a topsy turvy year, and as we leave the tiger for the rabbit, there is no let up in the maelstrom of madness.

Well, it’s time to spend with family. So as far as rumination goes, I’ll just (hopefully not offensively, given the glib beginning of the post – I received this video half way through writing) leave you with this.

Have a good year of the Rabbit everyone, let’s do good things for Malaysia and beyond.

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  1. Just keep doing what you do best, Nat… being a clear, honest, articulate mind connected to an open, loving heart that always speaks truthfully and inspiringly. May your life be full of joy and affection, dear friend.

    nat: thank you sir, you too!

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