Jan 142011

This post comes a bit late, but: Another man has bravely stepped forward to bear witness about how the police beat a man to death.

The witness who allegedly saw a man being beaten to death in a police lock-up has lodged a police report.

In his police report, Sargunan, who is also victim M Krishnan’s friend, said that they were in a mutual friend’s house in Cheras when the police stormed in late at night on Jan 2.

The police allegedly made both of them lie on their stomachs, then started kicking and stomping on their backs with boots on.

They were taken to the Bukit Jalil police station for alleged drug-related offences.

Sargunan, a 34-year-old taxi driver, also said Krishnan had confided in him over how the police had beaten him up and showed him his bruises on his ribs in the lock-up.

Krishnan said he was in extreme pain and could not breathe and then he started vomiting,” said Sargunan in his police report.

Over the four days that they were detained, Sargunan said that Krishnan had pleaded with the police to take him to hospital for treatment.

Sargunan claimed that Krishnan was instead dragged out of the lock-up and beaten up before being thrown back into the lock-up.

Krishnan died at the Bukit Jalil police lock-up last Friday.

While his family claimed that he had been assaulted – based on bruises and cuts on the body – the police and the hospital have claimed that he died due to a stomach ulcer.


I don’t know what to say anymore, that I haven’t said a hundred times already – and to no avail.

The last time a witness accused the cops of beating someone to death, that man – one Selvach Santhiran – was himself beaten by police, and is now being detained without trial.

Will Sargunan be next? It’s too late for Krishnan (though not for justice), but will we at least spread the word on Selvach and Sargunan, to see that they do not meet similar or worse fates?

  3 Responses to “Sargunan: The next Selvach?”

  1. Hishamuddin is useless! And Najib as well!

    They cannot ignore these abuses anymore, but they do!

    This is because we let them. A bloody complacent lot we are.

    We give not a damn for as long as the adversity does not befall us or those close to us.

    Wake up Malaysians!

    Is it because a majority of them who die in custody are Indians from the lower strata of society?

    In your warped minds, does that notion exist? That those who find themselves in lock-ups deserve it and therefore worth less than you the ‘free’ person, the higher nett worth individual?

    If so, you are low!
    We have sunk low as a nation!

    By not speaking up you are being accomplices by proxy!

    Let’s start to give a damn, please.
    And take back this fair nation of ours!

  2. the police and the hospital have claimed that he died due to a stomach ulcer. Thank you for the Doctor!!

  3. […] & not homicide” while talking to the MACC). The few brave witnesses such as Selvach and Sargunan who decided to speak the truth that their dead friends could not, have themselves been arrested and […]

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