Nov 042010

:) Firstly, Happy Deepavali :) More on that to come :)

I took a bit of time to go through some old blog posts. Really old. Like more than 3 years.

They tell the story of when I first started working with PKR :P I remember the mamak table where it all started, and then the longer post in which my younger self justified my decision to the world :P (can I say thank you again for those very kind comments, heh)

Ah, reading those words again…. nostalgia.

Anyway, I thought for purposes of transparency, it’s important that I report my latest ‘career’ move.

It is my pleasure to maklumkan that I have been engaged by the Selangor state government to help with some communications work.

I won’t go into specifics here/now or spin some long story (it’s not really the same situation as it was 3 years ago :), but I hope by the first few months of next year, we’ll have been able to have helped with some improvements.

Perhaps more relevantly, I think the new job will keep me pretty preoccupied :( That, plus what with Twitter (hehe, followlah) and the TMI column clogging up my brainspace and all, may not leave half as much time for blogging as I would like :(

I’m sad I probably will not end up writing as much, and really do hope you’ll forgive the lapse; I have absolutely no plans to let it go completely dead. Just that the old frequency may no longer be sustainable :(

I apologise especially to people who actually load up every now and again to check for new stuff. Might I perhaps recommend switching over to an RSS reader of some sort? That way, you’ll only be notified when something new comes up :)

The best is probably Google Reader which can really revolutionise your blog reading experience :) I very heartily recommend it! Firefox and such has built in RSS readers as well I believe :)

Hmm. Remembering those old posts linked above made me think this post would be longer or more dramatic. But. I guess. That’s it, really :P :)

Allow me to take the opportunity, my dearest friends and readers, to thank you once again for your company all this while. I have been, and always shall be, appreciative :)

A lovely mouse abounded in those days, and a puppy I really miss did as well not so long ago – one who does an amazing likeness of Big Mama, if I may say so :P :) I thus dedicate, and to all of you as well (just the song, not the funny dancing :) –

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    SYABAS! :)

  3. no apologies needed and god speed.

    cheers, nat.

  4. Wish you all the best with your new assigment and hopelly you are able to contribute to the no:10 state and also would like to wish all Hindu a Very Happy Devali.


    As your career moves on in your life
    May you gather more moss as you roll on
    And before too long (if single) get a wife
    With a solid family foundation to work on

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 051110
    Fri. 5th Nov.2010.

  6. Hi Nat, glad to here you are coming to SUK. We will bum into one another, I hope. I am on the 15 floor.

  7. thank you everyone! i humbly and truly appreciate it!

  8. Hope you can make a positive impact at your new workplace. Just keep on the lookout and make sure Azmin’s goons don’t try anything funny to wrestle power from Tan Sri Khalid.

  9. You’re a true gem of a human being, Nat, shining with intelligence and integrity – two vital qualities in short order these days. Love and support for your mission, wherever it takes you!

  10. Hey Nat. Congratulations on the appointment. I’m sure you’ll be a key asset in that initiative.

  11. thank you very much all! am humbled! and lol @ SKG :P :)

  12. good luck nat! btw, what happen to the mouse? she was a great blogger!

  13. Congrats & best wishes, Nat !

    I am sure you will give your very best towards a better tomorrow for all.

    God bless…

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