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Isn’t it weird to have Paris Hilton and Rosmah in the same sentence? *shudders*

The Nutgraph has really come into its own, avoiding the saturated online news landscape and focusing on features and investigative reporting.

Their work on the New York Times Rosmah ad (here and here) was really fantastic, and a fun read.

Among the speculations that arose from there was the involvement of Low Taek Jho in the Rosmah ad. Yeah. This “fat bastard” (as one Twit put it):

Many have highlighted his Mr. Paris Hilton persona, but recently, Anil Netto did some more serious homework.

Let’s start with TNG’s work. These are two must read articles – the first, and the second.

They basically follow a trail of APCO-like public relations companies (esp in terms of sketch factor), in trying to determine who really arranged for the ad, and for Rosmah’s fake award.

Somewhere along the line:

Jones replied to Tichansky after reading Tichansky’s e-mail to The Nut Graph, and surprisingly copied us in an e-mail we received on 2 June, saying: “This is great. Thank you! Please send, and I’ll forward to Joh.”

This appeared to be an accident, and many suspected that there was a misspelling :)

TNG bravely followed up:

Henry Thomas Jones of Laurus Group DC, a “small public relations firm”, sent an e-mail on 7 June accusing The Nut Graph of blowing up a “trivial matter” and being unprofessional.

The Nut Graph had written to Jones on 3 June to ask what his involvement in the award and the ad was after he had surprisingly copied us on an e-mail to Tichansky. In that e-mail, sent on 1 June, Jones had responded to Tichansky’s e-mail to us which defended Rosmah as the award recipient. Jones told Tichansky: “This is great. Thank you! Please send, and I’ll forward to Joh.”

The Nut Graph then wrote to Jones, who is known to have worked in a powerful lobbying company and is a seasoned political campaigner, to ask him if Laurus Group, DC was the one that ordered and paid for the ad congratulating Rosmah. We also asked if he was involved in lobbying for Najib’s meeting with President Barack Obama and for Rosmah to be conferred an award.

Additionally, we asked him who “Joh” was, and whether it was a particular individual whose name has been circulating among the New York-based media, and among local business and political circles. Jones did not reply.

However, after our 7 June report on the NYT’s mistake, Jones’s apparent involvement, and the mysterious “Joh”, Jones wrote a scathing e-mail that said:

“‘Joh’ … is my receptionist, Jo. When typing on the iPhone, it is not uncommon for me to misspell words. In this instance, I added an ‘h’. My firm provides occasional PRO BONO services to the Business Council for International Understanding.

(nat: OH, iPhone ftl? hahaha)

“It is unfortunate that such a trivial matter, a misspelling in an internal communication, gives rise for your publication to generate unsubstantiated allegations, and then to publish the same. From an American perspective, I find The Nut Graph‘s standards for publication to be less than professional.”

Despite being asked to clarify in an e-mail we sent on 8 June, Jones did not reveal his receptionist’s full name and contact details. He also did not explain why a receptionist in his firm would need to be copied on a correspondence between him and his client.

He did not specify what about The Nut Graph’s reporting on 7 June constituted “unsubstantiated allegations”.

I don’t know why Mr. Jones is getting his knickers in a twist, if this really is a small issue?

Also, secretary or assistant we might understand. Receptionist? Err.

Another lead worth following is that there were considerable rumours going around that the Rosmah ad was connected to Taib Mahmud’s money, down in Sarawak.

Lo and behold, thanks to Anil:

Low is a non-executive director of UBG Bhd. He is a representative of Majestic Masterpiece Sdn Bhd and Abu Dhabi-Kuwait-Malaysia Investment Corporation (ADKM), a 53 per cent shareholder of UBG, whose chairman is Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, son of Taib Mahmud. (UBG has acquired a couple of CMS companies.)


Anyway, why should we really care about all this? A few hundred k is a lot of money, but not tons.

Oh. But wait. There’s more? After all, mebbe a few hundred thousand ringgit ain’t quite enough to put you on a boat with Paris in Paris.

Again, Anil:

Meanwhile, 1MDB is a “strategic development company” owned by the Malaysian government. The firm started life as the Terengganu Investment Authority (TIA), which was set up to manage Terengganu’s RM1 billion annual revenue from oil royalties under what would be the country’s second sovereign wealth fund. TIA was established with the approval of the federal and state governments in March 2009, around the time Najib was set to take over as PM.

One of the key figures who advised the King (who comes from Terengganu) to establish the TIA was Low Taek Jho, reported the Edge on 14 December 2009.

(Low was previously reported in the Malaysian Insider, which cited a Singapore Straits Times report, as being part of Najib’s inner circle and having close ties with Middle East investment funds.)

The original idea behind TIA was to create a sovereign wealth fund with RM5 billion from the federal government and another RM6 billion to come from Terengganu’s securitised future oil royalties receivable from Petronas.

Good lord. RM 11 billion?

Yeah, I think there are some people who’d consider that kinda ‘hawt’.

I think what we’re looking at here is a Najib lieutenant that was entrusted to help siphon of billions of our money, and who got a little carried away.

(Not that he wasn’t willing to share the glamour, mind –

Apart from the NYT ad, Rosmah and Najib were also feted on 16 April at the five-star St Regis Hotel in New York where the award ceremony was held.

The star-studded event was emceed by Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx and attended by Hollywood glitterati including Oscar-winning Robert De Niro and Charlize Theron, and Emmy Rossum. Performances by Grammy-award nominee Leona Lewis, and the Harlem Boys Choir were also held. A rendition of We Are the World led by Foxx and sung by De Niro, Theron and others ended the night.

Various blog postings and Tweets on the event talk about how well Foxx warmed the party up. One blogger, who attended the event, wrote that Foxx performed a “flirty” karaoke version of You’ve Got a Friend with Rosmah, and danced with Najib.

That’s it? That’s why they work so hard to steal our money? To rub shoulders with movie stars?

Imagine what it would have costs to have those stars ‘entertain’ the PM of some far-off, tiny country.

Had enough of these guys? I have.

ps- added info via @Aisehman: also don’t forget dat bsides MCing at Hair’sz event, Foxx also gave Jho a car as gift, as reported

pps- Wah!! Eyewitness?! Via @anthraxxxx and @suanie

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  1. I had enough of these guy even when TDM was still the emperor!

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  3. WHAT! All the money from our coffers to entertain some filthy rich heiress, sure can -lah if it is illgotten , try using your hard earned money son of a bitch!

  4. such low life, stealing and plundering with no shame. may they rot in hell and choke a slow death with their billions…

  5. what a stupid fat ass spending off my tax money…..

  6. Give me the TUDM Sg. Besi base, 1MDB, a couple of privatized concessions and throw in three arms deals,hey, even a butt-face ugly slob like me can party with Paris Hilton.

  7. Hey, the fatty is happily ‘burning’ our money. I hope he choke on the champagne.

  8. Hi NAT,

    Sadly, I simply cannot understand why are you & so many dudes are getting so HYPED-UP over this issue? Hmmm, OK, well…should I consider that’s becos’ you fellas are simply JEALOUS of NOT having as much $$$ to splash as compared to that whatsoever JHO or JOLOK.

    Thus before we contribute our criticisms towards this JHO fella, why not ask ourselves the following questions:

    1) Does anyone has CONCRETE EVIDENCE(s) to say this JHO fella had MAKAN Malaysian taxpayers $$$???

    2) Simply becos’ this JHO fella splashed thousands of $$$ a night in some posh club, stays in some luxury high-end apartment, sail around the world in private yachts & jets, flew the chic that I just screwed (Paris Hilton) to South Africa & bla, bal, bla…..what gives us the ground to say all those $$$ belongs to ‘the rakyat’???

    3) Could this JHO fella had gained his $$$ through legitimate business dealings??? Come on!!! If TONY PUA (DAP) was a RICH CHINK prior to joining local politics, does this mean TONY PUA also had MAKAN Malaysian taxpayer’s $$$??? Why NOT we all SHOOT Tony Pua then???

    4) ROSMAH is our PM’s wife. Thus, isn’t it NORMAL for her to meet-up with Celebrities??? I’m sure these CELEBRITIES are more DESPERATE to shake ROSMAH’s hand instead of the other way round.

    5) This JHO fella is the son of LARRY LOW (a succesful businessman). Thus, what’s the problem of a RICH MAN son splashing away with his father’s HARD EARNED $$$???? JHO’s dad is NOT even making any fuss & why should you??? Are you trying to play-act JHO’s dad or what??? “GET REAL please, DREAMERS!!!”

    6) So what if this JHO fella is close with PARIS HILTON??? Does this mean he MAKAN your $$$ just to be with PARIS HILTON??? You dudes should emulate me cos’ I don’t need to even spend a single dollar & Paris Hilton is groaning “AHHH!!! I’m CUMMIN!!! I’m SQUIRTING” while I thrust my HOT BIG ROD in her. Remember…jealousy gets you no where, ok???

    7) If you dudes are so persistent in saying JHO had MAKAN your money just to feed his lifestyle, then, why NOT just SUE him??? Talking cock & complaining is equivalent to an OLD MAK CIK complaining about the price of PORK in the market of which had just shot up!!!

    8) Just becos’ this JHO fella is close to some FILTHY RICH KUWAITI, does this mean he MAKAN lu punya duit??? For all you know JHO knew this KUWAITI fella during their schooling days & that’s why there are now best of friends.

    Upon answering all the questions stated, please use something called BRAINS of which GOD gave you & use it to THINK for goodness sake!!! Remember, JEALOUSY brings no whatsoever purpose. Should we CONDEMN someone simply becos’ we are NOT on PAR with that person???

    Don’t you dudes feel like a LOSER now??? Grow up, lah!!! Cheers!!!

  9. All the tax payers money going in this buy popularities. Well Malaysian now have to pay more to subsidize from 5 plus 1. This is UMNO . Next one silly Mufti of Malaysian Perak state tried desperately to cover up UMNO.

  10. dirty leaders live by dirty money.dirty leaders befriend with dirty followers.dirty leaders need dirty system to prolong their dirty days.dirty leaders are bunch of hypocrites/munafiq!God is watching for time is knocking!!!

  11. Jerry Chin,

    I guess you got no brain. The reasons/argument that you presented is the main causes for people like Jho to ‘sapu’ our money…..this kind of excuses is being use over and over again….you really got a chicken brain like Jho…..

  12. i bet tokz is jho best buddy… but he has a point there…

    unless if we can prove hes sucking our money, then its still doubtful taht maybe perhaps his grandpa is filthy rich Genting or Kouk family kinda rich?..

    so hv great fun jho… if its your money.. then have all the fun in the world..but if its ours, then may you burn in jahanam!!…

  13. The detail on the TIA now 1MDB maybe under-quoted, I always TIA thought had access to 5 billion US. You can google this as terengganu 5 billion, it features well in sovereign wealth magazines, and also I recall was on a statement by bank negara as a breakdown of malaysian debt I.E. cica 5 percent.

    Also I never found out why it got converted from TIA to 1MDB, and, does it mean that 1MDB now gets the teregganu cash/debt, and therefore do future teregganu folk have to pay for this.

    As you already now via the news last year, terengganu also is to log 18,000 hectres of pristine rain forest bordering taman negara – this is clear felling – so the income from this is huge.

  14. Jerry Chin a.k.a TOKZ

    You are really thick, right? Go read the article again, seeing you made many mistake in ur reply. Maybe the TOKZ in your name means you only know how to TOKZ COCKZ. Dumbass.

  15. i think most people here r just jealous that this fat, ugly, vulgarly rich man got to rub shoulders with the world’s most famous skank paris, in paris…

    well, with all the billions squandered, at least 1 of us malaysian got close enough to smell paris’ perfume… (on behalf of the rest of us) hehehe!!!

    Fatwa Bans Red Devils and Christian Clubs

    OMG – Juslo’s Prophecy Came True!!

  16. “4) ROSMAH is our PM’s wife. Thus, isn’t it NORMAL for her to meet-up with Celebrities??? I’m sure these CELEBRITIES are more DESPERATE to shake ROSMAH’s hand instead of the other way round.”

    You KIDDING me?!? Excuuuuuse me. Maybe you were drunk and thought you were talking about Michelle Obama or Prince Harry.

    Who the HELL is Rosmah! Most Americans can’t even find Malaysia on a map, let alone know who the PM and his hippo wife are!

    And you think Leona Lewis and Jamie Foxx are so-called “desperate” to shake her blood-soaked hands? For FREE!

    Gimme a break. $5 you are Jho Low or one of his goonies. And yeah, a loser graduate with a ordinary BUSINESS DEGREE from Wharton in the USA earned BILLIONS through “legitimate business”?!??

    In this real world, “business degrees”, along with “liberal arts degrees” only qualify you to work at McDonalds. Especially from a second rate college like Wharton. I can safely say that Khairy Jamaluddin is probably 3x smarter than this loser Jho Low and even Khairy ain’t no genius either!

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  18. “I’m sure these CELEBRITIES are more DESPERATE to shake ROSMAH’s hand instead of the other way round.”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Do you seriously believe this? This very sentence discredits every single other thing you vomitted out.

    You’re probably Jho, aren’t you? Here’s your photo:

  19. Only 11B.Make 110B,more than Tun Marhai.Suck the country dry.Only then we will wake up and realize who are good and the bad guys.It’s a good thing.Long live Malaysia.

  20. This Jerry Chin could be among the many cybertroopers engaged by BN to ‘protect’ their scandals and transgressions.

  21. Let’s hope more mispeeling comes out, so that more revelation will appear

  22. The raping of Malaysia Wealth ! THE LOOTING OF THE NATION’S WEALTH CONTINUES from the day Mahathir took over Finance post.
    Not only we have thieves but also Murderers…..it stinks to high heaven !
    Lets put a STOP to these crooks, criminals hiding behind top political positions and power. Use our VOTE to vote and flush them out of their DIRTY MONEY MAKING MACHINERY.
    In true democratic and free judiciary system, opportunists like Mahathir, Mat Taib and so many others would have been charged for Corruption and stealing public funds to enrich themselves & families.

  23. i have handle Low Taek Jho account before in Singapore. I cannot reveal his personal details as is private and confidential. He has various bank accounts assigned with banker gurantee to secure overdraft fundings for his expenditure. He spends consistantly 2 million approx every month.I am quite surprise he have such a high value network even within the banking line to secure higher extension on his credit.he does not have any income support from Singapore,i am surprise he can get such a high priority account on his age. I know many tycoon accounts but they don’t spend like him.
    My concern about him was many transaction was made was high risk charges like Casino transactional payments and also High expenses on jewellary.Howveer no one in our company have questions his spending as he has consistant payments made regularly. He travel extensively around the world.He have many first class tickets prebooked and paid for his extensive travelling. I felt his main base is in Las Vegas mainly since early 2010. My gut instinct tells me this man is doing money laundering with the unusual spending pattern history on his account. He is basically low profile customer. and only calls in when he is seeking to extend more funds on his account.i can’t say more. Only time and justice can tell if he misused funds..or he have a lucky break securing a big contract from the govement of Malaysia. Overrall he is soft spoken online. May god reveal the truth when time comes.

  24. Wahlauwei…. this bastard surely makan big meh…. that’s why la he had a one pack (not a six pack)… hahaha

  25. With so much taxpayers’ monies to squander we should not deny the Bankrupsi Negara cronies some basic enjoyment.
    How else to spend all that MOOLAH?
    After all, we need less than RM6 a day to be “not poor”!

  26. Jho, careful there. Bear in mind my friend. Malaysia now has an enemy. Yeah. A very very unhappy one. He is a mongolian and the father and grandfather of … err.

  27. of all the hot chicks in US of A, fatboy chose the one with no tits.

  28. JoH? looks too young to enmass his billions to burn. So his billion$ must be linked from somewhere.

    a. Legitimate links
    – a real smartie in doing roaringly successful business
    – from his parents’ lineage
    Somebody need to investigate on the probables.

    b. Illegimate deals:
    – very well analysed per the above.

    I am looking forward on findings of (a) if any expert can take it up?

  29. My, My, My!!!

    You WANKERS are giving me a GOOD LAUGH….HaHaHaHaHahAhAhAhAHaHaHaHahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! However besides having a GOOD, GGOD LAUGH, I have a GREAT SENSE of SYMPATHY for all you dudes. Now, you might ask why “SYMPATHY”, correct???? No worries, kindly allow me to explain.

    OK, here we go……

    “JEALOUSY” can be very DEADLY. So much so, JEALOUSY is considered a LETHAL SIN. The way you POOR DUDES had been coming out make WILD ACCUSATIONS without even having any CONCRETE EVIDENCE(s) automatically makes you a JEALOUS WANKER. If you dudes CAN’T control this JEALOUSY, thus it might become FRUSTRATION & ANGER (all those replies towards my comment posted above proved this had already started to take place). Well, if your CAN’T control FRUSTRATION & ANGER, then, Oh Ow!!!….it will lead to SUICIDE!!! Do you WANKERS intend to DIE due to JEALOUSY??? Hmmm…I bet NOT, right??? So, Come On!!! Get real lor.

    Stop behaving like LOSERS, ok??? Just becos’ you ain’t got the kinda of $$$ this JHO fella have, you DONKEYS starts to say this shit & that shit. Well, pls. touch our HEART & ask ourselves could it be due to JEALOUSY???? Well, GOD is telling me a LOUD “YES” on ya behalf.

    It’s a SAD SIGHT to notice there are so many JEALOUS LOSERS here. They just can’t TAHAN other people having MORE than them. Hmmm….I wonder is this what they call “THE DOWNFALL OF HUMAN NATURE???”…Sad sight, huh???

    Time to CHANGE, fools!!! & you may thank me later for my CONSTRUCTIVE ADVICE, ok???



  31. Larry Low…successful businessman in Penang?? Never heard of.. Loh Boon Siew we heard of lar..

  32. Hi jerry chin or whatever A.K.A Tokz, the way you talk shown you’re truly an ignorant person. mind me, i bet you haven’t been to Sabah or sarawak. Look at how the people live their life.

    We’re not jealous neither do we angry over such a rich dude spend his money. we’re just FXXXing PISSED, you moron. Now, PISS is not as same as Angry or frustration. Please don’t laugh about it, coz we’re not jealous. we’re pissed because our money has been misuse. And yes, we don’t have proof, but we’re not blind like you.

    If this fat rich dude aren’t using our money, why the hell the news is everywhere? I bet you will say ” some journalist wake up in one fine morning and he/she don’t have anything to write about. oh yes, and then he/she said, why not i just pull out some of the paris hilton’s photo and see which dude got a fresh face on news, i will write about it so on and on”..come on, wake the fxck up!
    About the Rosmah’s handshake, come on if i were you, i wouldn’t touch that. Unless, your hand is as stink as her hand.

    By the way, from the way you talk, i bet you’re not malaysian, if you’re not malaysian, please shut the fuck up, you have no fucking idea how tough is our life. And don’t because you can spell one or 2 words of Malay, and you have the fxxking right to teach us as malaysian. But if you’re malaysian, shame on you or maybe we should forgive you coz you’re totally blind in your heart. Yes, i’m touching my heart and spell the truth. cheers

  33. To Jerry Chin.
    Fcuk you for your constructive advice. What type of God telling you a Loud Yes? Damn God. Wish you are down here to see what the bastards are doing to their people.

  34. “WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!”

    I noticed my comments does really DRAW attention. Moreover, it also DRAW anger, frustration & vulgarity. Well, well, well, I CAN’T stop IDIOTS from being ANGRY or FRUSTRATED as these IDIOTS truly lack something wonderful called BRAINS (Melayu cakap OTAK).

    Just to RECAP some questions of which were POSTED/ASKED by some “TAKDA OTAK PUNYA KALDAI”, I hope my answers below would HELP make them a LITTLE smarter. Ehmm……Here we go:

    1) ANTI-G asked “i bet you haven’t been to Sabah or sarawak. Look at how the people live their life”.
    MY GLORIOUS ANSWER: Yes, of course I’ve been to East Malaysia. Just becos’ you’re an UNFORTUNATE ARSEHOLE who happened to live in some ABANDON HOUSE along Sungai Rejang, this DOESN’T mean all SARAWAKIANS & SABAHANS are as UNFORTUNATE as you. The reason why you’re UNFORTUNATE is becos’ you’re LAZY & UNPRODUCTIVE to make life better. Thus, kindly STOP DEGRADING all Eat Malaysians simply becos’ you’re a SCREWED-UP waste. It’s really SAD to see a USELESS BUMP like you complaining about this & that, while putting no effort to make life any better. Well, “GO GET A LIFE”, will ya??? Otherwise, just go “KILL YASELF THEN”. Your kinda life is NOT worth living.

    2) ANTI-G also mentioned “Please don’t laugh about it, coz we’re not jealous. we’re pissed because our money has been misuse”
    MY GLORIOUS ANSWER: For an WANKER to even say such a statement is as GOOD as a BLIND MAN saying he can play SNOOKER. Why am I saying so??? How the HELL can one say they’re PISSED due to their $$$ being MISUSE??? Any EVIDENCE??? If NOT, then you’re truly one NAIVE WANKER who would even believe when someone tells you Kuala Lumpur have WINTER SEASON. Adoi!!! Pakailah OTAK sikit, boleh??? Janganlah percaya sebelum guna OTAK, ok???

    3) ANTI-G asked further “If this fat rich dude aren’t using our money, why the hell the news is everywhere? ”
    MY GLORIOUS ANSWER: The NEWS is everywhere is becos’ PRO-PAKATAN BLOGGERS are trying to play it up. These PRO-PAKATAN BLOGGERS are only GOOD in creating SHIT out of their MOTHER’s MILK. Can’t anyone see it’s a POLITICAL MOTIVATED article merely to defame BARISAN NASIONAL, NAJIB & ROSMAH. Look…PAKATAN RAKYAT is running out of TOPIC & TIME as ANWAR IBRAHIM will be soon sent to JAIL. Thus, when all OPTIONS had RAN OUT, the next possible OPTION will be CREATING COCK STORIES lor, right??? Next time, use your BRAINS before believing anything, ok???

    4) ANTI-G lastly asked “By the way, from the way you talk, i bet you’re not malaysian”
    MY GLORIOUS ANSWER: Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Just becos I got to SCREW Paris Hilton, it doesn’t mean I’m a FOREIGNER. It means you’re a LOUSY UGLY LOSER who is simply JEALOUS of me becos’ I get all the HOT chics while you get all the BAPUKS.

    5) BEE commented “Wish you are down here to see what the bastards are doing to their people.”
    MY GOLDEN ADVICE: Your statement tells me you are at the VERGE of commiting SUICIDE due to JEALOUSY. Well, just GO DIE lah you. People like should NOT a living on EARTH. You’re ONE HELL of a JEALOUS LOSER.

    Now….you may say THANK YOU to me. Cheers!!!

  35. 1) JEALOUSY = SIN!!!


    For our WELL BEING & for GOOD KARMA, I reckoned it’s BEST for us to all “SHUT UP” for now. Let’s SPEAK, CRITICIZE & CONDEMN when we have CONCRETE PROOF or EVIDENCE(s) to back our WILD, WILD ACCUSATIONS, ok???

    It’s for your OWN GOOD. God is watching us!!!

    Now, you all MUST “Thank” me for giving you this PRECIOUS ADVICE.

  36. ” ledang
    July 22nd, 2010 at 10:09 am
    of all the hot chicks in US of A, fatboy chose the one with no tits.”

    You obviously haven’t seen “One Night in Paris”

  37. Jerry – u juz need to show us the pic u took with Paris Hilton…..i am sure you hv SCREWED her before ! Show la….

  38. Jerry I totally support what u say! All this people should have evidence before accussing someone. As far as I am concerned he has actually brought in a lot of money from the middle east to invest in Malaysia. Maybe u guys should praised him before condemning him. He may be fat but he is a good guy at heart. I heard he has a girlfriend whom he loves a lot too. U guys should give him a break and don’t be a busybody.

  39. @Jerry, shut up fucktard. You need to get off your high horse. Don’t bandy around words like sin and karma just to sound good. And don’t talk about socioeconomic oppression in S&S like you’re a son of that hallowed soil, you’re not good enough. And a visit or two to S&S don’t justify the things you’re talking about. And shove your *glorious* advice where the sun don’t shine, ’cause it’s sure ain’t fit for a KELDAI’s hole. And while you’re at it, check your Caps Lock key: your malignant CAPITALIZATIONS’ turning me off.

  40. Some call it SUCCESS. I call it SUCKCESS – shorthand for siphoning methane gas from the public cesspool. I guess the untalented and unpretty are forced to resort to bamboozlement, embezzlement and outright crime.

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  42. For the latest photos of Low Taek Jho and Paris, go here:


    nat: good gracious! thanks for the links bro :)

  43. Hey Jerry Chin,you are just like Tom and Jerry.This fat chinese bastrad(Twit) is definately spending Malaysian Tax payers money.Nobody can do any thing about it,for money the chinese, can do anything to get it.He is the King and the Malays are his slaves.

  44. Hi Jerry!…hehehe…wow man, you sure stirred up a hornet’s nest with your down-to-earth statements.

    Well, at least some of our fellow Malaysians are helping to put Malaysia more on the map…and that’s good;isn’t it? Those that stands out (and who immediately comes to mind) are Michell Yeow, Nicol Davis, Penny Wong, and now…da-dah…Low Taek Jho!

    Can we be perfectly honest with ourselves and honestly asked if we find ourselves in the shoes of those very people that many are cursing and spitting at, would we not do exactly or more than what they are doing or have been doing….i.e lined our pockets, favoritism, cronyism..yah, all those “evils” that many are yelling at ??

    Hmmm, I doubt many would forgo the opportunity!

  45. May i know 28 years old how to earn this much money?
    first?his dad isn’t so rich, even though his father is millionaire.
    second? he spend roughly 200k usd to 500k usd per month?where the income come to?
    third? we all know he get commission from certain project, and also friends( uni mates )
    fourth? each time he go club, he’s the one who pay the most? other tycoon son never pay that much.
    fifth? if he reveal where’s his money come from, doesn’t need to reveal company name, i sure i will amaze with his investment skill

  46. Burning tax payer money??? i wonder why people say he is burning taxpayer money. But how much tax you pay? how much my govt get allowance from govt? is he sponsor by my govt? if no how can he burning you tax money?
    how much you know about his biz in oversea?
    refer to tt question assume he is really smart or talented guy, i think he spend 200-500 gram per month, can you imagine how much he can earn back for this spend… i suppose there is always a reason behind to spend. put it a simple way, assume some of the bizman wanna grant a govt project near to your kampung to build govt building or just a lamp post, but this bizman willing to spend thousand of RM to belanjar the govt office to makan at mamak. can you imaging how much the return of the bizman to spend this kinda money?

  47. Toks or watever it is……………would appreciate if you stop using wow wow wow or whatever crap to prove your english. Glorious not meant for such usage ….you fool. Glory only if you earn it…….. not by giving stupid answers

    Btw, all lot of ppl out there who commented have such money including me, but not from rakyat taxes…….but we choose not to spend it that way. So whats all the jealousy…………you BIG FOOL!!!

    Now , shut up get back to work and stop dreaming of how you could spend money like low…….its his business not yours!!!!! FOOOOOL

  48. Look at bigger picture. First Usher came for concert. Next De Niro is on personal visit to Malaysia. What’s next? Paris Hilton?
    Can anybody fix the puzzle?

  49. Kick This stupid ass hole to our country, FXXKing burn money, you know how difficult people survive in mas?how many people still suffering?he can use the money save a state economic!!FXXk FAt ASs

  50. Hell with ya, ugly fat ass jelly. U think ur moron facial worth two cents mixing around with the ahmos and parishit hilton? u r just another useless traitor. eat more and we shall see when u catch a stroke. ur penis is not even a ten percent of those ahmos’s length and you think you can penetrate into her smelly tunnel? Shaeful enough you are just making coffee in the air. LOL.

  51. I’ve been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they get these people? They are from another world!

  52. very true indeed….he’s just one the many chosen “lieutenants” assisting our so called leaders or shall i say…rogue leaders…to siphon out the wealth of this nation. nothin’s new anyway…it has been happenning since the birth of this nation albeit it’s involving much more $$$ now!! the hardships faced by the ordinary citizens are none of their concerns as the traitors are always pro active searching for opportunities to plunder, to steal & to channel out their ill gotten wealth…thru announcements of major project implementations within & outside the country.

  53. stop calling ppl fat ass!!so wat if he’s spending his money like nobody’s business why do u even care???its not even ur money PPL!!get ur own life n business!!its not bout money matter u can earn a billion dollars if only u wan too..he s my fren n just mind ur bloody fucking business

  54. It’s interesting how Jerry Chin seems to be the only one supporting… but I ain’t supporting him.

    Well, today’s “local newspaper” of The Star printed out details of about Low Taek Jho… and guess what?

    It says so much that Jerry Chin is also no different than Low Taek Jho – A BIG LIAR!

    “Grow up” Jerry Chin. Being a hypocrite seems to be good in your resume.

  55. I have just came across this blog and read everything including comments, it’s such a shame too see such amount of hatred, jealousy and internal conflict within Malaysian, i find this blog and the comments very juvenile and shallow minded.

    I myself is a Malaysian who work and live out of Malaysia, and the government here is much ‘darker’ and yet the people are not as shallow minded as some of you here.

    In fact this is the reality, just like any other organization or international company, you boss hire you to make money for the company, in order for him to buy himself a Ferrari, villas and tons of hot chics! Wake up guys, it’s the world of reality, if you hate it then don’t live in this world. I bet if there’s another world you could find, you will face the same frustration unless you change your mindset.

    While, there isn’t any other world available for you now, then you might need to work your ass out to enjoy better life, stop the hatred, open up your mind, see the reality.

    Only looser complains.

  56. Ben – you are no different than the rest. If you came upon this blog and read the comments and now said ‘Only looser complains’ (shows what an idiot of a spelling you got)… you have made yourself a ‘looser’ as well… because you just posted a comment here too.

  57. …nah;;

    now all of u should understand better why HELL and PARADISE being created!

  58. hairyLGS – apology for my spelling mistake(s), I am glad to have ‘met’ people like you in this world, and thanks for making me different from you. Do call me an idiot, retard or anything that make you happy, don’t forget to say those words to your ‘child’ ( if you have any) when they made any spelling mistake, RIP ;) ….ops! I might have used the wrong word here, RIP is meant for funeral, sorry ;)

  59. all melayu support and work for najis, umno only to have his chinese crony to enjoy sakan himslef with some kafir slut. BANGKIT & BANGUNLAH WAHAI KETURUNAN JEBAT!!

  60. keep it up jho low..

  61. Politic pig don’t know how to digest big $$$$$, they need this malaysia chinese business man to digest for them. Low know how to take changes and make money, not stealing rakyat money. Make money and stealing is different. If najis give you RM1 million, will you take? Cheers

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