Jun 082010

Can’t write much for now, but wanted to make a quick comparison.

Glad to know that public pressure regarding sports betting has put government on the backfoot :) (Hisham trying to be seen as anti-gambling champion against his boss?)

Sadly, the same cannot be said of PKFZ so far.

Newly minted minister Kong seems to show us that the MCA election was truly and completely about the PKFZ saga after all.

Let’s hope whatever remains of ‘reformists’ in MCA will follow the likes of Chua Jui Meng out of the party, given it’s complete lack of interest in combatting corruption.

I guess crumbs are more important to them than integrity. How very shameful.

On the road, write more later!

  One Response to “PKFZ U-turn: What the MCA elections were really about”

  1. and we all are still wondering why najib has to engineer OTK’s exit …

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