Jan 282010


The authorities have confiscated two books published by Kinibooks, a subsidiary of Malaysiakini, in separate operations conducted in Malacca and Penang.

The books – ‘1FunnyMalaysia’ and ‘Where is Justice?’ – were seized from Popular Book in Melaka Shopping Centre, Malacca today, while an earlier operation was conducted at another branch of the bookstore in Gurney Plaza, Penang on Jan 7.

According to the authorities, the books could pose a threat to “public order, morality, security”. A total of 64 copies of the books were seized in both operations.

A team of officers from the Malacca police headquarters visit the Malacca branch of Popular Book today and removed 33 copies of the books from the shelves.

According to them, the raid was carried out under section 18 of Printing Presses and Publications Act.

Section 18 of PPPA states that the authorities are empowered to “seize and detain” any publication which they have reason to believe to be evidence of an offence under the Act.

Meanwhile, 34 copies of the both books were seized by officers from the Home Ministry in Penang three weeks ago.

Well, we had some serious doubts any book with a picture of Altantuya and Teoh Beng Hock would last long, and here we have it.

All I can say is that if they are gonna come after us, they better have a better case than they did the last time.

We took considerable pains to ensure that everything in Where is Justice was carefully written to be factual, and all opinion therein had been previously published online.

If the cops and the government don’t want bad publicity, perhaps they shouldn’t let people fall of buildings, ‘drown’ from a glass of water, or explode in the jungle. Don’t shoot the messenger.

All news here is preliminary, but we’ll be following the case closely and will provide updates when we can.

Support us by buying the books while they’re still on the shelves :P Available in most major bookstores, or get it delivered to your doorstep :P

  12 Responses to “My Deaths in Custody book confiscated by cops & Home Ministry!”

  1. Thank God I managed to get my hands on 1Funny Malaysia at the book launch. I got it autographed by Zunar too!! :)

  2. 0.o….is it available in Popular? cos the only nearby major bookstore is in Jusco (which is near my place)

    otherwise i would have to take a train to either Midvalley(MPH) or KLCC(Kinokuniya)

    haiz…what to do? the life of a student

  3. In an UMNO defined democracy, from time to time we’ll be entertained by their clowns – uniformed or otherwise. They’re not very smart, and count Utusan Meloya, Berita Hairan and TV3/4 as their daily news and ideas supplement. “Saya yang menurut perintah” is following them right down the drain.

  4. Hi Nat,

    I would like to buy a copy.

    I am a foreigner living in Singapore. I would like to mail order it to my home. I can send a cheque in advance.

    Please tell me how can I do this. My email has been provided.


  5. i say man……..
    How can I get it now?????

  6. Dear Nat

    Seizing books in the Internet Age?
    Dinosaur-era tactics!

    Take a look at online publishers such as

  7. We are long past the time when seizing a few books can stop information from getting through.
    The usual Ice-Age brains in operation.

    I bought your book direct from Kinibooks.
    This operation is the usual harassment and intimidation techniques. They haven’t banned the book, but it may cause a loss to either the publishers or the bookshop because its a big hassle to get the books back, and they may not be in saleable condition even then.

  8. Ho Ho Ho -1 idiot running this Bolehland and control all media and news+paper like a Ditactor sick SHIT – Ho Ho Ho

  9. Just posted the news on Manuscripts Don’t Burn and linked back here too. Chin up, Nat. The book hasn’t been banned as yet.

    nat: thanks! :)

  10. Just a suggestion. Why not trying to sell it as an e-version/ downloadable product.

    1. Cost free. Upload a soft copy to a server and redirect the buyer to the download page once payment is confirmed.

    2. Wide distribution. No need brick and mortar to do it for you. Anyone outside or inside malaysia can get it.

    1. People might distribute it freely without your consent.

    2. Some people might hack into your server and delete it.

    Since it’s almost cost free, I believe it still doable even if people don’t pay for it. BTW, people are good in nature and support this good cause.

  11. Never heard of your books.

    Thanks the free publicity by our smart Alexs I will keep my eye open.

  12. […] that the books are being held for ‘investigations’ to see if they may cause some breach of the peace […]

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