Jan 052010

So it seems no high ranking officers were involved in the RM 50 million jet engine theft.

The last thing I want to do is cast aspersions of our men in uniform, but I can’t help but feel that perhaps, the small fish are being sacrificed to protect the big fish.

It’s possible I suppose, albeit perhaps less than probable, that leakage and theft of such massive proportions were basically carried out by men who could not even make officer rank.

Were they the only ones who profiteered from this? Perhaps, but I keep thinking back to submarines and MiG jets. This is a land where arms trading is extremely lucrative – lucrative enough for people to end up blown to pieces.

I won’t pretend to know all the facts, or say that this is anything beyond speculation, but something tells me that this crime goes beyond a few enlisted men.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    First and Foremost I would like to congratulate and salute the thieves but of low rank rank and files RMAF staff to pull off such a lurative heist under the nose of their superiors of RM50 M. I would like to suggest that this particular Sergant be promoted to the Brigadier General of the RMAF for his brilliance and making fools of his superiors. He is a rare breed and can even be roped as BN advisor to combard corruption and also as advisor to the Police Force to solve White Collar Crimes. Good Luck my dear leaders

  2. It is amazing what one single low ranking officer can do. These Defence Ministry Idiots probably think I was a brain dead fella just like them. Unfortunately they were wrong, I am not an Idiot like them and I do not believe one single low ranking officer can steal 2 engines the size of small car.

    And maybe one day they want to explain why each engine cost RM50 mil which is more expensive than a whole complete functioning jet.

  3. I always said that Indians were brilliant. They are bloody brilliant!! Making others look like incompetent fools.

  4. It’s a good thing we don’t have nuclear arms yet, for I’m very sure they will be the cause of nuclear war. Simply just idiots.

  5. What on earth do Uruquay want F5E engines for? They don’t utilise F5Es in their airforce. Is this a distraction to buy time… until the msian “muda lupa” syndrome sets in?

  6. Wow! How brilliant is this sargeant, eh? This fella worked with a scrap dealer and through extensive network, sold this engine the size of a car to South America! Not 1, but 2 in fact!! Watch out drug lords from Columbia, our military sargeant can take over your business anytime now that he has network with South America!!

    Doesn’t this sound like an imaginary scene from a low-budget D-class drama or what?? Eh, military & policemen are all alike, they cannot think for themselves, ok? They are NOT suposed to think. In fact, they are trained NOT to think but to TAKE ORDERS only. Everything is pre-planned, and they will only move when their superiors give the order. So unless and until they are told to move, they remain still. Ask any policeman’s or army man’s wife. They will all tell you the same thing,. their husbands cannot think one, they cannot do anything one apart from cleaning their guns/M-16! And when they retire, they all become dungu, except a few cunning ones who are roped in by their superiors to do ‘business’. And since they work with their superiors, they also no need to think one.

    So don’t give me crap story and tell me that this 1 single sargeant can pull off such a heist. The men only move when they are told to do so – some hell-of-a-big-shot must have pull some strings in some big meeting overseas and came back to conspire with some Colonel or General. Then this Col or Gen would have had some discussions with some mid-ranking officers to get the plan moving. This mid-ranking Major would then move some people around and offered some tokens to make some documents appear & dissappear. Then with the signed documents, the men on the ground would have moved the equipment/parts from the warehouse to the destined place. It takes a whole chain of command to make things happen, be it in the military or police force. If only the storekeeper is involved, then you will only get a few guns or rifles and bullets stolen, sold to some clansmen to rob some rich people locally. Most likely to pull off a heist at some jewellery shop. This is the furthest a storekeeper can think (and that’s b’coz his wife always complain no jewellery from him ma!). One must have flown over the great Atlantic sea to know where they need a spare jet engine (Of course, the rumour is that the stolen parts are really in Iran, as they also use the same aircraft).

    THis govt must stop thinking that the rakyat is still very gullible. They really overestimate their ability to bluff us. WE have been conned long enough and hard enough by our dear Tun M, and we have learned to use our brains. Granted that those who voted for them may believe them, but since less than 50% voted for them, it does mean that the slight majority of us don’t buy their shit. And since many, many more didn’t vote or even bother to register, it means that a majority of us actually don believe whatever they try to spin. This 1 PM should have met my Form 3 maths teacher, she marched into class one day and told some students this ‘kalau nak tipu pun, kena tipu smart!’, and went on to demonstrate the mistakes they made while copying others work.

    The mistake this 1PM keep making is this, the story is not believable. The story about the woman-whom-we-can’t-name is unbelievable, the story about Teoh Beng Hock is not believable, this story is also not believable. So, yes, we know what you did in your last summer at MINDEF. Kalau nak tipu, tukar scrip writer! Nampak sangat cerita lapuk!!

  7. This is damn good publicity for the country and it is free.

    Are the engines the size of a can of Campbell soup? Does the low rank personnel have the network to dispose off the engines?
    How did he get paid?
    Isn’t there a money trail?

    The AG is struck with a dsease called stupidity for which there is no cure.

  8. Viva ! Malaysia!!!Makkal Sakti…Indians can do it….The whole machinery of the ex-Anwar supporter shows how vunerable our defence is!!!
    Gani Patail and Gang expects us to believe his story..hahaa only a low ranking Sargent…
    Thats the same with KUGAN’s case..just one Indian Policeman tortured Kugan and killed him !
    And Sirul and Azahar did NOT know who Altantuya was and they murdered her !!!
    And Why only after 2 years were these SUPER Indians charged????Was the Police /Army trying to cover up cos Malaysians have a short memory?
    By the way are the Submarines still there???

  9. Yes yes, we’re all born yesterday, so we believe everything they tell us, and we swallow them whole – hook, line and sinker.
    At least that’s what they thought.

  10. Common guys, maybe they put it on sell in ebay. hehehe, then declare them as two drums of palmoil for export. Afterall our customs probably could not tell the difference between a couple of oil drums and F5E jet engines.

  11. Quote:–“This is damn good publicity for the country and it is free.”

    What do you mean the publicity is free??

    It cost the tax payer a cool 100million, man!!

    Now, is it in ringgit or in dollars? Never mind, it’s still an astronomical figure for most of us!

  12. Only one low rank and file is charged ?
    The real culprits are also aware of the thief or thieves of C4 !
    If the officers cannot even protect the stolen engines from the RMAF’s warehouse how can we expect the RMAF to protect the country ?
    Was it so easy to steal two jet engines from RMAF and also no enquiry into the missing C4 ?

  13. All jokes aside, How can we honestly expect the RMAF to protect the country if they cannot even protect themselves from the devil within? They cannot even protect some spare parts, you think they can protect the people?? Same with the Police, they cannot protect our neighbourhood, everyday we have snatch handbags and children being kidnapped. We need to change not only the government, but the army, police, SPRM, MACC. They have all twisted their roles and responsibilities to serve some politicians from 1political party rather than the Nation. Look at the economy, the only sector growing is crime!! Let’s be honest, the only way with 1Malaysia is Backward! If we want to move forward with true unity and properity we have to change the current govt.


  15. What ever the comments lah…..

    “We are world famous. Malaysia Boleh…..!!!!!!!!”

    Pls come n invest here. Holiday in Malaysia. My 2nd home stay…….

    Everything sure can “kautim” one lah…….!

    Malaysia “now” vely, vely famous what…..!!!!!

  16. We know that all the stories we’ve heard does not make sense. Yet, we can do nothing significant in reality except to leave some comments expressing our rants.

    We can reason, we can be disgruntled, yet we are all still powerless…at least until this point. Maybe the power lies on the next GE.

  17. ade orang cakap :
    Politik itu polytricks !!
    Tak tahu trick jgn jadi politician
    Bukan semua politician itu jahat
    Tapi susaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nak dapat yg baik

    ada juga orang cakap :
    Politician itu manusia juga cam kita
    Ada perut yg mesti diisi
    Ada kebutuhan yg harus dipenuhi
    Yelah tu, tapi jangan jual jet engine erk !!!!

  18. Actually we’re well and truly screwed. The way these UMNOPuteras arrest people under the guise of ISA to protect “national security” you would have expected some to be treated the same way in this case. After all, this involved an asset of the armed forces!

    Just shows you how much the ISA has been abused by UMNO for their political ends!

  19. my opinion is the ward “MALAYSIA BOLEH”,should be dissapear from this moment,few examples like cases which happen in malaysia,don’t need to tell la..everyone should know,this become “TAK BOLEH” announce to the public,hidden all the way from we “MALAYSIAN”…….

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