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Latest on Adi Anwar:

The police today questioned the mother and sister of Adi Anwar Mansor for lodging a report last Saturday for claiming that the detainee was abused while under police custody.

?? And were any policemen questioned?

Kugan killed, ‘morgue mob’ questioned; Ahmad Said racist, reporter arrested; and now, this.

Hisham, Hisham, Hisham – why so quiet!? We want answers and action!!!


Muslimeen United, Bernama, via Black:

Menteri Pertahanan yang baru, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi mengumumkan baru-baru ini bahawasanya tentera Wataniah akan ditempatkan di kesemua kawasan parlimen di Malaysia.

Hujah bodoh darinya ialah Tentera Wataniah ini akan membantu anggota tentera untuk menjaga keamanan negara. Hujah bodoh ini hanya boleh diterima pakai oleh orang-orang yang bodoh. Persoalannya semenjak bila pula kawasan-kawasan parlimen diseluruh negara sedang berada dalam keadaan perang sehinggakan tentera wataniah dan anggota tentera diperlukan?

Jawapannya mudah. Penempatan tentera-tentera Wataniah disemua kawasan parlimen akan menambahkan lagi jumlah undi pos. Apabila jumlah undi pos bertambah, kemungkinan BN untuk merampas semula kerusi-kerusi parlimen yang telah jatuh ketangan Pakatan Rakyat akan menjadi lebih mudah.

Summary: Zahid Hamidi wants to set up new new Army Reserve bases in every parliamentary constituency in Malaysia. 300 per base, 600,000 nationwide.

If you’re going O_o ?!?, you’re not the only one.

So, suddenly we’re short of defence personnel…….. and the best way to combat this ‘shortage’ is……. to recruit more soldiers on the basis of…… parliamentary constituency……………………


So this the dude charged with defending Malaysia in case of attack? I hope Singapore is not paying attention.

As Black and others speculate, this may have something to do with increasing the postal votes per constituency – one of BN’s most reliable methods of cheating.

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt though, as I’m not personally 100% sure exactly how establishing reserve bases increases postal votes for a constituency.

Can anyone enlighten us on how this might work in terms of the detailed, step by step mechanics?

  19 Responses to “Zahid plans massive postal vote con via Wataniah? / Latest on Adi Anwar”

  1. make police reports and you will be torture

  2. very easy, the same voter registered at his constituency according to this ic address is also registered at the constituency of his army base. he will get to vote twice. While he goes off to vote in his own constituency, the army will change all the ballot papers which are re-voted postal votes at his army base constituency

  3. these are the people n ajib should get rid off.stupidity of the highes tclass and hamidi makes afool of himself. this is called an idiot .during the annuar crisis in 1997 mahathir has opnely said that hamidi is notpaying his taxes.please go and pay your taxes then you talk.get loss

  4. Zahid is an expert at dirty tricks.Don’T brush him off lightly, monitor his every move .He was not placed in MinDef for a ride,I may be wrong,he must have been tasked to cover Najib,s misdeeds if any and also to lay the ground work for what is mentioned in this article.I don’t trust him one bit .

  5. Ooi,MCA and Gerakan

    you are with this cheating exercise?


    need to stop this fella from cheating. He has two years to produce the wonders. how about courts? highly useless though with IRRELEVANT IRRELEVANT IRRELEVANT around. Runnig out of options? Pray harder, Nat.

  6. From a strategic deployment perspective, it already doesn’t make sense. Imagine spreading out infantry companies in every district of the country instead of concentrating them in mutually supporting units in specific areas. Leave these to the military planners – politicians should keep out of the fray.

  7. and i tot THE AGONG is our only hope left….sigh.

  8. 600,000 pax

    1. Uniform supply @ RM50 x 2 pairs x 600k = RM60,000,000
    2. Boot supply @ RM550 x 2 pairs x 600k = RM60,000,000
    3. Training site rental/contruction 222 x RM10k x 12 mth
    = RM26,640.000
    4. Meal catering @ RM30 x 600k x 36 week= RM540,000,000
    5. Weekly training site bus transport
    222 x 8 bus x RM500 x 36 week =RM31.968,000
    6. Laundry contract RM10 x 600k x 36 wk =RM216,000,000
    7. Training equipment supply
    @ RM200 x 600k =RM120,000,000
    8. Training allowances
    @ RM30 x 600k x 36 week =RM540,000,000

    Conservertively RM1,580,000.000

  9. nat

    The boot is RM50 not RM550. The calculation is ok.


  10. Oh come on Zahid, please do something meaningful.

  11. Yes, it’s a two prong strategy. More postal votes for BN and more cash for self and cronies.

    Can the idea be shot down in parliament? If it can’t be stopped legally why not mobilize the rakyat to protest and if possible to the extend of a Patayya?

  12. msha, nice calculation but you forgot to highlight 30-40% of the total amount for you know who. (Gone are the days of 10% for so and so.)
    We can’t be sure of all their intentions, but I’m trying to figure out what’s good about this.
    But at the end of the day, so what if you think it’s stupid, abuse, wasteful of ill intend. What you gonna do about it. And this is it, the thing I can’t accept most about these umno goons are their ARROGRANCE. And if you press futher they will bring their ahmad ismail, their keris or ketuanan in.

  13. Bismillah and Salam. I fully agree with Bob K. The terminology is ‘Concentration of force and Economy of effort’. This sort of deployment will not achieve one of the most important principles of force deployment. I also agree with msha. The new regime can dictate only Ket Bah and Ket Cawangan can get the msha contract as estimeted by msha. Postal vote and contract. Two benefits with one plan.Good luck Malaysia. Zabidi has taken over all the panglima’s job. Now he should adorn six stars on his shoulder because SPB YDP Agong has worn 5 stars.

  14. Should gun down the idea. Gun down the postal votes. We are not in war and the soldiers can vote at any centre. They are mobile. Majority has got all the time including the star holders just to go for a few minutes to cast a vote. It is official duty. They can use their staff cars which were sponsored by the rakyat anyway. Sesuatu amal atau perbuatan di dahului niat samaada baik atau jahat. Zahid selepas keluar menjaga portfolio agama sudah nampak kemungkinan ada niat jahat.

  15. That shows how desperate they are to keep themselves in power.

    We expect more of these dirty tactics but can they stop the will of the rakyat????

    By the way another power grab is underway in Trengganu by “BN rebels”. Hot news from Malaysiankini and MI.

    So what now, ” are they going to call these umno rebels derhaka”

    Apparently ,this siege has the approval from DP umno.
    ( Malaysian Insider)

    Let’ sit and watch the plot unfolds>>>> Malaysia Boleh Lah!!!

  16. I tend to agree with most of the comments above . But I don’t think this policy is Zahid’s. Obviously the strategy was mooted by his predecessor(s).

    I wonder what strategy being adopted using parliamentary constituency as a basis of deployment.

    Come on PAT, PTD, please enlighten us on this.

  17. To MSHA
    Boots can cost RM550, why even if it cost RM1000, we shouldn’t be suprise, if a car-jack that’s sold for RM50 to RM80 can be suplied to the Govt at RN500,in MAHAJIB rejime anything will be possible.

  18. Well Nat,

    If Pakatan concentrates on registering more young voters i.e. going after those immediately above 21 and teaching them to think out of the box by encouraging them to question and debate, then no army in the world can stop the power of the people. Remember even in the army there is already a class difference. The rich are the super connected officers whereas the poor are those whom you can always see in the Highways riding at the back of their army trucks. So you can’t fool these fellows all the while, they may even follow their Filipino counterparts then!

  19. another robbing the rakyat fiesta!!!

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