Mar 172009

Updated 5pm: Many more burning details here and here, via Malaysiakini. Must read! More to come..

While we keep the heat up on Altantuya, let’s not forget Sujatha. The inquest into her death which began yesterday raised some mind boggling alarm bells. Let’s go through the Star report:

The first day of the inquest into her mysterious death revealed that she had first called Vell Paari at about 6pm on June 19, 2007 to ask his permission to come to his house so he could sign a few documents and cheques.

When he said he would meet her the next day to sign the papers, Sujatha called again 15 minutes later but this time said she was unwell with stomach pain.

“She said she wanted to take the next day off,” said Vell Paari when questioned by deputy public prosecutor Geethan Ram Vincent at the magistrates court here.

He offered to drive her to the hospital but upon arrival at her condominium in Jalan Ipoh, Sujatha told him that she needed time to change and would call him when she was ready. Vell Paari then left the condominium to go to Odeon Cinema to check on some tickets he wanted to buy.

Samy Vellu’s son. Went to Odeon Cinema. To buy tickets for a movie.

:| :| :|

Yeah, not the most convincing story in the world.

The two phone calls do not quite fall into the category of “normal” I should think. Why would she ask for the day off with a second phone call only 15 minutes later? Got a stomach ache in that short space of time?

Also, if you were Samy Vellu’s son’s secretary, would you be asking your boss to come from his house to give you a ride to the hospital?

Why would she need to go to his house after working hours to get papers signed that obviously could have been signed the next day?

While on his way there, Sujatha’s brother Yugenthiran called his cell phone to inform him that Sujatha had drunk paraquat.

When Vell Paari contacted Sujatha, she kept repeating (in Tamil) “theriyaama kudichiten”, which meant she had unknowingly drunk something.

This of course, is the next glaring part. How does someone unknowingly drink paraquat? As a friend remarked: does it bear some striking resemblance to Coke perhaps?

To be honest, I don’t have any first hand experience with the poison, so I am open on this point to further enlightenment.

If Sujatha knew that Vell Paari was nearby, why did she call her brother to say that she had accidentally drank paraquat? And why would her brother then call Vell Paari?

Vell Paari went back to the condominium and contacted his cousin Dr S.P. Sakthiveloo, a doctor at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang where Sujatha was later brought in for treatment.

When he asked Dr Sakthiveloo which hospital she should be sent to, the latter said the best thing to do was to take her to a government hospital, as drinking poison was a legal issue and most private hospitals would not accept such cases.

Vell Paari then agreed with his suggestion to go to the hospital in Klang. After he picked up Sujatha and Dr Sakthiveloo, they arrived at the hospital at about 7.40pm.

When DPP Geethan pointed out that Hospital Kuala Lumpur was the medical centre closest to Sujatha’s home and it would have been faster to send her there, Vell Paari replied: “Yes, it would”.

DPP Geethan also asked why Vell Paari had not asked Dr Sakthiveloo to go directly to the hospital to save time, to which Vell Paari answered that the idea had not occurred to him as they were confused at that time.

And this of course, is the most alarming fact in a sea of alarming facts.

I think the question of why Sujatha was not brought to KL General Hospital, minutes away, and instead taken to Klang, a good hour’s drive at that time of day is damning enough.

Vell Paari picked up his doctor cousin first (wasting the extra time to pick him up, instead of having him drive himself), and drove the two to the hospital where said cousin worked instead of the hospital 5 minutes away.

Why did he need to pick the doctor cousin up first? Why did he need to bring her to a specific hospital, where it happens said doctor cousin worked, more than an hour out of their way, increasing the life threatening risk Sujatha faced with each passing second?

Altantuya. Sujatha. How many on Malaysian soil will suffer with the current brand of political families we now have?

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  2. nat,

    there’s no way one can drink paraquat unknowingly… its a strong chemical. will burn your lips, mouth and throat before reaching the tummy. i know a boy who committed suicide using this method. he drank paraquat heavily mixed with stout. took him almost 2 weeks to die.

    imagine what pure paraquat shoved down one’s throat could do….

    also if u read the black widow (i think thats the one) murder cases… the killer mixed in arsenic with ice cream and fed it to her victims over a period time…

    errrr can she even talk after drinking (pure?) paraquat??

  3. Like Father ….like son.
    Seems so fishy….let’s watch wat’s going on further.

  4. don tell me vell paari is a stupid person who don know how to call 999 at time of life threatening emergency.

    picked cousin DR….should have pick up his father as well a former stage actor.

    she drank paraquat not JD coke …..

  5. Paraquat is a potent weed killer, unless Sujatha live in a semak area she don’t need to use paraquat, even if Sujatha lived in a belukar, a garderner is all that is needed.
    This politcal family’s son thinks he can fool the world, but what would anyone expect from an idiot of his calibre?
    But who is going to ask the glaring questions you pointed out Nat?
    With the kind of judiciary that we have, and the kind of justice they meted out for Altantuya. This is an evil, sick regime that we are stuck with and eerily, it seems like there’s no hope in sight!

  6. Don’t forget about the ocpd of sentul at the time.

  7. life is cheap. I hope this report is carried to all ppl living in bukit selambau and bukit gantang.

  8. the paraquatmust be from one of the gardener who maintains a mansion

  9. Well you know folks, the Indians will read all this and yet go out and vote for these people. We need to start convincing people in small groups like what PAS does in their “ceramah kelompok” and get them to speard the message.
    With the kind of police personnel, prosecutors and a judiciary like ours, all you need is money and anything can be done in Bolehland!

  10. dumb lie. what about the;
    1. the smell?
    2. the taste?
    3. the sensation?
    i accidently swilled a mouthful of washing up liquid once and gag reflex kicked in – so what of paraquat?

  11. She keeps paraquat in recycled Cola bottles and keep them in the fridge? Or she sleepwalks to the garden shed to get a bottle of Cola but accidently took a bottle of paraquat to drink instead?

    Is this an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not?

  12. Paraquat is a weedkiller,a table spoon is just enough to kill you.I am getting wild seeing this velpari smilling away after killing sujatha.
    The mic chief cant even takecare of his family than how is he going to take care of the community??This guy have alot of scandals like telekom share,tsunami fund,maika holdings,MIED foundations fund and sheila nair affairs.OUR COMMUNITY IS STILL PRAISING AND PLANNING TO NOMINATE ELECT HIM AS MIC CHIEF!! GOD PLZ SAVE THE INDIANS IN MSIA.

  13. Hah,

    I am from Cameron Highlands (so is the late Sujatha),

    Everybody know that veel pari was bonking her, even the apartment is Greeh Hill Resort, (E Block), is bought using MAIKA HOLDINGS name, keys are kept by the great YUGEN and some other thugs as well, and as we all know, farming is a major industry up here, and to buy PARAQUAT,?GRAMAXONE you need to put down IC nomber , it is so strictlah , because many indians here resort to suidice the same way.

    After this girl died, the family members(hers) keep insisting that she died of ovarian cancer!!!!,

  14. Hi Nat,
    Paraquat which is actually bipyridilium is a notoriously toxic herbicide.There are reported cases where horticulturists occasionally have been poisoned through skin splashing even.The pungent odour of the chemical itself can put off a person,so to say that Sujatha had consumed it inadvertently ,does not hold water here.Maybe if she was a child,then its possible.

    This chemical is so toxic ,that with a dose as little as 2g,it has the potential to cause renal(kidney)failure within 10-12 hours of ingestion.And with a dose of 10g or more it can even cause acute dyspnoea(severe breathing difficulty) known as ARDS(acute respiratory distress syndrome),this means a dose of only 10-15ml can kill a person.

    Therefore Paraquat poisoning is a medical emergency,which means with every passing second the patient is inching closer to death.The good dr,Dr.Sakthiveloo ought to know these facts and should have advised his cousin Vel Paari to immediately take her to the nearest govt hospital,which is the KLGH,a few minutes away and not to the hospital in Klang which is a good 45 minutes to 1hr away.This is very puzzling indeed to me.How can a trained dr,who is serving with a govt hospital be confused?

    Dr.S.P.Sakthivelloo,cannot possibly claim that he never came across paraquat poisoning cases,as the highest number of Indians comitting suicide in Malaysia have been doing so by consuming paraquat esp the estate dwellers.Since he works in a hospital in Klang,i am sure he must have come across many such cases,as there are many estates in and around the Klang district.There seems to be more questions than answers,Nat.Furthermore,for an adult to say that ‘theriyaama kudichiten'(unknowingly drank) sounds ludicrous.Lets wait and see,if this time around justice will prevail or not.

    May god bless Malaysia and all her innocent citizens always.

  15. I was told by a small bird that this girl was forcefully fed with paraquat by another preety peacock and friends. Thats why she was taken to klang hospital and no want was allow to she her there.It looks like another story similiar to Kak Ros and Najis with the mongolian beauty. Only here we see paraquat being used and not rDX. Anyway what paraquat is doing in this girls house or apartment and if you purchasing paraquat from a shop you need to give your particular to the shopkeeper unless it was brought from Sg. Siput.

  16. Sujatha must have been in great pain after drinking paraquet so this guy and his doctor cousin coolly drove her from KL to Klang knowing that each second counts. when the KL GH was 5 mins away.

    Just from this account alone both of them are accessories to murder at the very least. Don’t tell me this doctor doesn’t know the grave danger she was in. Cold blooded killers!

  17. Writing about how Israel soldiers have been committing injustice in Palestine wouldn’t provide as much political mileage huh, Nat.


  18. While she was dying in the car, Mr Noble was giving her a tour of the Klang Valley.

  19. It all business my friend… the wanted to pay toll while driving to Klang. Probably from using Sujatha’s money.

  20. The story unfolding is so full lies. Really shocks me that this guy has so little regard for everyone else, because he actually expects the rest of us to believe the story.

    You can’t “accidentally” drink paraquat.
    First of all its not a chemical you normally find in the fridge or pantry of an urban home.
    Second, undiluted paraquat has a very strong, unpleasant smell (deliberately added in the manufacturing process).
    No way, you won’t “accidentally” drink it.

  21. She phone him to inform that she had accidentally drank Paraquat. Somebody have to check with the Telco whether such a call have been made to him. If you ask me, lots of funny things going on

  22. Believe me this son of Sam, will tell us that the world is flat and that the sun rises in the west. He will think that we are fools.
    Nobody has told so many lies to the world as this man is doing.
    Everything points to an affair, broken promises, broken heart, jealousy and death.

  23. There is more to lose for the family of Sujata if they were to help prosecution, two sons studies are being funded by wellpyari, then there’s the Mazda RX8, the mansions and funded tours to India, they won’t want to lose all that, so this is going to be a fiasco,and wellpyari will emerge the ultimate winner, and old man will say, “Welldone, son, like father, like son.” Heh heh!

  24. Ok. This is another drama from a Tamil movie where there the probability of an event occuring is always I ( P=!). Anyhow, I just want to mention 2 important points here. Failure to take a person who needs urgent medical help to the nearest place( HKL) is a CRIME. No matter what is said can get you out of this mess.

    Second, Samy Vello junior claim that he got medical ADVISE over the phone from his cousin doctor to take her to Klang GH. This doctor did 2 wrongs. This is a medical emergency. He should not give any instruction to BRING the victim to here and there. The doctor need to GET to the victim’s place ASAP or if he is far, to call 999 can tell the location of the victim.

    If Samy Vello junior’s claim that what he said abt the medical ADVICE is truth( I doubt abt this bcos…no doctor in Malaysia is stupid enough to said so), with supporting proof such as phone bills records stating phone calls made to his cousin hp/phone line, this doctor can be dragged to the Malaysian Medical Council ethical commitee for failure to save the victim by giving a wrong advise and failure to get help for the victim.

    I would have made the complaint to Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)

  25. There are 2 issues here.

    If we assume that Samy Vello Junior (SVJ) is telling the true that he was advised by his cousin, a medical doctor that he,SVJ to take the victim of paraquat poisoning to Klang GH and not to any other nearest hospital, then this doctor has committed a serious offence.

    A a doctor, he is bound by law to help any victim in URGENT need of help. A doctor can ONLY refuse to give treatment only if the patient has NO life conditions such as running nose, fever, cough and the patients vital signs are stable. Poisoning is a medical emergency, so this case is urgent. He should attend to this victim ASAP or if he is far away, he need to call for 999 or ask SVJ himself to call 999. But according to SVJ , his cousin doctor ask him to bring her to a particular location and NOT to the nearest place of help.

    2nd – Any doctor who practice medicine knows how to give 1

  26. wateva we may comment here .. the thief will still snake his way out .. we call this justice .. not only in Malaysia .. but everywhere ..

  27. point 1 : even if a person is panicked or confused that his “friend” is dying, the first thing that will come to his mind would be to seek treatment first at any cost. not take a 1hour+ joy ride from kl to klang and visit cousin and try to avoid PAPERWORK’S. this itself could be used against vell parri and the doctor for causing the death of the actress by delaying her treatment by more than an hour.

    point 2: if she was taken to klang hospital, it gives her body enough time for the paraquet to mix with her urine and blood. unfortunatelly it didnt. vell parri must have drove the rx8 like a jet to reach the hospital so fast.

    hidden point: if it didnt mix with her urine by the time she was there, then most probably, she could have long died before the paraquet could have been feed into her. (thus her urine system not working). conveniently no post mortem was done and no samples of her finding could be found either.

    now where could that paraquet could have came from out of nowhere? {wondering}. hey nat, the thing you were saying. was it odeon theater, or was it ODEON PHARMACY ????!!!!

  28. what s the matter talking about the ocpd….u no something 2 be a ocpd is not a easy he will at least attend 20 sucide case….the problem is he did x no what serious is the case now u see he and the hospital it self doing engkipengki…answer for this

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