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Update (3/3/09): Thanks Rocky, for the clarification!

Having been (mis?)quoted by others, I must give my own account of the blogger’s meet with TS Khalid Ibrahim yesterday.

The state government was kind enough to host this informal dialogue, and both the MB and his staff seemed humble and genuinely interested in feedback.

Instead of having “complained about the lack of achievements and vision,” I mostly shared thoughts on communications strategy.

My point was that despite all the improvements and efforts of the new government, the public was probably still unclear as to exactly what had been done, and that there was a need to summarise a few key points that represented the state government’s achievements to date.

I emphasised that a more coherent, proactive and hard hitting communications strategy could go a long way.

Both Haris and I brought up the issue of safe space for the PJ vigils, and I hope there’ll be movement on that.

I also disagree that TS Khalid was focusing on politics to the detriment of the economy. I think that anyone listening carefully and objectively would have seen that nothing would make TS Khalid happier than to focus fully on the economy and managing the state efficiently.

The sentiment he expressed, which I have been familiar with for some time now, is that he sometimes finds the transition to politics trying. The multiple interests and different dynamics that comes with politics is considerably different than the parameters of the corporate world with which he is more familiar.

I can sympathise with these frustrations; I’ve seen for myself how difficult it is to run a political party which counts among its strength an immense diversity that truly represents the rainbow Malaysia is. The differences in ideologies, backgrounds and political beliefs co-exist only because all in the party have a commitment to making real change – and not just noble but impractical rhetoric. That commitment is what overrides all the other (very real) differences.

TS Khalid was man enough to admit that his government still had shortcomings, but he definitely gave the impression that his efforts were informed by the same fervent desire most Malaysians have to rid the country of corruption, racism and a debilitating inability to achieve our full potential.

It was good to see everyone there, thanks again to the organisers!

ps- It appears that some people are quite fixated on TS Khalid’s feeling that he’s a better MB than Khir Toyo. What do you think?

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  1. Nat, since you yourself have been (mis)quoted, is it possible that TS Khalid could also have been? Did he really say he is better than Khir Toyo or words to that effect?

    nat: no misquote in that instance, he did indeed say it.

  2. Hi Nat – I read Rocky b4 reading your take on the meeting.

    What a vast difference.

    My humble suggestion – video tape and upload to youtube – if not already done.

    Then people can make their own decision / interpretation from the actual event rather than from a 3 party perspective.

    Rocky may be looking at and saying that it is half empty while u are saying its actually half full… :-)

  3. As a new and untried Khalid govt, one can expect some hiccups…so far, nothing serious to be of concern.
    Although, PKR govt have not achieved any thing to shout
    about, nevertheless, it is apparent, they are more transparent and accountable.
    The old rotten structure created by the previous BN govt will take quite a while to dismantle…old habits die hard.
    The bottom line, compared Khalid unfairly accused corruption on the Cow and Car issue is like a harmless fart, to a pile of shit covered over Toyo’s head.
    Who is a better MB? The answer is quite obvious.

  4. TS Khalid is better than the former MB, period.

  5. I don’t think you should compare TS Khalid with Toyo. It is so obvious!!!

  6. Hi Nat,

    My apologies if I’d taken your statement out of context. Will add a line to my original posting and point readers here for what you actually said during the meeting.

    nat: thank you for the clarification sir, appreciate it!

  7. Hi Nat,

    Whatever TS Khalid Ibrahim is doing could not be worse off than the ex-MB. Trying to get back the water concession is about the best move yet to benefit the Rakyat but the federal government is messing it up. What a shame!

    BTW, just ignore Rocky Bru and whatever his agenda is. He has to deal with it himself. Please continue to work for the benefit of the Rakyat. Common people like many of us could see through the intentions, whether good or bad of the prominent bloggers.

    The truth will always prevail. God bless.

  8. To be frank, nowadays I take anything I read on Rocky’s Bru with a generous dose of Ajinomoto.

    Your case is not the first one of distorted facts on that blog. Whether accidental or deliberate misrepresentation I can’t be sure.

  9. TS Khalid is totally in a different league than the ex-MB Khir Toyo, at least you don’t smell arrogance and corruption in the former. The latter was so indulged in his own arrogance and loss of touch on the ground that right before he lost the state, he was talking about “zero-opposition” for Selangor. Remember? :-) If it was indeed “zero-opposition”, Khir Toyo would not even have the title of “Selangor opposition leader” today. How ironic!

    As for Rocky’s take, he lamented “scarred by scandals” and went on to quote two examples: Eli’s semi-nude pics and the cow-and-car. That’s all he could do. How convincing!? It is obvious what blogger he has *turned* himself into.

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