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The Star:

Kugan, who was detained on Jan 15 on suspicion of being involved in stealing luxury cars in Sungai Chua, Kajang, and was brought to the Taipan police station on Tuesday where he suddenly collapsed and died while being questioned.

He had asked for a glass of water and threw up after drinking, then collapsed. The policemen present immediately summoned a doctor from a nearby clinic to examine Kugan, who was pronounced dead minutes later.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m not a medical professional, but have any of you *ever* seen anyone drink water, throw up, and then collapse and die? :|

Now, I’m an open minded man, and will willingly concede that I’m still in the dark as to a number of details.

But when our favourite policeman, Selangor CPO Khalid Bakar (of ‘no, we didn’t charge them while they were singing Negaraku’ fame), insists that Kugan died from ‘liquid in his lungs,’ you can’t blame me for being a bit suspicious.

Especially after Prabakar’s experience of police brutality, and his still missing cousin Solomon.

The following video and pictures of the victim speak a thousand words. (see more pictures here)

ps- We may see this matter raised in Parliament.

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  1. Satu lagi projek Polis DiRaja UMNO!

  2. SICK, shame on PDRM

  3. Very soon, May UMNO government and its supporting police are going to face the wrath of GOD.

    These people have no conscience, no empathy, no heart. These are not the work of normal human beings but of blood thirsty demoniacs who love to take pleasure in seeing people suffer – psychopaths. Only psychopaths would beat up a child like these.

    If ever they pray – would GOD hear? Maybe the god they pray to would hear but never the the Living GOD.

    May GOD have mercy on the loved ones of this young men. May this son – Kugan rest in peace.

  4. The police still has the guts to say the family members may have tampered with the body.

    Which human beings, father, mother and siblings could be so evil to do such a thing on the “evidences”.

  5. This is a very serious violation of human rights and 1st degree murder commited by the police.Instead of investigating what transpired,the police is trying to intimidate the 2 deputy ministers.Looks like Indians and Chinese have become susceptible now.

    Neither the post mortem report of those doctors will reveal the truth,as the police by now would have intimidated the drs too.Demonstrations,is the answer,let the world see,how minorities in Malaysia,who are hard working,being treated by our racist govt.

  6. i think if your car is stolen the violent way, you wouldn’t even feel sorry for this dude.

    imagine if he is not caught and u caught him in the act of stealing your car, and he took a knife and slashed u.

    think bout it !

  7. Apparently he drowned in a glass of water.

  8. This is a barbaric act. To the BN government i say make no mistake, we seriously have a lot of sick animals in the police force and over the years these animals have become more embolden. You have thief, robbers, drug trafickers, rapist, saddist, murderers etc among them. I say it loudly that the BN Govt has to act now or the RAKYAT will have to act on it’s own. It is written on the wall and everyone [except the BN Govt] could read it that the police force is badly plaqued by corrouption and brutuality. Sadly the poor and helpless are the victims. It goes without saying that when corruption rules the day and if you have the money you get a good treatment from the police. They will give you all the rights you deserve. But if you dont have the money you are treated worse than an animal. I have come to realize that over the years the cops have imbudded a sense of superiority in them that now they consider every citizen of this country as a lesser being. Let us the RAKYAT unite and flush out the barbarians from the force. How do we do it ……..cast your votes against the BN govt. Let us rally behind PAS, PKR, DAP who has promised to bring us a new hope. Hell the BN govt

  9. I am awefully disgusted.

    The photo showed a man being tied and perhaps shoved under water. The police should not lie to the family, even the rakyat.

  10. Well what one can expect from the grateful nation of us. Most of our fore fathers came as indentured labourers and the local mat sallehs think that we owe them our lives for them to take away. What goes around will come around. Surely if there is a God all the perpetrators will receive their just punishment unless some religion condones the killing of the non believers. Mine is a forgiving God. They will be forgiven.

  11. Polis DiRaja Malaysia ka atau Polis Raja diMalaysia?

  12. just wondering if the pic and the youtube video is before the postmortem? Doesn’t look like it has been done.

    I reckon it’s amazing that the cause of death is “fluid in the lungs” since there are so many wounds present in the body. Those wounds looks like antemortem wounds and not inflicted postmortem.

    how can a healthy 22 year old just collapse and die from pulmonary oedema? The only plausible explanation is internal haemorrhage due to blunt trauma.

  13. Police brutality! Why MIC, Semi Value keeping quite?

  14. […] the vicinity of a police station gives you bruises and cuts to your back that look like they were done with a knife. The irony is that now police will question two deputy ministers who ‘barged’ into the […]


  16. PDRM(BASTARDS) YOur days are numbered

  17. Some personel in Police & umno worst than israelis, They have no creadibility to talk about israel. Israelis more better.

  18. This is the fate of the Indian minority in Malaysia. Where arew the people who were so concerned about what was happening in the Gaza? Where are they now, when these murderous atrocities are being committed right under their noses? What a bunch of hippocrites!

  19. We talk about Israeli soldiers torturing Palestinian civilians ….what about UMNO’s polis torturing malaysian civilians….why bother about other country’s problem when UMNO do the same to our own people??

  20. i thought this happens only in zimbabwee. khalid, you learn well from Mugabe. Congrats.

  21. I agree with Anon. We only achieve so much as being hypocrites if we should fail to even achieve an acceptable standard of justice. This here, is unacceptable.

    I think it equally important to remember that this person was just brought in for questioning, which means he most likely have been uncooperative and might not even be guilty. It’ll explain the beating and the death.

    He could’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time…perhaps it was prejudice in the form of racism that set the police to do what they did?

  22. an eye for an eye .. he is just a SUSPECT!

  23. an eye for an eye said: i think if your car is stolen the violent way, you wouldn’t even feel sorry for this dude.

    I’m beginning to smell something fishy about this case. Reports say Kugan was arrested on suspicion of being involved in stealing LUXURY CARS. Who owns “luxury cars” in this country? Those who call themselves VVIPs obviously. I won’t be at all surprised if a deeper probe unearths the fact that some Umno bigwig recently lost his SUV or deluxe Merc & made a big noise about it to CPO Khalid Abu Bakar – which might explain the extreme enthusiasm with which the PDRM seems to have pursued the case. Every day, hundreds of police reports lodged about stolen property end up uninvestigated. Why suddenly so eager to obtain a conviction that they would resort to Abu Ghraib tactics? Indian fler summore – fair game! Absolutely despicable & unjustifiable act of raw brutality. An Eye For An Eye sounds like someone who was personally involved in killing Kugan Ananthan!

  24. Who said there is no ethnic cleasing here in Malaysia? Why more Indians have been found dead in police custody?
    All men are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

  25. Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)
    Jan 23rd, 2009 at 3:04 am

    Dear Mr. Anwar and the Opposition Alliance Party,

    Please investigate and demand new legislation to correct such extreme injustice by the continous criminal brutality and sadism of the Malaysian Royal Police and the Justice System, where magistrates have failed to demand into investigations being done, to the commonly practise and torture being used in police lock-ups and prisons, including on ISA detainees:

    1. As reported by Amnesty International Report in 2008, there were 1,532 deaths in custody from 2003 to 2007 or as reported how torture is disgustingly used such as sexual violence, beatings and forcing the suspects or prisoners to lick police boots and their own urine as reported by Charles Hector, a human rights lawyer, who is one of the coordinator of MADPET, a Malaysian NGO fighting against torture.

    2. The conduct of Majistrates and SUHAKAM; that have failed to demand proper, independent, just and complete investigations into such tragedy.

    This is unacceptable, and it’s time the Opposition Alliance do something concrete about this, instead of PAS focusing irrationally in trying to force unacceptable Saudi-style Islamic Hudud laws on dynamically and modern multicultural Malaysians, liberal Muslims and ex-Muslims!

    Katharina Sri
    (former Noor Aza Othman)

  26. the truth is malaysia is not a peaceful country n the police over all malaysia r useless n refuse to admit n they thought power is in their hand so that now god will show them a lesson soon….Malaysia Police R Teribble! this issues must publish to the all over the Global networking…

  27. BN and especially Umno will doom very soon due to many curses of effected family members. BN(Umno) is not digging grave for the Kugan but for themselves. Keep it up umno….your day is reckoning you..be ready. This is my word; my curse.

  28. Most people will normally jump straight to the conclusion w/o being a little bit patient . blaming police , BN , UMNO or whoever they are .

    Iam not saying they are right or wrong but in this kind of situation , do not let your emotional run too fast coz it might end up getting worst to you , our friend or even the society .

    Let the relevant parties , authority , opposition members , ngo etc do their part . Hold on and be patient . Do not created more fire coz i dont think it will benefit anyone .




  30. Musa Hassan, have you sold your soul to the devil?

  31. Malaysia Polis ylah killing most of the Indian in the custody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dr.Samy Vellu pls move to take action pls do something or if u cannot pls try to release our five heroes!!! PLS! We tought is people who arrest by Polis if they do any murder, steal or whateverlah…. they will sent to jail for punishment but THIS IDIOT POLICE take the prisoner not to punish but to kill THEM!!!
    Y.A.Berhormat Pak Lah Tolonglah buat sesuatu……………………………. Minta Mereka (POLIS) HENTIKAN SEMUA INIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  32. The person who is responsible will need to answer to GOD very soon. U can escape for Malaysian Law. But u need to face the NATURE’s LAW one day.

  33. bagus lah kasi sume penyamun, perompak ganti kuasa dgn polis…u org boleh ke duduk tanpe bantuan polis…if rumah u org kene masuk pencuri u org jgn buat report u kasi buat kenduri besar2 tau……u org bukan tak belajar n i percaye de yg pegang jawatan tinggi tp plz ar jgn ar cetek sgt pemikiran u org…klu perompak, penyamun besar mati u org kasi kecoh pehal…lain kali ha klu u punye saudara de hilang harta bende jgn kasi report POLIS…..INGAT HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.tp mostly mmng indian ramai yg nk jadi gengster ni sume belaku pe yg i lalui…wei!!! u org pikir x de anggota polis indian ke? x de cina ke? jgn perkauman ni jd isu. kite hidup dlm negare yg pelbagai bangse, jgn nak buat kecoh..lu pikir sendiri aaaaaaaaa….

  34. WTF is going on this country??…..when will this shit end?…discrimination and torture=Malaysian Government’s treatment to us citizens……
    true said…these “beasts” will pay for they have done..in the hands of GOD!!!!

  35. semua orang buat kecoh….kecoh apa hal..ah.
    hal polislah…polis membuatkan orang kecoh.
    tak perlu polis di malaysia.
    hukum hudud cukup.
    curi kereta; potong tangan. bukan ambil nyawa pulak!!!
    kecoh konon!!!

  36. Kecoh lah u orang- i pray that one day i will go through all the hell that the victim and his family are going through. amen.

  37. before we come to a conclusion and from my daily watching the CSI series, from the above picture truly we can make a conclusion there is an abuse but i think firstly we should get a forensic doctor to look into the bruises whether it was a new bruises or past bruises….We do not know whether the “lebam” n “kecederaan” was made by police or made by “3rd party”….We do not know him and we cannot make a conclusion based on alll these pictures….Anyway i hope the family can appoint a good doctor for 2nd choice opinion and bring up the case in court so that anyone who is guilty will be PUNISHED!!!!!!!!

    in god we trust!!!

  38. agreed with johnny cheah….
    we cannot make a conclusion only based on this gambar…we do not know him and maybe the bruises was a old time bruises….yup a 2nd opinion from forensic doctor would be great and bring the case to court and punished all the CULPRIT!!!

  39. let this be a lesson to all who voted BN. I totally agree with some opinions that what Kugan did was wrong and is punishable but there is a system(although fuck tup) but its there. This torture is not acceptable. and again we got the great selangor chief tring to convince that there is no cover up, my ass.
    Now when the photos are out he says, oh! the post motem was there ut i wonder how these scars came about and we will investigate. there would not be any cover up, again my ass.

    please all of you reading this, DO NOT VOTE BN ANYMORE as there is full of corruption and coverup all over

  40. I totally agree that this is a murder. I am doctor , in service for past 8 years. Have done forensics in medical schools too. Let me explain why I say this is a murder. Just look at the pictures of this poor man’s body. He was tortured. 2nd, it is very rare for a young man like Kugan to die from fluid in lung!. Only old people with problems such as diabetes and heart failure get fluid in lung, not young man like Kugan. 3rd, for a person to collaspe and die suddenly, there can be only one explaination…massive internal organ injuries such as injuries to lung and heart. It can only be caused by … blunt trauma, attacks that are directed to chest wall that crush the vital organ and make them failure suddenly.

    Another important issue here, medical fields have developed for the past 5000 years not created over night. There is great differrence between injuries done to the body while the person is still alive9 antemortem) and injuries done to it AFTER the person is death. It is call postmortem wounds. Any forensic doctors can find the differences between both the wounds. Thus the remark by self made medical doctor, Selangor Police chief, Khalid that the death man’s family enter the hospital and temper the evidences is TOTALLY BASELESS. TO KHALID, WHERE DID U GET UR MEDICAL DEGREE?. With all the twisted facts, I am 100% sure that this is a murder. An Khalid is also involved, he sure be sacked and taken to court to face the justice.

    From a concerned citizen

  41. i wrote this one in anil’s blog..dgn addition sket…

    they said an autopsy had been carried out and the cause of death was due to presence of ‘fluid in his lungs’…

    take a closer look on the pics/video…it’s appalling to see there’s NO mark on his body to say that an autopsy was really carried out (row of stitches, etc)…strange isn’t it?

    to say he died of ‘fluid in his lungs’ without ever doing a REAL autopsy is a blatant lie! x-ray won’t give you a definite answer, since it’s not really conclusive…any good docs will tell you, to find the true cause of death, the body has to be opened up and the internal organs be examined one by one…only then a more conclusive and definite cause of death can be ascertained…

    didn’t i hear somebody said about asthma being the cause of death? if kugan had no history of asthma before, then our country will be the butt of jokes once again in the eyes of the world…(only in Malaysian lock up people can get asthma for the first time in their life, and die straight away!)

    some of the pics show kugan’s body with large ‘red bruises’ on the back side of his legs and body…this bruises are what people in forensic call ‘lebam mayat’, it naturally appears on a human body who’s been dead for more than 12 hours(bruises gone when pressed = been dead between 12 to 24 hours, bruises ain’t gone = more than 24 hours)…it’s got nothing to do with any blunt physical trauma supposedly inflicted upon him…the presence of these bruises are usually important in determining the time of death, and also if their locations are not exactly consistent, possible tempering of the body…

    one more thing, once a man dies, all of his joints in his body will automatically and slowly stiffen, any tempering with the body will give the coroner a vague idea on whether someone has moved the body, changed its position etc2…

    what they did to kugan is outrageous! the fact that they are still (appearing to be) trying to cover it up is even more pathetic, knowing it’d be painfully difficult for them to prove kugan died of anything but being bashed up to death…!

    i extend my deepest condolences to the deceased family…i pray to God for the perpetrators to be punished accordingly for causing not only an unnecessary death, but also for the anguish felt by the family who just lost one of their loved ones…

    God bless you all…

  42. Just hear the mom scream in the background ….breaks my heart, i could imagine it being my own mom..

  43. All here know how to talk. Has anyone here been a victim of armed robbery? The following comment is from one who has. Because there is no one to speak for the many victims died violently:

    Ooops Kugan died? But didn’t he led the police to recover the stolen vehicles too? Isn’t there is a saying: Those who live by the sword, dies by the sword.

    The same goes for the policemen who were responsible for his death. Totally reckless. Did not even bother to cover up the wounds let alone use non-lethal means of torture.

    For bringing shame to PDRM, yes they should be punished. Because these are the rules: No stealing and no killing. And those who do, should be punished. Because, as many bad policemen I have come across, they were a few good and helpful ones too. Insulting and cursing PDRM because of a few bad apples is the same as calling Indians criminals.

    But what about those who robbed and assaulted me? The investigating officer said they were also suspected of a killing of an African national and stabbing of a taxi driver. They only got 2 years for my robbery and are out pillaging and rampaging again. I did my part and went to court etc. But I shudder to think the consequences to their next victims.

    I think all the bad indians and all the bad policemen should start killing each other. If that happens, then we would be left with only the good indians and policemen. Our problems would be solved.

  44. For all those who justfiied the death by saying that A Kugan should die.

    What about Razak Baginda – why the hell didn’t the police whack the shit off him to get a confession?

    what about – Tan Sri Rahim Nor – who almost killed Anwar Ibrahim? why not kill him too?

    for heavens sake – if he is guilty of stealing the cars – investigate charge him and send him to jail.

    we are not babarians – we live in a civil society.

  45. The whole PDRM should be judged on this. They have been at this for such a long time and have gotten away from it every time. This is it … don’t just charge the guy who did this … their bosses higher up must take the fall as well. It’s the whole bloody thuggish culture in PDRM. Wake up you people … don’t let up, catch them while the iron is still hot.

  46. My point of view

    1. Most of those marks seem to be old scars, or at least a week old. A fresh scar or wound should be raw, red and certainly wont be healing by a dark scab tissue.

    2. He seems to have been buried with “blood” on his nose by the PDRM? Makes no sense. And whats that white foamy substance on his mouth? Could be anything..

    3. He is a suspected car thief. He is innocent until proven otherwise, I agree. However, take note that his life history is certainly anyones guess. The circumstances leading to his arrest is definately difficult to predict. But, I assure you, unless its a serious serious mis-allegement, a suspected car thief at 22 yrs of age, does not spend his time playing xbox and watching tv throughout the day.

    4. The PDRM is not pursuing ethnic murder or brutality. If thats the case, I should have had my ass whooped by a couple of policemen who stopped me for speeding 2 weeks ago.

    5. Dont make every damn thing into a racial issue. Make it an issue of morals, instead, which is the real problem in our society. We are a nation, divided by status of function – Law Abiding Citizens, Law Enforcers and Criminals ; not by race of indian, malay, chinese, dan lain lain.

    Currently you are looking at this case as
    a) was an indian victimised?
    b) was the perpetrators a bunch of UMNO egomaniacs?
    c) is this another attempt to kill of minorities in this country?

    Re-look at this case.
    a) was the criminal really a criminal? maybe not
    b) was the law enforcer doing his job properly? maybe not
    c) was a law abiding citizen falsely accused; falsely killed?

  47. HUDUD law is the answer !!

    To Katarina Sri – may u stay in peace in Germany.

  48. Malaysian police are really so stupid and rude. They don’t know value of people live. Malaysia Police killing most of the Indian in they custody. Why Malaysia don’t have Human Right. WTF GOING IN MALAYSIA…..

  49. Kewibawaan Pihak Polis Tercalar


    Kuala Lumpur, 22hb Januari 2009.

    Insiden kematian seorang pemuda India di Balai Polis Taipan, USJ, Subang Jaya ketika masih ditahan sangat mengejutkan. Kematian Kugan Ananthan 22 tahun mengingatkan kita kepada insiden M. Ulaganathan, juga mati ketika masih ditahan polis. Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur memutuskan bahawa kematian M. Ulaganathan adalah disebabkan kecuaian dan pengabaian melampau pihak polis. Berulangnya insiden seperti ini pasti menghakis keyakinan rakyat terhadap kewibawaan pihak polis sebagai sebuah institusi keselamatan.

    Bagi memastikan keyakinan rakyat dipulihkan, saya menuntut agar sebuah badan siasatan yang bebas dan telus diwujudkan serta merta bagi menyiasat insiden kematian Kugan Ananthan. Foto serta bukti yang menunjukkan adanya kecederaan pada si mati sudah tentu membangkitkan rasa tidak puas hati bukan sahaja kepada keluarga mangsa, malah juga kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang mahukan institusi polis memulihkan kembali kewibawaannya.

    Saya selaku ahli parlimen dan Ketua Pembangkang Dewan Rakyat, komited untuk membawa isu ini ke Dewan Rakyat kelak. Beserta dokongan rakan-rakan ahli-ahli parlimen lainnya kami akan mencari jalan untuk meningkatkan tahap profesionalisme pihak polis serta memulihkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap institusi keselamatan tersebut.



  50. Malaysia protest what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. We protest the cruelty of others but what about ourselves???

    Shame on Malaysia. Shame on our police force. Shame on UMNO-BN government for being hypocrites.

    Dont go ranting at them Israelis when we are doing the same thing to our fellow Malaysians.

    May UMNO-BN burn in hell.

  51. kepada semua orang kat luar sana…kaum india tidak pun membuat hal tentang isu perkauman…so tolong ye..jangan cakap sebarangan….kami cuma mahu keadilan diteguhkan…dan kepada polis2 yang perasan pandai dan pakar sangat..i syorkan kamu belajar dulu apa makna perkataan “suspek”!!!
    ok…dan i rasa apa yang berlaku keatas kugan adalah sesuatu tindakan yang ganas..dan kepada keluarga mangsa..kuatkan diri anda…jangan risau..kita pasti dapat keadilan walaupun bukan kat muka bumi ini…!!! Tuhan MAHA PENGADIL.

  52. Adakah Allah akan memaafkan penyembahnya yang telah membuli dan membunuh bukan penyembahnya?

    • ALLAH ialah Pencipta semua makluk. Setiap manusia akan diadili oleh ALLAH seADIL-ADILNYA tanpa mengira Agama, Bangsa, Warna Kulit dsb.
      Manusia walau apa agama sekalipun akan menerima azab ALLAH jika mereka membuat kerosakan dan kezaliman sehingga kepada kehilangan nyawa, kerana NYAWA adalah HAK MUTLAK ALLAH TAALA. Yakinlah janji ALLAH itu……………………… BENAR.

  53. HI
    The above pictures strongly shows that the victim had been tortured by the police till death.Everyone thats involved in the crime will be punished accordingly .Not every policeman are bad.Malaysia is a developing country and its citizens need to accept that ,everything is not perfect in malaysia.There are good and bad souls,bad souls will show its ugliness.Kugan could have been a car thief or not,i’am not able to judge that as its not proven till a verdic from the court.If kugan was a car thief than his family should be ashamed for his act.”Divine maha Durga” says that every souls that commits crime will face “KARMA” no one escapes from nature’s law. A civilized souls must use proper channel to settle the matter rather that taking the law into their own hands.The standard of malaysian police has no quality or profesionalism and some cases very ignorant in handling crime reports compare to United states cops such as FBI.The goverment should learn how singapore goverment takes care of its citizen and how the police force in singapore are maintained to world class standard.There are criminal cops in singapore but they dont act stupidly like the above malaysian cops whom beat up suspects till death.The sigapore goverment serves every citizen equaly rather than malaysian goverment that provides special privilages for malays only.Malays are not “GOD” children and “ALLAH” is a sanscrit word meaning “MOTHER” and not an Arabic word.

  54. dr T,

    thanks for the info.
    for all the emotional postings, yours are clear and succint as well as professional.
    we all know this top cop by the name of Khalid. His reputation is as good as Mugabe since he was caught lying when his men in uniform barge into the anti-ISA vigilers while they were singing the national anthem He lied without blinking an eye and only retract when faced with video evidence. How can we trust him after that episode?
    Apart from the vehement denials from the cop, this case has also cast aspersions on the professionalism on our medical doctors with the government hospitals. How can they lie so blatantly that fluid in the lungs was the casue of his death? This brings to mind on another case where a poor young indiand girl (alledgely to be linked to a top politician son) died mysteriously. More mysteriously, she was sent fo a hospital far away from the place o her death for a post mortem and as expected there were no incriminating findings. Was it deliberate to secure a friendly doctor to do the part? After the Kugan Incident, I am not too sure now if our medical fraternity’s professionalism from the Govt sector is safe from the clutch of corruption.

  55. sorry, Dr T. we are so focus only on the cops. The hammer should also fall on the doctor who did the autopsy if it is found that there is a deleriction of duty and being an accomplice to the cover-up. He should be strike off as a doctor.

    Would you agree, Dr T.

  56. hahaha…..so rediculous…hw they find out fluids in the lungs without xray o scan….even i cant c any stiches its says tat postmortem was done…o i need magnifine glass…hope kugan souls in peace….amen…be brave 2 face anything 2 kugans family…God will b always with u….

  57. I have lost respect for the Malaysia police force. They are murderers.

  58. i am sure this is not the first case for an indian to have died in police custody…thank GOD that the family and lawyer went into the mortuary and took pictures and videos of Kugan…if not this would have been covered up by our ‘”nation protecting policemen”…

    for those who have commented that we should not make this a racial issue…how many malays or chinese have ended up dead in police custody? or even for that an indonesian or other foreigners…there so many cases of break-ins,rapes etc…have these people who have been arrested ended up dead as well?

    so why shouldnt we accept this as a racial discrimation…

    some of us are right…why make fuss regarding Gaza..when we are being slaughtered silently here in Malaysia..

    the indians in malaysia are being treated as thirds class citizens, in education field, in working environment, etc…we have been so oppressed…with all these we are still accepting our faith in this land…do we have to accept this brutality as well?

    placing these policemen who are involved in desk jobs?? they are not even being suspended?? what justice is this?

    trully sickening…

  59. The BN (especially UMNO) government will always strongly protest – if international community call us the most uncivilized and corrupt country in the world – prior to Kuhan ‘s case there were many similar cases that we malaysian – had gone thru – and the most famous one was the corrupt practice of our justice system that was exposed in Datok Sri Anuar ‘s trials and lately the VK linggam vedio – how police and judges were easily being used – so it had entirely taken away our confidence in our government
    So when come to this police brutality every citizen especially Indian – have every right to be very skeptical of the police – becoz police is supposed to uphold and to protect law and order and not to broke it – yes it maybe according to the police record that the suspect is a criminal – but they still have their right under the law . – the police must respect this as much that they want us ordinary citizen to respect the law.So i am not surprised when Indian people become furious and throw bad accusation against the government especially UMNO .This is becoz they have lost faith in UMNO which was very arrogant , corrupt and injustice – so when its happen to the minority its become a racial issue.To the UMNO – if you are still not sensitive and still with your stubbornness and arrogant especially people like Nazri – you will bring this country into chaos.To the indian – you have the right to be angry but don’t make thing worst – if we go against each other becoz of this criminal (i believe) our live will be just like in Southern Philipine with the MILF , Tamil Tiger in Sri Langka , Sampit Masscare in indonesia etc there will be no peaceful live as we enjoy now.

  60. Kesilapan yg tidak boleh dimaafkan!!!!!
    Why still repeated? Who shall responsible? KDN/PM/DPM?

  61. Malaysia Polis must be well informed that Public Forces is GREATER than Polis Forces! Mind It!
    Dont untill The Public Fight Back then You will be the Death End of Respected so call Royal Pollice force!
    Shame of That!

  62. I go through some of the comment and some of them are coming from the doctors. I also a medical doctor. But I’m surprised with the comment by these doctors.
    They said they know forensic well or have learn forensic in medical school and said that he was sure that , this is murder case.
    I think as a doctor, all of you here must know your limitation and your limited knowledge. For me, that’s the reason why post mortem was carried out. Is to find cause of death. Don’t bias in your explaination or comment. Be professional. You should tell everyone here to wait until full investigation/post mortem takes place. When the earlier post-mortem showed water in lung, what i guess is they are referring to pulmonary edema. That’s why there are a lot frothy fluid coming out from the mouth. One of the cause can be due to ACUTE HEART ATTACK. But of course other causes also have to be investigated. That’s why we have to wait full post mortem result. And let Court decide .
    Lastly, please don’t bring this issue into political point of view. Please be more rational and fair to everyone.

  63. Is the Islamic punishment for being an ex-Muslim, death?







  65. i totally agree…i wonder wat the fuck is happening to the malaysian police force..i jus think that u cops should jus sit at home and lick balls..blady assholes…to be frank,if im held caught in a police station as JUST suspect, ill jus kick as many policemen’s balls as i can and then if im murdered,ill die in peace:p..pundek…

  66. All that I have red above has actually been informative. Two doctors working against each other. Hahaha. Good Debate. The first doctor has his points the second also same. But doctors are doctors and also human. The point to note here is the Government Hospital doctor did not conduct a postmortem as he did not check the vital organs for medical evidence of his findings. Evidence can be said to be tampered but a fair and just Judicial System will note it and be fair in judgment. Here the Judge has to be FAIR. Are all JUDGES fair??????? They to are humans and thus imperfect. Always remember that only GOD is perfect. SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO…………………

    So how fair is fair & how good is good. Kugan should have taken care of himself and ensured that he did not have any adverse police record and today he will be alive and happily living with his family, loving parents, siblings & relatives. If Kugan has just 1(one) bad record than it is equal to 1,ooo,ooo records as all the “o” at the back of the 1 are just zeros.

    Yes the police failed to protect the victim, but do we know his history?????? If Kugan has a history, than yes he deserves what he got. I have never heard of any first times being victimised by the police whether bad or good. But I have had the good fortune of witnessing the police give verbal warnings to first-timers and letting them of the hook within minutes. I have had these experiences not once but nearly 20 to 30times. Why didnt Kugan get the same. Ask your self. Note he has old scars on his body. What does this tell U????????

    Why BN Government???????. It should be MIC not doing their work to protect the welfare of the INDIANS in Malaysia.

    If the facts provided above are true about CPO, than, YES, Pak Lah should remove him and send him to a desk job with a demotion and a pay cut. With regard to the police, yes, some of them are bad but not all.

    We quoted America, but didnt we read in the news of police brutality in America, the Negro being beaten up by the police. One writer said “May U stay in Peace in Germany” but has the writer been to Germany????? I have and it is just as bad and not safer. In Mayaysia, an Indian or Chinese can walk into Kampung Baru or Keramat at 2am and still be safe as long as he does not misbehave. The Malays in the area will protect the Indians and Chinese, A Malay or Chinese can go into Brickfields, Desa Mentari at 2am and they will be safe, An Indian or Malay can walk into Kepong or Jinjang at 2am an still come out safely. Yes Malaysia is safe and still a paradise place. So all of you think carefully before inciting racial issues. It is MIC who has to be blamed for not taking care of the Indians and MCA for not taking care of the Chinese.

    So lets stop all this unnecessary talk and focus on the real issue. Was Kugan actually tortured by the police or were the wounds already inflicted before he was arrested. Frothing from the mouth could also be due to drug abuse, think about this. My friend died a sudden death due to this reason and he too had fluid in his lungs and he was just 25years old.

    If you think locally we will not get a true autopsy report, than join hands and finance an independent report from our neighbour countries.

    Lastly, if Kugan had just gone out and earned a decent living and brought the money back and stayed at home like all peace loving Malaysians, than he will enjoy the same fate as my Father and Grand Father, where they lived until pass 70years old and never had to sit in any police lock-up or even be questioned by the police for any incident in Malaysia.

    Who said Allah wont protect the non-practitioner of Islam. You are wrong. I know that he will as I have had personal experiences to this effect. If you don’t approach him in that name and form that he will not bother you as he has many millions to look after. He will look upon you if you look upon him. You reap what U sow.

    As a Hindu I say that Kugan’s time was up and he had to go. Maybe not in this manner, so we will still fight for justice and to clean up PDRM of the rotten apple’s. but at the same time don’t condemn the good one because of a few rotten ones. The good ones are still keeping us safe which we are still enjoying. Good Cop’s keep up your spirit and carry on protecting us from the wrongdoers.

    TQ & Gong Xi Fa Chai.

  67. Maybe when hamid albars kids have water in the lungs, he’ll wait patiently outside for some conman doctors & police to give him some bullshit report. Hail Hamid Albar the new Hitler. Such compassionless statements from a country brute.lets get a frog lick his bald head so that he grows brains in them.

  68. Of all the comments. I only hope in one thing. May we settle this in a PEACEful way. We must remember that we DO NOT want to be like other countries where you CAN NOT walk the streets freely like we are now doing. I am devastated of what has happen to Kugan. May he rest in peace. But ALL of us must remember me must settle this but KEEP THE PEACE. Without peace among us we are just the same as other countries at WAR. Do want to be like those places where you can’t even enjoy the evening with your loved ones. Go back to “kampung” to celebrate festivals. Walk to where you want to. FREEDOM OF LIFE. This is what we need and want to keep right now. WE NEED CHANGE and it has come to a point where change is badly needed. For all who reads this blog no matter what race or religion you are, keep in mind, PLEASE KEEP THE PEACE.

    May Kugan rest in peace.

  69. Firstly, it is heart wrecking to see the videos and the photos of such brutality.

    Secondly, to an eye for eye, I thinks its really indecent to say that one should not be sorry for Kugan. Let me first forewarn you, no human decides a man’s death.

    There are thieves, robbers and many criminals out there. DO you think any part of the world is free from such activities?

    Definitely criminals need to be punished. And NOBODY would like being a victim or armed robbery or of anything. However, i’m also POSITIVE that no one would like to know at one point of time, people say you deserved to die or to be hurt badly.

    EVERYBODY in this world deserves a chance to become a better person.

    This is a suspect of car robbery. And some can say he deserved it. Car is a material item. Imagine children (Nurin and Sharlinie and many more) being raped, killed and never able to meet their parents. What about those people who are still alive out there?

    It is easy to judge a situation but it is tough to be in one. It’s very unfair to say a person deserved this.

    This is not a political issue and I also agree that we should wait for the professionals to decide.

    However, my deepest condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

  70. I am shocked to see the photos of the deceased. This is a sad case. If the police really resorted to actions such as this, even if the person is guilty, then those police involved should be sentenced. Having power does not mean you can abuse it. Using power wisely is better. Now not only one person is dead, there are many problems arising due to their actions, involving the deceased family members, politicians and can even bring forth racial hatred. I’ve read in so many forums and chatbox with racial slurs and condemning. Why should this happen? Is this a propaganda made by some other powerful power to bring chaos to our people so that we will hate each other and eventually destroy each other? Or is it our own undoing?

    I’m sure there are experts on the Crime Investigations, who are NOT inclined to any sides and will give their honest and most sincere investigation reports. There are still honest people in this world and in this country, I’m sure. Don’t you guys here have faith too? Not everybody is easily bought with money. There must be someONE who would find out what really happened with this deceased man.

    I know some would say that he’s a bad boy, he may have gotten those wounds from a gang fight or something… I live in Kajang. I’ve seen with my own eyes once a group of guys with parangs just came and hacked a man eating roti canai at a mamak stall. If the deceased is a bad boy and is involved with the wrong crowd, he may have gotten those wounds from fights or samsengs who beat him up to go and do his “work” (i.e. steal cars). However, proper investigations will tell when exactly did he get those wounds and what really happened in that duration. I just hope we have someONE who is educated enough in the field to cover up ALL the sections.

    Plus, I know for a fact that if a person is injured internally in the head, when they drink, they may vomit. If that happens, then the person should be given medical attention ASAP. Any delays may worsen the condition (in the head) and could result to sudden death. (This is what I learned when I’m in Uni).

    Let us hope for a good and just outcome on this case. And in the mean time, lets not fight amongst each other or assuming bad things and publicly displaying those assumptions online for the world to see. It is not right and also could induce hatred amongst each other. Interracial hatred could only bring down our country and worsen the situation at hand. Lets work together, united, instead of abusing each other verbally PLEASE.

  71. in response to MOKARDA’s comment, I’ve seen Hindi movies right from the sixties, and ther have been hindu characters in those movies proclaim ‘Allah’ to call on their gods Parameshwar or Krishna, and the bums here just loved it, howcome they ban it now? Do they have their own roots or culture or tradition these people? Everything is borrowed, even written language, so why the big fuss over this? Does the sand-seller of Kota Tinggi know why?

  72. To: “my opinion” claiming to be a doctor as well – Your English is not up to the standard of a doctor.

    To: “an eye for an eye” – did you see Kugan or catch Kugan steal the luxury car? You sound so stupid and biased against Kugan – why? must be really stupid to think that a luxury car is more important than a young human being.

    To: the police chief Khalid – Liar, Liar, Liar. Shows how well informed or educated you monkey from the jungle, given a professional job. Can’t think of any good method to bring out the truth from the mouth of suspects. Either Kugan is innocent or he was a ‘danger’ to be alive for spilling out the truth – exposing your bloody high profiles friends of the underworld whom you protect. You don’t look like an honest man yourself. Know how i know this – I, Rachel, am a praying woman. Kugan was only a suspect – no a guilty boy. He deserves to proof himself innocent. You have no right to judge him by punishing him to death. What your subordinates do in your police lock-up is unknown to you??? How do you do your work? Unless it was you who supervised it? You know, I am a professional in a public sector – an international American Firm and here I cannot say I do not know what is happening in my firm or how we do our work or what my people are doing. We are vigilent, accountable and responsible even to each other for the betterment of our company. This kind of mentality is absent in the brains of the majority of government officals. They think Malaysian are a stupid lot. You do’t deserve to be even a simple policeman. Step down.

    To: Pak Lah – All You can think of is Palestians suffering. Ask the Palestians to stop throwing stones and oust out the Hamas devils first. All you can think of is bringing the 2 Malaysian terrorist from G.Bay to give them a fair trial here. Hey! Are you a PM for the Malysians or for the World? Can’t you see the suffering in this country? Smug face, what have you done for the poor widows in this country. At least Mahathir provided for the poor by increasing their SOCSO pensions periodically. You are a not a good man Pak Lah – You have no heart for the poor. You are hypocrit. The grief and curses of especially mothers and the poor will affect you sooner or later. You are a coward and selfish – some kind of a ‘clean soul’ – my foot. Since you came in as PM more than 1530 people have died in police custody – since 2003 to 2007. You have blood in your hands. Protecting culprits and killing innocents. Anyway, who ordered the C4 on Altantuya and erased her immigration records??? You don’t know? If not sleeping you are flying high on your jet bought with Rakyat’s money? Of course you don’t know.

  73. this guy stealing the car. They rob people. They slashed tthe other innocent people. They are robbers you know.

  74. Polis Di Raja Malaysia should be renamed
    Polis Raja di Malaysia

  75. to garry.did t you not see last year.i am an indian and i am below 13.indians made HINDRAF.We fought for our freedom in this country.malaysia is a good country but people in it are are not the ones you thinkl.some are good and follows their religion.now lets bow for moment to the reminder of kugan.A son,uncle and loved one.Rest in peace kugan.we respect you.and Polis diraja malaysia is going to face the wrath of God!

  76. This is totally brutal and this isn’t the right way the Malaysian Police should treat the “people” under their investigation. PDRM is to protect the nation, catch criminals and face them to justice and not take law in their own hands and torture the poor boy to death. He was only 22 and certainly had a future in front of him. He was only a suspect!!!! Come on, there are many ways to handle investigations, beating an individual to death is not a SOLUTION!!! Kugan is no longer here now but we still need JUSTICE over his loss.
    I pray for Kugan’s soul to rest in peace and my condolences to his family. May God Bless u always.

  77. bn should go

  78. hey hey…
    i agree with sum that this shud not be a racial issue… but there are possibillities that this could be…
    but first and foremost, b4 we c d skin colour, b4 we c his ethnicity, b4 we judge his wrongdoings, we shud consider the basic principals, is he a convict?? is he caught on the act?? is he a known public enemy number one for slashing ppl’s throats??? he wuz juz a goddamn suspect!!!!!!!!
    WTF is wrong wif u ppl???
    plz don tell me that a suspect can be so beastly treated bcoz he MIGHT have stolen a car… so, the car is more value than a persons life???
    N sum of ya’ll should think b4 u talk, there are ppl who is really neutral out there and are juz focusing on him as a human being, obviously mistreated n a victim of if not police, of sum who call themselves law enforces bt acct law benders who use it on their own whim and fancies…
    all said, fuck those muthafuckas who killed him…
    may law fuck u all brass holders who fuck up den cover up…. aint none but bitchaz n snitchaz..


    ~DEmOnZ InC~ 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 1.Is Kugen a guilty man?? He is not guilty until proven guilty. He has the right to remain silent and whatever he said will go against him. So if the police has tortured and killed him, the police personels shall be punished. If all the injuries in his body created by the torture, then we as Malaysian should feel very shame and sad of this incident because he was in police lock up and we as tax payer whose partly paying the police salary is hoping very much for police to do thier work professionally.

    2. How are we going to tell the world that we are developed country ‘ Negara Maju’ if this sort of incident still happening. Dont we feel sad to see the injuries and can you imagine how Kugen suffered before his death. If the death caused by the police, dont they have the kind heart to see how Kugen suffered to his death.

    3. Why we blame UMNO, BN or political parties on this matter. Is it because most of policeman are Malay,,, then maybe it is high time for other races to join the police and the army The Indian, the Chinese etc, why most of you looked down of these security job. If you appreciate this job you must apply and join the forces. Is it because of small salary, high diciplinary life etc made other races refused or you just wanna be the high ranking officer or you just wanna make your money and never wanna care about security matters. Then all of us will point finger to police and government when something not to our satisfaction happened. I sincerely appeal for all races to join the forces in order to make the ethnic balance in police and you could understand the job better and most importantly you could contribute your idea to have the best police force.

    4. I was born and schooled in multi racial society those days,, never interested in politic, JV my business with a Chinese for 11 years and having 3 majors races in Malaysia as my workers, I sincerely feel sad about this matter but I appeal to all Malaysian, pls dont blame all the policeman bcoz some of them are our friends and relatives and still a good and professional policeman. Dont blame the BN or Pakatan Rakyat bcoz this incident is beyond thier knowledge, we have to blame the police personal that involved.

    5. I appeal to the government and police to make our interrogation system to be more transparent. Any suspect of any case and under remand has the right to remain silence and they have the right to be accompanied by thier lawyer and it is the duty of police to find the prove in order for the suspect to be charged in court. You cannot beat or torture anybody, no matter what race they are because they are human like you, having parent and family.

    6. Lastly lets pray may Kugen soul will be blessed by God, to my personal opinion he is not guilty until proven guilty in court. To all Malaysian, whatever race and ethnic, control your emotion bcoz like it or not this is our country and believe me, what goes around will come around.

    7. To the police and government, this is another good lesson bcoz we cannot hide to many rubbish under the small carpet.

  80. Since when Criminal becomes HERO…HINDRAF PROPAGANDA

  81. […] — [A. Kugan: Horrifying pictures depict latest victim of police brutality/murder? Jelas.info. January 29 […]

  82. Dear all,
    POLICE BRUTALITY and CAR THEFT are not acceptable.

    JUSTICE without sentiments of political parties, political ideology and political racism is demanded

    EMOTIONS must be controlled.

    PHOTOS show beating with possiblity of a thin rubber hose (getah paip).

    BONES were broken and pinched into his internal body and cause a slow phase of an internal bleeding.

    BLOOD from the nose and THIRSTY are common symtom for internal bleeding.

    FLUID in his lung,
    1.HOW can this happen to a 22-years old youngster?
    2.HOW many detainees were declared to have the same symptom (FLUID IN THE LUNG) and died while in police custody for the past 10 years?

    Probability, HEAD was forced into a bucket of water.

    THE leg indicated that he was hit by a blunt object such as kicking by boots or chair.

  83. I guess, To die with “Fluid in the Lung” is a lame excuses for detainees that died in custody.

    There is a case that a detainees, paralysed from neck below was admitted to Sg Buluh prison for detention due to gun-wound at the back of his body but a month later he was pronounced dead with “Pneumonia”.

    Was he been totured by stripping his cloth and left nude in a cold room “0 degrees” for many days?

  84. All of you here..can’t u see the bruises not that bad, it won’t let until a person died..I truly support the patalogist & the first post mortem..that the cause of the death due to lungs problem or maybe pneumonia.why cannot all of you trust the hospital and doctors..they are professionals and bound under medical oath..

    To see the face of Kugan..he is real criminal face..scary man..he was involved in over 15 cars stolen wih weapon..God knows he as murdered people together with his gangs.Are you the NGOs,families and politician behind the scene wanted o compensate the owners of all stolen cars. He used the moneys to feed his families and you families have no guilt?

    You must apologies to all the stolen cars owners and to the goverment.Kugan a real criminal with a lot of crime.God knows how many plans he got in mind for stealing cars around in Malaysia.

    We must have faith to the judicial and laws.Criminal is criminal.crime still crime.

    If all of you didn’t satified on Malaysia law, please consider to migrate to your other countries.We cannot tolerate crimes,murders and criminals over here that the percentage is highest from Indian’s community. Accept the fact.

  85. Not ANYBODY can go to prison. I’m almost certain you’ll never find me in there. Stop being such a turd. Criminals go to prison and they deserve everything they get. If you don’t want to be incarcerated, don’t commit crime. It’s fairly simple.

    There is one case happen last year involving a malay couple whom was being kidnapped by an Indian gang. The boy got beaten while his girlfriend was gang rape if my memories serve me right she was rape to death by the Indian gang. But why nobody go to the hospital, take the picture of the victim and publish on the blog to create a racist issue?Are this blog are being racist just to show Indian people are being treated unfairly? Is justice are there for other races?

  86. My late father was a policeman, but thank god, he was only a fitter, you know, a mechanic in the police force, repairing and mending police vehicles and sometime was asked to become a driver to stand-in for full-time drivers who were on leave.I never saw him in police uniform because he went to work in his usual attire, the blue-black mechanic overall. What I’m trying to point is that my beloved father was never in real police business.So I am pretty sure he was clean all the way to heaven. When I was at about 15 yrs old, he took me for a ride in a police car on duty to send two policemen to a place I can’t remember. While on the move, as usual they were chatting on many subjects, then one of them mentioned about the death of a unarmed man shot by their fellow policeman (I can’t remember the race of the victim). He then said, to cover up the killing, someone placed a pistol beside the man just to make it look like the policeman had the reason to shoot. In other occasion, a suspect was dead after their routine interrogation in a lock-up (similar to A. Kugan case) and to cover-up the killing, they made the doctor to testify the cause of the death; head injuries due to falling on the concrete floor. Nothing unusual happening after the death of those two men. No news cover-up, no illegal gathering or gate-crush the morgue, the family just burried their beloved one and police business run as usual; beating up prisoners/supects to make them confess the crime that they may not have committed.The main reason of the beatings was to make their job easier, so that they do not have to do the investigation part. I’m now 50 years old, meaning it happened about 45 year ago and today I don’t see any change of the police attitude, integrity, methodology etc. We are all doomed if we do not start to change the government!

  87. I think, what the police do is always right because from what i see now the indian in malaysia is too much already. They seem to forget themself as thouht this country is belonged to them. They can do what they like.Not so easy…friend.
    Let take the senerio that happened in GAZA now…Why…
    The only answer is that, the people of Gaza always launched rocket to the islrael, attacked them and this did make the israel sick. As the result , the counter attack began…so who is to be blamed ? This is the same as God punishment, no metter wheather you are good people or bad people, punishment is for all…….ok folks.

  88. Ask the Prime minister, deputy PM, MICleaders just to leave the post they are holding, SIT AT HOME AND TALK STORIES. WHEN THEY CANT DO ANYTHING FOR THE COMMUNITY, what is the point of giving speech of peace, aman dan damai, mesra, cepat dan tepat. all for wat. The MIC leaders are better to stay at home wear sarees and watch tamil serials. idiots. They cant and wont do anything but THEY CAN ACT AS TAMIL HEROES BUT THEY ARE ZEROES. thanks to all indian who didnt voted to MIC INDIAN IN bn.

  89. we don’t know what really happened. i guess the police knows better. think of the many victims who got slashed, raped, sodomised, fucked, jizzed, facialed, and worst unintentionally killed by the gansta during the process.

    not only indians but chineses and mostly the malays also got beaten up in lockup. some of them succumbed to injuries. just don’t be a bad guy lorrr…

    prevention is better than cure, use condom!

    agreed with mr chong comment, http://jelas.info/2009/01/06/beaten-kicked-stepped-on-and-scalded-with-boiling-water-by-police/

    Chong Gin Meng // Jan 6, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    Hi Nat,

    I recognised this man by the name of PRABAKAR. He is one of those ILLEGAL JAGA KERETA BOYS in Hartamas area (near Coffee Bean & SODA club). I frequent that area very often.

    Although he might NOT be the main culprit in crimes around Hartamas but I can confirm he is working closely with a bunch of INDONESIAN THUGS who target late nite parkers around that vicinity. I was once robbed there & this guy PRABAKAR was near the crime scene but pretended NOT to know anything. Moreover, I suspect he acts as an informer guarding the main entrance of the open space carpark lot tipping off his members should there be any passer-by or Police. I confronted him after the robbery but he pretended he heard & saw nothing although I can confirm he is barely 100 metres away.

    I made a police report on this & was told by Police I’m NOT the 1st victim in that carpark area. Several weeks later, my friend was also robbed by a group of Indonesians & he can confirm the same Indian Man (PRABAKAR) was again near the scene but acted as if he heard & saw nothing. My friend & I came up with the suspicion that PRABAKAR is involved in crimes around that area although he is NOT the main culprit.

    “Well done PDRM”. I believe with your swift & cooperative actions will make Hartamas a peaceful area again.

    IMPORTANT: To those who are against PRABAKAR’s treatment by PDRM……”Wait till you or loved ones get robbed, raped or killed in Hartamas, then, we’ll see whether you’ll still support PRABAKAR”. Have a thought for the sake of PEACE!!!

  90. don’t be too emotional…there still a lot of good policeman..but those bad ones must be punish lah, but all criminal must be punish, since there no good criminal …

  91. anon..israel -palestin and Kugan -PDRM is two different issues..Israel are killing the helpless child and women..not the criminal that stolen a car.

  92. If ever they pray – would GOD hear? Maybe the god they pray to would hear but never the the Living GOD.

    taken from rachel rani

    why you should raise this issue?Who are you to say thing like this?

  93. Suspect or Criminal? which is it?

    don’t spin the tale until it doesn’t make sense.
    AND CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS but NOT if it means demonising any one ethnicity.
    For those that are so quick to “imagine” placid scenarios…take a step back and look around.

    What happened was inhumane and those who did it will suffer…

    and the rest of you with villified comments can go to hell. Take up a book and understand the stress points of minority lifestyles against poverty before coming to a STUPID conclusion.

    belajar dulu s’lum nak mengucap, kalao hang tak nampak batang hidung pun..tolong diam..tak usah kao membebel

  94. why u people simply judge the police force like that?well,its still under investigation..only god can judge anything.got that!!why dont u who blame the police force carried out all of the investigation procedure and all the evidence that show the PDRM do that such thing!!will u?

  95. Everyone seems to be an expert in giving their respective views on Kugan’s death. Some of the views make sense while others dont. If one were to see it from the family’s point, I don’t think they are interested in politicising this issue but merely seeking justice. There are people out there are making it not only difficult for the family of the deceased but also to the entire Indian community by politicising this issue out of proportion. I am not saying what the police did or did not do is right. Just like we are asking for justice and thorough investigation into Kugan’s death we should also take the same approach towards the police force and an independent commission represented by ngo’s and other more reputable organizations should be recommended strongly to avoid any dubious findings or cover up by certain individuals. To my fellow Indians do not take this matter to the streets as if we are illiterate. Many of us are professionals and well educated to support one another. Take it through the correct channels and we must teach these perpetrators a lesson that any form of barbaric actions would not be tolerated in the future. Not all cops are dirty but to those who choose to take things in their own hands, leave the reputable police force, coz you dont deserve to be there.

  96. “BEKAS ANAK POLIS // Jan 29, 2009 at 10:25 am
    My late father was a policeman, but thank god, he was only a fitter, you know, a mechanic in the police force, repairing and mending police vehicles and sometime was asked to become a driver to stand-in for full-time drivers who were on leave.”


  97. the boy may have commited a crime but did he deserve to die this way?i don think so! is this how we punish criminals?if thats the way we punish them then we r all criminals rite?
    u r not god so don act like one!DISGUSTING!!!
    wat is this world comin to everyone making desisions using their ass and not their brains

  98. those of you who have a fucking problem with my comments come on youtube and look me up at “royrockerfella” and i will be more than happy to giver you a few fucking answers about this bastard. Thank You.

  99. Hi ,
    Pertama ingin saya ucapkan takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.
    Macam-macam komen saya baca dalam blog ini.Menarik minat saya ialah komen daripada Katrina Sri, Manokar dan Rachel Rani. Ingin saya nyatakan kami masyakat india di Malaysia sememangnya minoriti tapi anda tak perlu kata Singapura , German atau sebagainya sebagai contoh yang baik pada kami. Pada saya Malaysia tanah tumpah darah kami , Dari zaman kegemilangan Melaka lagi masyarakat India telah menunjukkan jati diri yang tinggi, berusaha sendiri , berjaya sendiri tanpa bantuan kerajaan atau mana-mana pihak. Kami bangga sebagai Bangsa India kerana kami berusaha. Di Malaysia kiranya kita ditahan Polis (PDRM) mereka masih boleh melepaskan kita dengan amaran tapi disingapura Polisnya tunggu nak saman orang. Di US masyarakat kulit hitam dianak tirikan tapi di Malaysia India ,Cina Melayu masih bolah keluar bersama dan minum kopi. Mungkin ada yang racist tapi bukan semua ,saya harap kita tak boleh stereotype orang apabila memberi komen. Negara aman, kita hidup tenang!!!!!.
    Kapada sahabat-sahabat sekaumku pula tolong jangan politikkan kematian seseorang, jangan terlalu emosional !!!! Bukan Kugan sahaja yang pernah mati dalam tahanan Polis !!!!!! Jadi tolong jangan jadi macam HINDRAF yang sanggup gadai maruah negara kita di negara asing.!!!!!Kerana ramai yang ingin menangguk diair yang keruh. Biar siasatan dijalankan, biar si pesalah terima hukuman . Kita menyalahkan kerajaan BN tapi mereka juga banyak membantu kita, kita salahkan PDRM , tapi bukan semua anggotanya buruk perangai, tapi kita harus hati-hati ada pihak yang ingin mengambil kesempatan dari sikap emosional kita. Jangan kata esok PR mentakbir nagara ini, kaum india akan terbela , saya rasa sama sahaje atau lagi parah!!!
    Hati-hati jangan anda dipergunakan oleh mereka yang tamak kuasa!!!!!!!!! Fikir cara rasional, jangan emosional apa yang saya tuliskan ini………. Akhir kata jaga anak-anak remaja kita dari jadi hero-hero tepi jalan ……….MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. ladies and gentlemen.

    please be rational.

    He is a car thief not a saint.

    what he got in custody is due to his own acts not because of the police.

    my dad is an ex convict and he was worstly beaten up by the police after his interigation. he suffered broken bones and ribs. he did die due to water in the lungs. the 2nd report will prove it. i believe in honestly in uch carreers.

    do not blame the police but lets blame ourselves for letting CRIME to cntinue.

    if kugan found a GOOD job, he would not have had this.it all bottoms down to him

    do not get angry over this post. everyone is entitled to their own oppinion. so be rational and think logically.


    -a caring citizen-

  101. FUCK YOU Polis Diraja Malaysia!!!!

  102. To my opinion, from ur answer…one of the reason could be ACUTE HEART ATTACK. How could a young man die from heart attack?. Your differential diagnosis for the cause for death for this man is wrong, in fact it should not be in the list at all. We are discussing abt 24 year old man not 84 year old man. Please do not tell me that you are a fresh graduate giving opinion here. Discuss my above point s with your senior and see why ur opinion is wrong.

    Let me tell you all of you how prisoners or police detainees are treated in lock-up. ALL complaints are FAKE until proven otherwise. That’s the reason why many of them brought in to hospital at late stage. Furthermore all policeman are “legally: doctor in police station. The suspects must be screened by them b4 taken to see the real doctor. Worst most of this pt are seen my medical assistant who follow the instruction fo the policeman on what to do to the victim.

    What happen to Kugan just the tip of the iceberg. Most of you only aware of the recent deaths.

    What abt the “success” by Malaysian police in stopping a group of Indian “criminals” ON THE WAY TO COMMIT A CRIME( Any similarity to the movie. Minority Report). This case happened several years ago, all Indian (if not mistaken ..seven of them) inside the van were shot dead by the police with zero mortality on the police side because the victims FIRE AT THE POLICE FIRST. Police did their “own ” investigation and found not “issues”. But the victims family fought for justice and a real crime forensic investigation finally reveal the blunt true, NO BULLET WAS EVER FIRED FROM INSIDE THE CAR. ALL the bullet marks on the van ORIGINATED FROM OUTSIDE THE VAN!. Finally our Malaysian govt did out of court settelement with the victims family. A huge amount paid to them, all from tax payers money. Now, please tell me about UR OPINION ON THE FIRST POLICE investigation that found no “ISSUES” with the shotting

    What about a mechanic who died after falling toilet in police station?. He was the ONLY suspect caught in the multi million ringgit robbery in a Maybank branch during Chinese New Year many years back. All police wittness said no beating by police. But in the end , the truth came out. He died from police beatings and the culprits were jailed(18 months only)

    I stand firml;y on my words. The root cause for the problem is Malaysia police is not up to the mark with their counterparts in developed countries. They are dust if compared to the world famous FBI or Scotland Yard. Our policeman are not good in searching for proof, evidences or analysis of material in any cases. Our investigation method and technology is out of date. Only way for them to get the truth out from any suspect is by beating them up til death. To make the situations worst, our court accepts ” PERAKUAN TERTUDUH” despite stong objection from the defence lawyer that the perakuan was given under threat by the policeman.

    The young man named Kugan was MURDERED until proven otherwise. Period

  103. Hi all… I’m on of the victim of a f****ng idiot like kugan. So, i know the pain. The rest who support him will only know the pain if you face such iincident. Our country never loose a Doctor, Lawyer, Minister or what, but just a cheapskate criminal who could become a rapist or a murderer in the future. If I’m one of the victim of Kugan, this is the ending which I wanted to happen.

    Hello Citizens Of Malaysia!!! WAKE UP!!! Police have saved you & your children from being robbed, raped or murdered in the future by such a criminal. I dont see any racial issue in this matter. As an Indian, I’m glad to born in Malaysia and I’m living a peaceful life. Unlike other countries with War and bomb blastings. I’m proud to be Malaysian Indian!!!! Cheers!

  104. […] story about this already being brought up by some infamous blogger such as Gallivanter, mahaguru58, jelas and also by some major online media worldwide. The name is Kugan Ananthan, who was arrested for […]

  105. the killing itself might be a cover-up. death man can’t talk. who knows what Kugan knew.

  106. I WHO WITNESS THE DESTRUCTIONS // Jan 29, 2009 at 8:49 pm


    It is up to you to believe my story or not for I offer no evidence but myself. By the way, I do enjoy Tamil movies especially when their policemen are involved. The moment they apprehanded a suspect, they just ‘wallap’ him, it goes ‘dush, dush, dush, so fun la how they are so transparent and raw. I salute their movie director/producer. In our country, you just watch ‘Gerak Khas’, I’m sure you want to cry and kiss-ass every policeman you meet.

  107. Let the POLICE do their investigation. Stop blaming the POLICE.

    A crime is a crime and there already enough provfe that Kugan actually steal cars.

    What the oppositions actually do. Just making an issue of it.

  108. he desrv it…..he wanted to be a tamil tiger in malaysia? u got to be joking

  109. To Rachel Rani,
    Out of the 1530 who died in police custody how many
    were men,how many were women and how many were

  110. Hi,

    I have been following up this matter since the case been higlighted massively.

    In my opinions, i find it there is relevent and irrelevent comments are been published at most of the forums. I don’t know whether they mean it or not. In other part i find that they politicize the matter. Yes, i agree there must be an involvement of ministry but don’t criticize the other parties. Im concern on the criticism because we lives in multiracial country and i as INDIAN don’t want this case end up as racism matter.

    A.Kugan’s case is eye opener to indians, we have educated ourself to know the issues and fight for rights. All i hopes we should open the other eyes down there and make them realise the scenarios. There is always good and bad in a matter. We should determine it in correct path.

    Im very much concern about our community developments. Yes, we have develops our UNITY through strugling. Its not always too late to achieve. I hope the community stay united, shine and stand taller among others.

    No matter what, we stil live happily and peacefully in our nation. Thank You Malaysia.

    I hope A.Kugan’s case can be resolved peacefully and reduced the n number of police brutality in our nation.

    Do aplogize me, if do I have putted things wrongly.

    Thank You.

    Anandh Inbarraju

  111. to solve this problem,der r only one way…you all knw what?tsunami!!everyone should die!its better we die rather than see this things all..because bad people are more than good people in this world

  112. brothers & sisters,

    have you all notice that no action from goverment for kugans death till todate.. everything happening is just gimmicks..

    soon many issues will come like MB Perak, selangor issues, ADUN jumping here and there, UMNO, UMNO and UMNO.. but things will be forgotten just like that..

    whats the point… who really can help us

  113. Hi Gunasegaran a/l Muthusamy !

    Rujuk balik pada statement anda memang betul biarkan polis buat kerja mereka memang tak salah tapi anda patut faham sebagai seorg yang bernama manusia jika ini berlaku pada kaum keluarga anda apa perasaan anda? Tepuk dada tanya sendiri ….Kaum keluarga mangsa tak salahkan pihak polis tapi hanya menuntut keadilan keatas simati itu sahaja.
    Bagi saya jika benar dia terlibat dalam kes curi keretapun tak berat kesalahan dia itu berbanding dengan kes-kes seperti merogal anak sendiri, membunuh @ kes – kes rogol & bunuh yang lebih keji dan tidak berperikemanusian…….apalah kalau di bandingkan dengan pencuri kereta tu sedang kan manusia keji macam tu pun ….tak pulak polis suruh dia minum air mineral yang boleh menyebabkan kematian serta merta tak payahkan buang masa turun naik mahkamah lepas tu dapat tempat tinggal free…makan free and makan angin free dalam penjara menghabiskan duit rakyat je….

    Bukan mereka nak jadikan issue pasal hal ni tapi jika anda yang mengalaminya bagaimana?
    Boleh kan anda duduk diam dan harapkan keadilan jatuh dari langit??

    Baik anda pergi berjumpa Dr minta nasihat macamana nak pulihkan perasaan anda tu sebab saya rasa anda ni tak berperasaan…….bahaya tu !!

  114. i dnt knw frm where the police get graduate? many times i’ve seen police ambil rasuah ler, so stupid orang macam nie tak patut ada dalam PDRM. i rasa polis kat n’gri m’sia perlukan lebih education kalau tak pandai nak ada kat PDRM balik kampung tanam jagung je..

  115. I think you are to carry away to include gov and umno.Actuallly it’s the police mistake.
    Don’t try to politic some issues that not related to.
    No gov. in Malaysia freely used the brutal in interogations.
    Might be the police personals did it harshly but their own .

    Think again….pls!!!

  116. it is wrong but try not to blame on gov. blindly.

  117. i think the problem is the Kugan had inured before that.It is not the police brutally done.

  118. maaf. kematian, apa pun sebabnya, memang mengharukan, jadi takziah kepada semua yang terlibat. namun kesedihan bukan alasan untuk menjadi emosional dan kes tidak harus dijadikan isu politik.
    Dalam 4 hari luka yang dalam tak akan kering dan luka dipermukaan membentuk keruping. Pembentukan parut mengambil masa lebih lama. Toreh sedikit kulit anda untuk luka atau cucuh sedikit untuk lecur. Barangkali dalam seminggu pun keruping masih belum kering, kalau luka yang dalam pasti lebih lama. justeru benarkah kesan parut kerana polis? fikir-fikirlah..lagi pula manusia sebetulnya masih boleh hidup walau 7 hari tanpa makan. sekali lagi maaf, ini kenyataan dalam biologi manusia, saya tidak sekali-kali menyokong tahanan dibiarkan lapar. masakan tidak, bayangkan jika satu hari entah fitnah siapa saya ditahan polis? pasti saya sendiri tidak mahu lapar dahaga atau didera..akhir kata takziah pada semua yang terlibat..

  119. #
    sivagami // Jan 24, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Adakah Allah akan memaafkan penyembahnya yang telah membuli dan membunuh bukan penyembahnya?

    mokarda // Jan 24, 2009 at 5:27 pm


    Why bring the religion issue here…..? There is an indian muslim, chinese muslim too. Islam not belong to malay only. Maybe (I said maybe) the indian policeman are killing this youth, maybe a chinese policeman and maybe a malay policeman. If u bring the religion issue here, u r stupid….

    Every god in every religion are telling their follower to be good person, not to be bad person.

    This is malaysia, Do not act like this. Like childish. Be rasional and think.

  120. The foreign police is better than MALAYSIAN POLICE….?
    Who dare to say that ……..?

    Check this out..


    Human Rights Watch Children’s Rights Project
    Human Rights Watch/Asia
    Human Rights Watch
    New York · Washington · London · Brussels



    Police brutality in AMERICA



    Police brutality in GERMANY

    Germany: Another case of police brutality with fatal consequences



    And i didn’t make this up….Human Right Watch it.

    Btw, can we live in harmony without POLICE….?

    I don’t think so.


    Saravanan A/L Muniandy
    Malaysian Indian.

  121. i think that we should get the story of the police before making a judgement the culprits whether police or others must be punished my condolences to the family

  122. Anandh Inbarraju, Vujay and Malaysian Indian made good and valid points,
    people. How I wish more people would respond to their comments rather then the hate comments.

    This is not a racial issue. We should not treat it as such. I call upon all Malaysians, regardless of Indian, Malay or Chinese or any other race for that matter, to not tolerate this.

    Yes even if he was a criminal, he should have been treated humanely. But at the same time, I believe sometimes things get rough in there. Our police officers I would like to believe when it comes to crime (and not to political leans, that one I have my doubts) really are trying to help.

    However, the system works against them as well. I have heard of complaints from officers that they lack proper equipment and time to solve cases. Magistrates don’t help, granting only limited time to investigate a crime.

    Hence, they are force to use force. Moreover, they normally do so when it involves people with known criminal records. In addition, according to the officers I talk to, Kugan did have a record. I am not saying its right. In fact, it is very WRONG. The people who did this should be brought forth to justice.

    Nevertheless, if we want the police to change, the system must change. The police should be given proper training and equipment. More time to investigate cases and better facilities. More importantly better pay to avoid corruption.

    Do not just blame the police. They are trying hard to do their work. Instead of playing the blame and insult game, lets work out a solution. There is still hope for this country and I refuse to believe otherwise.

    Furthermore, do not cry out for Kugan because he is an Indian, cry out because he is Malaysian. Cry out because he is human….

    My condolence goes out to the family of the victim. May they find peace and may God bless us all.

    *This is an old issue with the more recent case of Gnanapragasam, I know. But I just wanted to clear the air. Even the Gnanapragasam case is not racial. It is the same issue, requiring the same solutions. The question is, are we brave enough to admit that?*

  123. A person has died in police custody. This is not the first time and won’t be the last. Why are the police protecting thier own kind and discriminating the indians….

  124. […] A. Kugan died in police custody from “drinking water.” Choong Soy Soy died in police custody after “slipping in the toilet.” Francis Udayappan “escaped prison, jumped into a river, and died” (how he was beheaded is yet unknown). […]

  125. bludy police…………..
    pls la if u all gt here nie news bout malay’s died in lokap……
    buggerds police……………………..

  126. sigh, im still puzzled…how can Malaysia hire uneducated man / woman as policeman..in Singapore, if you want to be a policeman u shud at least excel in few subjects…our policeman …mostly dropouts or even didnt finish their spm or a hobo from kampung with nothing to do…and i know that most chinese dont want that kind of job but they could at least hire educated policeman and at least increase their salary…dont just simply hire because their height and weight and giv them low salary because of the money issue.

  127. what the fuck?? you think singapore police is “educated” enough??..

    Singapore Government is very extreme towards their oppositions, bad guy, terrorist, nuisance, etc with their Special Branch capabilities.

    I know this things.. I studied how singapore government treat their opponents party.. they (SG Gov) will make the opponent leader bankruptcy.. or what ever they want to stop the opposition activity from ruined the governemnt.. they do it silently..

    For crime solution, the subjet (the criminal) will disappearing from public.. they were caught buy police/speical branch/ secret agent.. torture him/her and take away his life.. no one know what happen to him.. no pictures over internet.. no video crawl over youtube.. the authority inform the family, the criminal were missing.. or untraceable.. the truth is he died or being lockup in sentosa island.. who know..


  128. Who is the fuckers say that “kecoh lah korang?” Mind your words ok. We are here to give opinion not criticism Indian OK!!! So better watch out your mouth. We Indian never say that we don’t trust police but unfortunately they did this and make us very disappointed at them! Of course yes this is not racial issue but is a humanity issue here. Come the fatc clearly show that Kugan bring to investigate not for kill him ok. Yes we do need people like police to protect us but you know what no one trust at police anymore because they behave like that! Now days your police who is the one smuggler and with who we suppose to report? is that to the “same police smuggler or find a honest police?
    Ok fine Mr.Kecoh lah korang, you say that most of the gangster is Indian but have you read the newspaper dated 29/9/09? A young guy was bitten until his head crack by a group of “Malay” guys that turn to be hero? What should others think! Is that you want us to think they are “hero” or who try to protect nation? Some of the guy is the army, police and trainee police! even you are a officer you don’t have to right to beat a person without a permission! Come we have our right ok, we are not stupid! So next time think before your fucker mouth spilled out stupid things!

  129. […] Nathaniel Tan has good pictures of Kugan here….. […]

  130. All the brutalities in Malaysia comes to one point. UMNO or BN. Ada akai ke?

    Kenapalah isu macam ni semuanya kaitkan UMNO yang bersalah.

    Semua isu dijadikan isu politik. Kadang-kadang kemaruk sangat ke ahli-ahli politik ni?

    Kita perlu rasional. kalau ada pihak Polis yang melampau batas, anggota-anggota ini perlu didakwa. Jangan kata PDRM secara rasminya merelakan semua ini berlaku. Kalau seorang adik beradik kita jahat takkan satu keluarga atau satu kampung dikata jahat.

    Memanglah orang-orang India ini lebih beremosi dari bangsa-bangsa lain, dari sudut positif ini menandakan bangsa India ini lebih mesra dan kuat kasih-sayangnya sesama sedara-mara , tapi pihak -pihak berkenaan harus respon kepada ledakan emosi ini dengan cara yang bertanggungjawab dan rasional, jgn diambil kesempatan…mereka dalam kesedihan yang amat sangat..kita sebagai pihak ketiga ini perlu rasional untuk membantu mereka mengurus ledakan emosi ini….saya percaya perkara ini menjadi huru-hara kerana pihak-pihak yang bersimpati (org politik) lebih kalut mengaut keuntungan bagaikata perpatah Menangguk DI Air Yang Keruh.

  131. Kematian Kugan: Anggota polis akan didakwa esok
    30/09/2009 11:09pm

    KUALA LUMPUR 30 Sept. — Seorang anggota polis, V.Navindran akan didakwa di Mahkamah Sesyen Petaling Jaya esok berhubung kematian seorang tahanan polis, A. Kugan, kata Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.

    Katanya, Navindran akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 331 Kanun Keseksaan kerana dengan sengaja menyebabkan kecederaan teruk bagi mendapatkan pengakuan dari si mati,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

    Seksyen 331 itu membawa hukuman penjara untuk satu tempoh yang boleh dilanjutkan sehingga 11 tahun dan boleh didenda jika didapati bersalah. – Bernama

    Conclusion……Human brutality does not come from what race you are, political party or government organization….it is an incorrect behavior when men tend to use their emotional feeling rather than their brains for judgment……enough said.

  132. He is a criminal, we don’t know what he was doing before police detained him. It is possible for a 24 year old man to have an heart attack, heart attack is for all ages not only for 84 year old man. God has punished him and yet will still punish him even after death. Perhaps, human punishment is not enough so he has to be taken beyond.

  133. You dont kill a person, just because they have stolen cars. How crazy, there is no humanity seen at all in Malaysia, no humans have the rights to take another humans life. Malaysia, please learn some spirituality from India. Malaysian government please understand that you are also human beings, death will also come to you by God , so remember that. I hope there is no human extinction because of all human anger.

  134. do u know what i think our police person are not pro.the only to way to get the trued is to beat the hell of the suspect to make them confese .a true police person should learn to invesitgated the crime without using any force then we can call polis diraja malaysia best in the world

  135. i knw kugan in person..he’s someone who cant stand pain..even an injection needle makes him scream..

  136. Pls stop all the predictions and influencing other’s mind. lets move on and build the road! just be aware and you will be safe!

  137. I curse the person who did this horrible injustice to this young boy and his family. May they go to hell. May they receive the same suffering the Late Kugan received. They are uneducated bastards.

    God bless the family and let Kugan’s soul rest in peace

  138. Wow, reading some of the comments here, I can’t help but shake my head at the way all of you have been brainwashed into thinking that it is perfectly reasonable and acceptable to BEAT A MAN TO DEATH.

    To all the “Indians” commenting who said that we should not jump to conclusions, we should let the police provide an explanation and that there was proof that the victim was a thief/robber/criminal/degenerate/thug/gangster/’porrikki’ etc, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! Did you even see the pictures posted?!

    Please pick up a book and READ!! Educate yourselves about BASIC human rights!! Educate yourselves about the cycle of violence and the repercussions of growing up in poverty and surrounded by violence!! No matter what the supposed crime that the victim was accused of committing, he DID NOT deserve to be BEATEN TO DEATH! Violence is NEVER the answer.

    It is despicable to say that we shouldn’t mourn the loss of a criminal as he was not a dr, lawyer or professional. So the value on a human life is based on what qualifications he has?! What if it was a member of your family?! Then what? The very fact that this situation was allowed to take place WITHOUT anyone being brought to justice MEANS that it can happen to YOU!! Yes, I’m talking to you, you ignorant idiot!! The police got away with committing MURDER because to them the victim was a useless piece of trash that did not deserve to live. Sounds familiar? Yes? Because that is exactly what some of you wrote earlier!! So, who is going to stop them tomorrow when they arrest you for looking suspicious and then try to beat the ‘truth’ out of you?! Are you just going to take the beating and tell yourself, “oh, its okay, I’m just a ______, my life has not much value as a doctor/lawyer/professional etc”. Grow a fucking pair!!! It is because you of people like you that the higher ups think they can get away with everything. Educate yourselves and change your mentality! Stop giving educated Indians a bad name!! As for the rest of you non-Indians, where were you when this happened? Where was the outrage for this victim that appeared in spades when the 14 year old Malay boy got shot in his car?! Do you think if this victim’s case was properly handled the police would have dared to behave as though they could get away with it?!?!

    This country is a disgrace and the people who run it are an even bigger disgrace. All educated citizens of this country should not hope and dream for change, because it is a wasted effort and just an impossible pipe dream. No matter how many times you vote for the opposition, there will be no change. You know why? Because we don’t even have a bloody opposition that can agree on any one matter!!! So fuck it. Fuck this country. Take you stuff and leave. Why I should I stay in my so called ‘tanah tumpahnya darahku’ and be treated like a 3rd class citizen, when I can just as easily be treated that way in another country, where at least I don’t have to put up with all this bureaucratic bullshit?!

  139. What the hell is this..!! you dont kill a person, just because he steal the car.. damm crazy yaar..!! there is no humanity seen at all in malaysia.no humans here got the rights to take another humans life.. Malaysians police please understand that you are also a Human Being, Death will also will come to you one day.. I realy feel upset (with tears) for the young boy @ Kugan.. I wonder how his Family are now..?? im sure they’ll be crying everyday.. I curse the person who did this Horibble injustice to this Young boy and his family definetly will go to hell,they will definetly receive the same suffering the late Kugan received.. They are really Un-educated Fucking Bastards.I wonder he would have cried when he was beaten up in police custody.. If i were the police constabel.. I would’nt have beat like this.. by beating a human you would never acchieve anything ..try to ask nicely and politely..treat well.. im sure he will feel guilty and tell the truth,but this people already killed him.they have to answer one day to God..

    May God will always Bless the family and let Kugan’s soul rest in peace.


  141. Shame on Malaysia Goverment!! So Cruel goverment and Police. Beaten and cruelly to people until died. Is a human not a fish or tree??!!

  142. This creates a very interesting question.

    HOW MANY “thieves”, “drug addicts”, “murderers”, etc are in Malaysian prisons because they could no longer take the police beatings, and just confessed even though they did not commit the crime?

    If the Police caught YOU today, and accused you of stealing cars, will you confess? If you say no, like Kugan, the same fate can repeat itself with you taking Kugan’s place in the morgue. Or, you may be wrongly imprisoned just to avoid being beaten anymore.

    Malaysia Boleh…just because we do not have a proper Government. Do not stop believing that BN can be ousted. Keep voting for anything other than BN or BN-friendly parties. Keep telling everyone you know about the cruelty of BN. Keep telling everyone to register as voters and vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

    If you do not do this, your children and grandchildren will suffer and they will probably be cursing you for not trying hard enough!




  145. Malaysians must unite to stop police brutality.

    Please visit Facebook and show your support


  146. out of all imagine an indian killing and indian so who will


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