Sep 182008

Update: Please try to be early, in case we are chased away like last week’s Bkt Aman spectacle. Thanks!

Sheih’s arrest may not be as high profile as the ISA detentions, but I’m here to make a personal plea that it be viewed with the same seriousness.

The police have begun acting with extreme recklessness and disregard for justice.

Instead of patrolling the streets, one year after Nurin was brutally murdered they are accusing patriots all over of inciting hate in the country they love more than others.

Accusing Raja Petra of hating Islam, Teresa of hating Malays, and Sheih of hating Malaysia itself.

This is the biggest load of bullshit ever. The only reason these individuals do what they do is because they love Malaysia deeply with all their hearts, and all their souls.

Who is destroying the country and threatening security? Those flying flags upside down, or those who are stealing from the people, failing miserably to make Malaysia’s streets safe from crime, and perpetuating the racially divided politics that have destroyed Malaysia’s harmony?

Sheih, RPK and Teresa have all stood up for Malaysia. We may have disagreed with them on many occasions over their strategies or opinions – I know I certainly have – but only a fool would doubt that they love Malaysia and Malaysians dearly, and want only the best for all in the Malaysian family.

I will not sit idle as they are terrorised and oppressed, and neither should you. Stand up, defend Malaysia in its hour of need!!

ps- It’s crucial that we break this mould of “English” events with mostly non-Malay crowds and “Malay” events with mostly Malay crowds. It would be great if the former also came out tonight. Thanks!


The CCID is in the government complex behind Bank Negara. It is the same building in which I, RPK, Penarik Beca, Jeff (no word from Jeff on this arrest?), and others were all interrogated.

I’ve been in brief contact with Sheih’s brave wife. The latest: Sheih is being transported from Kota Baru to KL. This morning, the cops obtained a one day remand order, which we suspect will be sought to be extended longer in KL.

  9 Responses to “Vigil Tonight! CCID, Bkt Perdana, 8.30pm ; Sedition vs. Malaysia's True Patriots”

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  2. Lawan tetap lawan!

    Make sure that soon the police will have to control sale of candles – “lilin pun takut”.

  3. When those who are right are being wronged
    We must ask and find out now “What’s wrong?”
    With the Judge at the gate, be sober and keep vigil
    So stay alert at all time and be ever ready and agile

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 180908
    Thur. 18th Sept. 2008.

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  5. […] pm tonight for Sheih, aka kickdefella, who is now being held under the Sedition Act. Read Nat Tan HERE for more […]

  6. I am just back from that spot. there nothing but lot of cops around….

  7. Hi brothers and sisters!
    We the citizens have great respect for one another! But just look at the UMNO nuts! They are trying their best to trigger racial tension! The horrible looking Ahmad Ismail speaks even more horribly!
    Kickdefella is a wonderful soul! So are RPK and Teresa Kok!
    Lets pray for them and other ISA detainees!

  8. The following petition has been initiated. Please let others know.

    Petition to Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa Kok and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act

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