Jul 052008

Some days, we feel that all the good fights have been fought; that all the important struggles are over and left to history. Some days, we feel like we are mere spectators in the great river of destiny.

Not this day.

Musa threatened the use of the army to “maintain public order,” and this day, he made good on the promise. Joint police and army exercises have already been spotted throughout the Klang Valley, ahead of tomorrow’s Perhimpunan Rakyat.

The men with big guns have arrived, poised perhaps to inflict on Malaysia its own Tiananmen.

I quote Adama via Shawn:

There’s a reason we separate military and the police: o­ne fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

This is not a joke.

I spent my university years charting how failed states, especially in Africa, descended into brutal chaos.

I studied in careful detail the processes which started from corruption and theft – where greedy leaders learnt perfect lessons from their former colonial masters – slowly evolved into suspension of civil liberties, witch hunts, threats, and finally the desperate maintenance of power via the barrel of a gun.

Before long, all semblence of democracy, human rights, or basic decency and rights to life disappear. Places like Zimbabwe or Burma were not always as they are now; through insidious manipulation and an obsession with maintaining power at all costs, men have turned countries with vast resources and potential into wastelands of injustice and suffering.

A crucial crossroads in a descent to such wastelands is the question of how we deal with men who hold guns. Let me repeat:

There’s a reason we separate military and the police: o­ne fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

Any government that fails to adhere to this principle, or begins to adopt anything resembling a loose attitude towards this separation, has lost all claim to the term ‘civilised.’

We no longer need to imagine whether it may ever happen here. Today, army personnel were already spotted surveying the streets of Petaling Jaya, a bankrupt attempt to instill fear into a populace that those in power hope will cower themselves into submission.

Today, the powers that be say to you, the rakyat: “We are willing to use a very big stick to keep you in your place. We don’t care about your votes, we don’t care about your rights, we don’t care about your welfare.

“If you do not keep your place, we will have you shot. By professionals.”

The first step towards Saddam’s Iraq, Idi Amin’s Uganda, Hitler’s Germany; wastelands of injustice and suffering.

What are you going to do about it?

Throught history, good men and women have resisted tyranny.

We talk about Gandhi and Martin Luther King as if they were saints who lived in the parallel universe of history.

Nonsense. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were mere humans like you and me. Tomorrow, we will be called to do what they did: Resist. And resist peacefully.

In honesty, I’ve grown weary of demonstrations. Of tear gas, water cannons and men in helmets with sticks. Tomorrow, we may get a few M-16’s thrown into the mix.

But now is not the time for weariness to be our watchword. Let us choose instead for our watchwords vigilance and vigour.

Let it never be said that when tyranny reared its ugly head, that you and I sat idly by and watched our integrity disappear on television.

Let us resist.

Let us leave behind just for a day our cynicism, our disillusionment, our despair.

Let us draw the line here, and no further.

Tomorrow, at the Kelana Jaya stadium at 10am, we will not be cowered by men with guns. We will not let our society fall victim to oppression, and lose forever all that Malaysia holds dear.

We will sacrifice our quiet Sunday morning to stand together to uphold justice, unity, and peaceful Sunday mornings for the children who will come after us.

We will resist.

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  1. My prayers goes to you all, friends.

    May God stop evil in it’s tracks!

  2. Tomorrow – the great Day
    to have 1 million attendance
    If you need a map – see site:
    for more/better directions see: http://maps.yellowpages.com.my/

  3. God Bless tomorrow’s gathering! Let the shamless and evil cower when they find out that the nation will have no more of their barbaric ways!

  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=oqAqmgFUQZc

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Chron 7:14

  5. I think the time for the DYMM SERI PADUKA BAGINDA Yang Di-Pertuan AGUNG council of RULERS to step in and demand that all troops to return to BARRACKS, this has to be done publicly and immediately before our country turns to anarchy. The ROYAL FAMILIES have to stand up and be counted as they are the final guardians of the federated states of MALAYSIA and they may not have realised that, they may have a lot more to loose than the rakyat, ali,joe,muthu and kassim can continue being treated as slaves, as they are already downtrodden, what about the royal families, if the umno uses the army wouldn’t this constitute a coup d’ etat, stand up your highness or be damned in the eyes of the rakyat for standing by and letting this happen. you will lose totaly all the respect from us your servants and subjects. do not turn Malaysia into a tyranny. The only troublemakers in malaysia are umno and their corrupt cohoots in big business.

  6. Power corrupts , absolutely power corrupts absolutely . May ALLAH protects this beautiful nation and it’s rakyat from the tyranny which is now showing it’s true colours . AMIN

  7. To all of you who will be at the Kelana Jaya Stadium and the surrounding areas to represent Malaysia, may the Almighty Allah be with you. You are the true patriots, the true putra bumi melayu. No among of waving of the jalur gemilang or singing of political-nationalistic songs or chanting of rukuns can compare to your show of true love for the country. Tanah tumpahnya darah ku.

    May your passion and efforts for truth and justice be rewarded with truth and justice served on the evil liars.


  8. My friends who will attend the rally be careful but, need not be fearful. The eyes of the world is watching. Show these goons and bullies, guns will not suppress human spirit and will. Allah is great!!

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  10. Hi Nat,

    See you tomorrow at Stadium Kelana Jaya!

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  12. My heart and prayers are with you. Stand bravely and be proud that you and all are doing your part for the betterment of the people. You will be heard, you will be heard, insyallah.

  13. I think the time has come for the COUNCIL OF RULERS AND DYMM SPB YANG DIPERTUAN AGUNG to CONVENE AND PROCLAIM A JOINT STATEMENT FOR the armed forces to return to their baracks. This is to prevent umno to abuse due process of law for the law of the jungle. the rakyat is already enslaved by dracconion laws, if emergency is declared , what are the chances that UMNO DOES NOT DECLARE MALAYSIA A REPUBLIC , AND SWAN SONG OF DEMOCRACY IN MALAYSIA WILL BE THE PAST, AS THAN UMNO”S DICTATORSHIP SIMMILLIAR TO SADAM HUSSEIN, IDI AMIN, HITLER, SUKHORTO AND MUGABE WILL RULE. TO THE ROYAL FAMILIES, SULTANS AND YANG DI PERTUAN AGUNG, stand up and be counted, as your subjects are in need of your protection, do not let tyrany rule.

  14. musa is insane,he n the gang are now at the 2nd stage of psychopathic level which manifest signs of total desperation but the nation would be on the verge of 3rd stage…self-destruction!!becos the beast in them hav been unleashed n it would be ruthless…but one thing for sure,musa would not be the winner,jus no way he could be!!

  15. daer nat tan, my fave palindrome,
    an excellent write which I’m picking up for http://www.cpiasia.org!:) Raise two tehtari’ to Thee n LT:):)
    I am drinking Puerh, dear:):):) God bless.

  16. if any unwanted situations do happen due to armies being there, i guarantee that the malaysian people will not forgive the present government for allowing it

  17. I am skeptical in the use of military today. In 1969, theoretically, Armed Forces can take over the government but it did not. Why?? Just do some background check the relation between the Chief of Defence Force and Prime Minister then. But today, I am also skeptical. Not because of the relationship, but the political inclination of the generals. While they were captains, they grumble everything was wrong. But when they get their Stars on the shoulder, they care less about what they grumble earlier but follow the direction of their political master. After all military is just one the the many political instrument. Especially in Malaysia.

  18. Should something remiss happens on 6 July 2008 with all the military and police around, Dr Mahathir shall be hld accountable. He shall be remembered for turning the country into an UMNO dictatorship; a totalitarian state.

    As “Braveheart” William Wallace, we should not, on our dying bed, broken and in misery, many years from now, regret we did not take up the fight this day when we had that one chance.

    We are with you. Even if we are not in the Klang Valley.

    Freedom! Justice!

  19. Tomorrow we will gather peacefully,if the army and police are going to start a riot,then be it. The Rulers of this country should step in to warn the Umno regime against the use of violence ,and the army in this gathering. The Rakyat ,Malay ,Chinese ,Indian and others should be united in our protest against the BN regime .Its not only for us but for our children,if we do not make a stand now, what does the future holds for us and the generations to come? BN is on the deathbed,they are desperate and will do anything to stay in power, so be careful tomorrow. I’ll be there with the rest of the Malaysian, the time is now,lets give our support and help each other to kick the BN government out for good. To the army and police,remember,we are also fighting for your rights and your children as well,join us in this fight ,the bigger the better.

  20. The army on the streets are absolutely necessary to thwart CIA’s common ploy to stir chaos and anarchy in another country for their “man” Anwar to be PM. I see this happening so often in the past in other countries.

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  22. Stay Strong Fellow Malaysians.
    Ask yourselves:
    Do you want your Children to grow up in a country where the Top Leaders can treat the wealth of the Country like their own personal Bank.?
    Where V.V.V I P & Top Leaders & People with connections can get away with murder & treat the Rakyat like fools.?
    Where Umno Leaders can insult minority races & keep all the wealth,scholarships,,jobs for only One Race.?
    Where the Police & Judiciary can be influenced & bribed to protect & serve Political Masters?.
    Where Truth is suppressed & people can be easily framed?
    God save us from these & give Pakatan Rakyat the chance to rule Malaysia.
    Hidup Keadilan-Pas-Dap untuk Malaysia Baru !

  23. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat untuk semua Kaum Malaysia!

  24. I think all of you have some kind of imagination concerning the military on the streets. Despite the fact what most people believe, the Armed Forces is as part of society as the average citizen. He is a professional- a citizen soldier. He lives and works in the same society as you do. Hence in the minds of the commanders and soldiers is peace, especially in his neighborhood because he might injure his loved ones if he does not control the force authorized. If you care to read, the military may only be authorized the use minimum force, after the police has lost all resemblance of control. Clearly, all this talk about the military on the streets is a pure hogwash. The Malaysian Armed Forces has never been in control of the country in totality. Their’s is the tradition of supreme sacrifice for the state that means they would give their lives for the safety of their citizens. And we are professional.

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  26. Nat, I can’t be there tomorrow (technically today), but I think it’s important that we all take away the larger message: that we should never let another man control our own destiny, and that we can all fight back in our own way, simply by making it clear we will not tolerate a government that has to frighten its own people by pitting soldiers against the people they’ve sworn to protect:


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  29. First time in my life – i am going.
    To face the uniform thugs.


  30. For 50 years of SHIT governing by the UMNOPUTRAS, Enough Is Enough. How are we supposed to endorsed or continue to except these UMNOPUTRAS, who are rotten to the core, to continue governing our country???

    For all Malaysians living in Malaysia, everyone knows for a fact, so don’t lie to ourselves, that the whole bloody system of, the civil servants, the judiciary, the GOV.link businesses, and right up to the DPM, PM and even their family members, are all CORRUPTED TO THE CORE in one way or another.

    The question is: Should we continue to let this bunch of PIGS rule over us? Should we continue to let these ANIMALS continue to insult our integrity, and insult our intelligience? Should we the RAKYAT continue to let ourselves be manupilated by these DEVILS?

    I think it’s time to put a stop to all this, and prevent our country from degenerating into another Myanmar or Zimbabwe. We must all start to UNITE, regardless of race or religion, as one people with one voice, AGAINST these GANGSTERS, THE UMNOPUTRAS(& also their BNPUTRA DOGS), who DICTATES, ROBS, INSULTS and SODOMISES the RAKYAT.

    I don’t see a federal government governing the country and I don’t see the civil servants carrying out their civic duties. What I am seeing, hearing and experiencing, is a bunch of UMNOPUTRA MAFIA and GANGSTERS trying to exert control over the people. What I am seeing is the UMNOPUTRAS trying to flex their muscles, DICTATING, ROBBING, BULLYING, INTIMIDATING, INSULTING, THE RAKYAT. Is this the type of future we want for our children and their childrens???

    Honestly, I for one do not see ANWAR as angel, but in him I see a HOPE FOR CHANGE, a GOOD OPPORTUNITY THAT SHOULD NOT BE MISSED and HOPE FOR THE BETTER FUTURE of the country. For now he is the key to installing CHECK and BALANCE in the country, as we all know this is important, as POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. And we must not forget that we the RAKYAT are at all times their BOSSES, and shall be the ones to DICTATE when to hire of fire the very people we see fit to manage our country. So if ANWAR, given a chance by the RAKYAT, does not perform. We the RAKYAT will give him the BOOT. So as the boss(THE RAKYAT), we hire him(ANWAR) because he is at this moment useful to us. But if he doesn’t perform his duties well or become useless we will then kick him out. Once this CHECK AND BALANCE factor is installed, DEMOCRACY will take over, then and only then will we advance together as a NATION.

    We the RAKYAT must UNITE and reclaim our country from the UMNOPUTRAS and BNPUTRAS. We the RAKYAT regardless of our race or religion, owe it to our children and children’s children, to put a stop to all this POLITICAL GANGSTERISM happening

    P.S. malaysia-today.net hacked by some gangster and some gangster telecomunication company is making things difficult for them. (You can still excess the website at this address: )

  31. The deployment of military in public orders do not come by just the bloody IGP asking from CDF. It requires approval from at least the National Security Council which is currently an ad hoc organization so called. The organization is there but the appoitment is not filled unless the situation worsened.

    Malaysian society should know. Soldier are loyal (especially at the lower level) and they just follow orders. The officer that gave orders are the one should be accountable. It is not just about periuk nasi although mostly who joined the service was due to tak da kerja and not to SERVE THE COUNTRY like their predecessor.

    Other things, military are not like other civil servants or private workers. I read one Law but I forgotten which Malaysian Law and Section. Bu it mentioned that `Anybody being dismissed of their appointment in the Civil Service can question or do a redress WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE ARMED FORCES.

    Hopefully Malaysian knows the dilemma soldiers are facing although most of them are against the corrupt practice of the government and their GENERALS. Do you expect to win any legal implication against these political dogs (GENERALS) if one intend to redress of wrong???.

  32. Very dramatic..

  33. I think Matador is an idiot. “It is not just about periuk nasi although mostly who joined the service was due to tak da kerja and not to SERVE THE COUNTRY like their predecessor.” I find your comment to be one form of bigotry. If you care to serve in the service, you will find people of character. When Johor or Kelantan was flooded did you go running to Bomba, JPA3 or Police. You will find that the only people who stood the wall and helped the people were and still is the MAF. And contrary to your belief the generals or not that stupid as you may think or their commanders.

  34. Malaysians Deserve Better Than Troops in the Streets…

    This is not about politics; this is about keeping our peaceful way of life, our tolerance and respect for one another, sacrosanct. When a government will not let its people say what they bear in their hearts, how can it have any claim to being a democr…

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