Jun 042008

Today is annually a happy day to me, but also a very sad one this year. I just learnt that Toni Kassim has passed on :(

This saddens me beyond words, I had no idea she was that unwell :(

I’m on the road for now and can’t write a proper eulogy, which also pains me :( But Toni was one of the warmest people I knew, so full of love and care for the world around her.

I feel so much lonelier now that she is no longer with us.

I remember how during one Suaram annual dinner, she, Eli and Jerry performed a really touching song – ironically dedicated to human rights defenders who have passed on. It looks like Jerry has just put together a video on it, and I really hope you’ll take the time to have a look:

I don’t think any words will do after that. Toni, you’ll be truly missed. Al-Fatihah.

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  1. Dedicated to Toni and all the other brave patriots fighting for a OneMalaysia.


    They scream, “Shortage of crude oil!” when there isn’t one,
    to boost the fake value of their crooked hedge fund.
    They raise prices by hoarding cooking oil, rice and wheat
    while millions are starving with no food to eat.
    They howl, “We found atomic bombs so we must bomb them!”
    Do war profits make up for the ghosts condemned to haunt them?

    They play the race card to corrupt communities, divide the rakyat —
    to hide the Truth they aborted and buried deep in their backyard.
    They fan the flames of hate with their venom-tongued voodoo,
    spewing flamethrower rhetoric that’s melting their own igloo.
    They hide like hermit crabs in shells of borrowed time;
    like failed snails nailed in salt, dissolving into slime.

    Enough is enough and finally when
    the donkey’s back snaps, maximum shit hits the fan —
    we’ll stick their lies in their eyes with wasabi superglue;
    then damn them and send them straight to you-know-who…

    “Hell-o,” says Mr D, “I’ve been waiting for you —
    you’re just in time for barbecue.”


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