Jun 042008

I’m here in the US to mark the 50th anniversary of the co-op I lived in and the 5th reunion of my graduating class. It’s been a great opportunity to see some old friends, but by far the most important anniversary I want to mark today is the 2nd anniversary me and Li Tsin have been dating <3

I know I’ve been spewing sentimental stuff on this blog in an attempt to address some of my sense of rindu for her, so I’ll keep it short. Li Tsin has been a solid, compassionate, loving bedrock in my life – *the* most important bedrock – for these wonderful two years.

I’d write more, but really, I think you would actually catch diabetes :) I’ll save it for for-her-ears-only sweet whispers, esp when I get back :)

My Malaysiakini friends, don’t tease her too much today ok? (a little bit is fine, hehe).

Again, I want to express my deep sadness at Toni’s passing today, but I hope we will were honour her memory by living our lives with the same love and passion that she did.

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  1. Excerpts:-

    ….I’ve been spewing sentimental stuff on this blog in an attempt to address some of my sense of rindu for her….


    Er… so what are you waiting for, just get married and live happily
    ever after!

  2. Congrats once more. Don’t forget to put me on your marriage invite list with Li Tsin.

  3. Nat, please drop by at the PJ Office when you are back home. You are sorely missed. I for one will not forget your sterling contributions during the hectic days of 12th General Elections.

    Dr. Syed Husin and I could not have done it without your help. The press conferences we had went off very well, thanks to your efforts and good contacts.

    Reunions are special occasions to meet up with classmates and friends. It must be exhilarating to see Charles River again.

    Regards to you and Li Tsin. Pak Din

    nat: Pak Din, a million thanks for your kind words! :) I’ll try to stop by as soon as I can! And yes, the Charles was indeed a sight :)

  4. awww………so sweet! U’re definitely a ladies man, natalingam. Have a good one!

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