Nov 242007

It’s not because I really like rallies.

I find them too hot or too wet, hell to get to, and liable to get me arrested.

Been there, done that, wasn’t fun at all.

I’ve been reading a lot about the spectrum of responses towards Hindraf, and it’s been really engaging.

I’ve searched my soul, and I now know what I must do.

I now know that if I don’t stand with my brothers and sisters on Sunday, I will never stand with them.

Why are they marching?

Let’s start by examining Bersih.

How many actually came because they felt strongly about ink and postal votes?

How many came because they’re pissed off as all hell about our country going to shit?

Now let’s look at Hindraf.

How many of us have any idea what it’s like to be a poor Indian in Malaysia?

I remember the Ijok campaign, and our walkabouts in the Indian tapper villagers.


I’ve been to Sierra Leone, and what I saw in Ijok wasn’t much better.

When you’re small, you become a punching bag. It’s just about as simple as that.

Are the Indians all a bunch of victimised saints? Not any more than the Chinese, Malays or any other group are.

But they have it worst around here. There’s little doubt in my mind around that.

They’ve been pushed around, kicked, insulted, made fun of and neglected.

Remember Khairy’s remark about newspaper vendors and the PM’s speech?

What that really symbolises is that in Malaysia, you can kick an Indian and get away with it.

And now they have said “Ya basta!” – Enough!

The community will no longer take this abuse lying down.

Why Hindraf?

Many have expressed their ill ease with a Hindu-centric movement whose approach borders on racism.

I am sympathetic to this objection. I rather doubt that all the sentiments expressed throughout shockingly well attended Hindraf rallies throughout the country espoused the ultra-sensitive and nuanced views that would appease those like me.

No, it probably went more something like: “They (by which I basically mean the Malays) are bitchslapping us, and it’s time we fought back!”

I agree, that’s really not the best way to move forward.

Still, it seems to be the only way things are moving at all.

The popularity of Hindraf clearly points to one thing: a lack of credible Indian leadership that is truly voicing the feelings of the community.

If you have doubts about this, check out any of their rallies.

That MIC has failed and betrayed the Indians hardly bothers exposition.

I will be perfectly honest. Hindraf shows that the opposition has probably failed the Indians as well.

DAP has made some inroads, but they know which side their bread is buttered. KeADILan and Pas seem to have their hands full in their efforts to swing the decisive Malay middle ground – without which quite honestly, all other efforts are futile.

I’m not making excuses. We should be doing more, and we aren’t. Electoral reality has simply put Indians off the map of most.

So, when a group of people wearing a civil society hat step up and really articulate a community’s plight just by speaking from their hearts, that community responds in astounding strength.

Unlike the Chinese, the Indians have so much less to lose.

Something I read and saw the truth of when I attended the solidarity gathering for arrested Hindraf rulers: “The Indians are losing their fear.” (See Malaysiakini)

All they needed was for someone to lead them where they’ve long wanted to go. Since no one else dared or bothered, Hindraf filled the vacuum.

Race: Politics and Principles

Haris Ibrahim’s intelligence is outweighed only by his warmth, which is eminently more important.

He is not attending on Sunday for moral reasons, objecting to the racialist approach taken by Hindraf.

Anwar Ibrahim as well has given qualified support to the rally, feeling that some of the demands and articulations expressed by the group are too extreme, albeit well founded in terms of being based on real exploitation and marginalisation of the community.

Again, I can also agree that yes some temples are built illegally, and yes, like any other community, racism rears its ugly head among the Indians often enough.

Are these reasons for us not to go?

I thought a fair bit about this (while turning over in my head the threat of seeing the inside of the lockup again).

My conclusion is this: If we were to wait for another mass rally that will take a more mature, universalistic approach to race relations while actually having an impact in calling attention to the horrific living conditions facing Indian Malaysians today, we will wait forever.

I expect attendance well in the five figures.

Let’s be honest, no other group is going to pull those numbers in defence of minority rights in Malaysia.

If we don’t stand with them now, we will never stand with them.

We may not agree now, but if we don’t come out when it matters the most, we will never get a chance to dialogue.

We will never get a chance to speak from a position of credibility about the need to unite, and to look beyond parochial interests.

It has been said that the Hindraf approach opens the door for BN to introduce their hoodlums and engineer violence on the scale of May 13, thus plunging the opposition and civil society back some twenty years.

Well, that will certainly be easier to do if there are no Chinese or (especially) Malays standing with the Indians that day.

And the march is not going to be called off; it would be idiotic to suppose so.

So, are we going to walk the talk about multiracialism?

Are we who like to quote Voltaire’s “I may disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” actually going to do anything to defend the right to assemble?

Or are we going to criticise the cops from the comforts of our homes and leave our Indian brothers and sisters to feel just how hard a baton or pipe feels when it comes crashing down on your skull?

When the newspapers print stories of massive racial violence, will the people say “Bullshit – Malays and Chinese stood with the Indians that day.” Or will they say “Shit, BN was right all along: without them, racial violence will run rampant”?

A Petition to the Queen of England?

Might make you feel a bit stupid, yes. Some felt stupid enough presenting a memorandum to the DYMM SPB Agong, much less some foreign liege who incidentally used to ‘rule’ over us.

The strategy and approach has been lampooned, and probably rightfully so.

Do we expect the Queen to say jolly good, and the suit to actually win trillions of ringgit? Don’t make me laugh.

But again, is this really why the Indians are taking to the British High Commission? Because they believe it will win them British citizenship? To think that would be equally laughable.

(Well perhaps not entirely. Once in a blue moon, I think I would take to the streets for British citizenship, haha :)

It would be just as silly to assume that everyone who attended Bersih truly understood the pressing need for electoral reforms, or the complicated process in which BN blatantly cheats its way to victory in the polls.

Quite frankly, to me and to thousands of Indians on the march, that’s not what it’s about.

It’s about greater equality among the races, and about making every Malaysian feel at home in Malaysia.

It’s also about refusing to be raped any more.

The Walk: Ends and Means

I have never believed that one justifies the other. There are lines that just cannot be crossed.

Nonetheless, if there is anything I’ve learnt in my line of work, it’s just how hard it is to dislodge BN.

I object to their every fibre of their being with every fibre of mine, but I’m no fool who underestimates their strength, nor the magnitude of our task ahead.

In my line of work as well, I have witnessed petty squabbles of every imaginable sort.

Needless to say, these are not unique to my field, but exist instead in every human endeavour. This fact does not make them any less unbearable however.

We have seen many who refuse to subscribe to a greater centrist unity due to unflinching belief in certain principles, or in worse cases, an inability to get along on a personal level.

Examples include Ezam & Gerak, Nallakarupan & MIUP, Wee Choo Keong & the MDP, PSM and so on.

I honestly bear none of these people ill will; they certainly have not directed any to me.

I have seen though, division upon division. I’m sympathetic to some reasons for those divisions, as I feel many of the same frustrations those dissenters have felt.

But people are nitpicking over politics, over principles, over pride and over personalities. To me, the only thing that dominates the big picture is disunity.

The question remains: how much do we really want what we want?

If, like me, you truly believe that BN is the root of all rot, how much are you willing to sacrifice to see that their injustices are forever stopped?

Myself, I’m at least willing to go as far as walking on Sunday.

I don’t believe that an Indian-centric approach alone will solve the problems of the Indians, but I do believe that they have been screwed over like few others have ever been screwed over.

I don’t believe in sacrificing a more embracing conceptualisation (“Malaysian rights”) for an increasingly narrow one (“Hindu Rights”), but I do believe that some – if not all – of the grouses are perfectly well founded.

I don’t know exactly what levels of violence if any will be perpetrated on Sunday and by whom, but I do know that if there is any attempt to paint any violence as racial, that at least one Malaysian will be there to do his best to confound the unholy efforts of the spin doctors and bear witness to the truth.

I don’t know whether my walk on Sunday will end at the British High Commission, blocked at some LRT station, or back at the Dang Wangi lockup, but I do know it will begin in the spirit of unity and solidarity.

See you there, I hope.

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  1. BRAVO!
    See u there :)

  2. Thank you, Sir. Actually, I was hoping for a group of 50% or more non Indians, especially Malays to support the handing our the memo. That would make the government take notice of Indian sentiment and also Malysian sentiments.

    Let’s see how many Malaysian actually feel that Indian been marginalised. Once, I remember how little one DPM valued the contribution of Indian in the railway system.( when some asked the top post be given to an Indian.) Though, I don’t agree the post being given to an Indian for sake of being an Indian which I think was wrong too but the manner the words were used. That’s was long time ago. Wonder the man regret for saying so, now.

  3. Well said Nat, I felt too that if I don’t go, I might as well ABANDON my Indian brothers and sisters, more than anything else. I had been swinging from left to right, to go or not to go. After reading your entry, I confirmed my conscience. I’m going.

    Despite the fact that the rally was TECHNICALLY to appeal for British citizenship and trillions of ringgit, I would think that the appeal would merely be symbolic, as I cannot make myself to believe that these well-educated lawyers would even place their hope in such a stupid appeal, like She cares.

    I compared yours with Haris’ and I agree with your reasoning. So I’m going to follow my conscience, I’m going to lend my MALAYSIAN support to my fellow Indian citizens.

  4. It’s rare that I admit this, but I agree with you Nat.

    See you there.

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  6. Hi nat,you were right. We are not going to march for i million dollars. Money doesnt matters. It’s about the fight. We are at the edge of patience. So we will take the streets to show our 50 years-dissappointment and frustrations.

    See you there..

  7. As much as I think the cause is worthwhile, the racialism is a substantial turn-off – and that nonsensical petition/lawsuit seals the deal for me – I’m not going. Not that it matters, since I’m halfway around the world and can’t go for anything Malaysian. :(

    I don’t expect perfect congruence between my views and the views of those organising the rally (there sure as hell wasn’t when it came to the BERSIH do). But when the rally is basically signifying support for a suit alleging colonialist Britain should have upended the democratically-elected government of Malaya…I’ll pass. (I know reasonable folks have other views, but personally, this is just going a wee bit too far.)

    To make up for this bit of a downer, here’s a joke you’ve probably heard from me before: In Malaysia, a Malay problem is a national problem. A Chinese problem is a racial problem. An Indian problem, however, is no problem.

    nat: haha, john, you continue to amuse me no end :) :) john valga! :)

  8. this is not just an indian/hindu problem but involve all malaysian. malaysian are getting a raw deal since the Malaysia gain her independence. Now Malaysian are being treated even worst in the sense that we could not get a job in our own country as all the job are going to foreign worker who willing to accept a lower wage. who is going to protect our right as a to make a decent income and live a decent life in the country where we are born in?

  9. Well Nat, you are not alone of the view that BN is the root of all the rot. And that the Indians brethren are at the worst end of this abuses. Samy Vellu and his people totally failed the Indian community. Of course, the other races are certainly being marginalised. It goes without saying that only one race is favoured. I for one being a little self but ready to offer my little support to slay the Goliath of a BN. If every concerned Malaysians stand up and be counted we can surely defeat this BN Goliath who has caused too much damages to our beloved nation. I will walk with my Indians brethren come this sunday.

  10. I still remember when i was young when i saw a mic leader for some financial asistence as my family was poor he told me he too was to poor to deliver any help although he was driving a merchedze benz.Today i might be comfortable but not rich.I believe many indians are trying hard to break from the cycle of poverty.It is worse when there is no affirmative action on the part of umno controlled goverment.MIC is used by UMNO to show the world that indians are will taken of.
    This is the best oportunity for the indian masses to support the petition by attending the peaceful gathering as malaysians.This indians who are attending as nothing to lose as the majority are very poor.In case this indians are detain they will get some free meals.the 25 ngo who opposed the rally are wealthy and scared of UMNO

  11. 50 long long years of cheating, corruptions, marginalisation, legalised racial discrimination is enough. The country is highly polarised racially and there is no racial unity, crimes is on the rise and a general breakdown of rules and order. The entire system of govt. is breaking down and we are certainly heading towards a Failed State. The call to every citizen of this nation regardless of races to stop the rot is very strong. So, get up everyone, make our vote counts at least for the sake of our children ok. Help make BN a dirty and vulgar word to use.

  12. I have been reading all the write ups on the hindraf march and, Nat ,by far yours surpasses the reasons why one should march inspite of the ‘racialistic’ tinge in the rally itself. I am quite certain that the 3 lawyers did not have racialism in mind when they decided to do this as it would certainly seem that this whole hindraf issue has been born out of sheer desperation and unfortunately race does bare a significant amount as to why hindraf itself was born

    As for the various sarcastic, disdainful and sometime derogatory comments by some, I would like you all to go read Michael Blackman’s article on this issue ie as to the possible reason why the lawyers decided to go and petition the Brits for the indian plight. I am sure these lawyers are not bothered that HM The Queen is not going to bother with their plight, this is their way of shaming the present day Malaysian Government by revealing their plight to the international community, for,do you think for one moment if they had petitioned the Malaysian Government they would have been heard?

    This to me personally is a brilliant act and strategy , perhaps, carefully thought out by these 3 lawyers and by jove! it has caught a fair bit of international attention.

    Nothing will come out it , you say, so what, they would have made their statement and attention would be gained and soon enough just as much as the lawyers in Pakistan have made their statement to the extent that Pakistan has now been suspended from the Commonwealth, perhaps, we may hear of something like this thrown our way in the near future.

    Do I want this to happen, cerainly not! But I do not want my Indian Brethrens being ‘choked’ out in this vicious manner either and to this end, perhaps, the present day Malaysian Government deserves whatever punishment comes their way.

  13. hello my dear malay friends,abang2,kakak2,adik2,pacik2 dan macik2 please allow us indian community to show our cry to the deaf hears of the UMNO BN.WE are are not asking any of your malay rights or hak.We only want to show that we are been neglected and bullied BY the umno.
    Masa nak buka bisiness kata joint venture. KataUNTUNG kita bahagi ikut peratus.Tapi bila sudah UNTUNG makan seorang. Lain orang makan pasir kah?UMNO ini manis di bibir , busuk di hati.Ini kali
    jangan kena TIPU dengan kata2 manis.

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  15. I am totally agreed with you, Malaysian Indians want to be truly Malaysian but the Gov. had shut the door. This walk is just the begin for many more walks in future, I believe the brothers and sisters wont stop until we get justice. I do believe our wise Chinese and Malay brothers will join to show the support as Malaysian. What are we seeking is/are what we should get not more than that….

    The wave won’t rest until it reaches the shore; the Hindraf walk won’t stop until it reaches the embassy

  16. the large dollar signs are in hope to draw attention, …not because the Indians hope to be overnight millionaires…the purpose is to deflect – and to highlight the plight, the beleaguerdness, the crisis that the vast majority of Hindu Indians in Malaysia find themselves facing. How else can a minority living in dire straits, in a dictatorship make itself heard? Who in the present government or past governments for the matter CARE! There are those who claim to represent the interests of this group but only collude with the dictators and impoverish the Hindu Indians father. Their abject failure to safeguard the wellbeing of the community is reflected in the marginalization and humiliation they face everyday at the hands of ruling elite of the country. The self serving collaborators are merely stooges – they only know avarice and self aggrandizement. It is not far off – to claim that the descendents of the Indians the British brought to Malaya, over 150 years are no in better shape than their forefathers who were brought as indentured labour – who toiled in the sugar, rubber and tea plantations. Who toiled and built roads, the railways the utilities in the heat of the tropical sun – not to enrich themselves but to serve the Empire builders, the British. When it was time to leave, they were abandoned and carelessly cut adrift.
    You speak of Hinduism as if it were another kind organized religion.
    Hinduism — is a faith without a national organisation, no established church or ecclesiastical hierarchy, no uniform beliefs or modes of worship — it exemplifies as much the diversity of mankind – it is not an imperial religion – no dictats. It is essentially spiritual and of an ancient civilisation. You are born into Hinduism -it seeks no converts.
    Hindus in Malaysia need a voice and a more global arena to be heard. BN in government is at best cruelly indifferent and at worse callously murderous. So when you next see a poor indian sweeping the streets, cleaning toilets at airports – remember these are the fortunate ones – there are vast numbers in estates and in urban squats merely existing.

  17. Dear Nat,
    I’ve read both yours and Haris’s viewpoints and without a shadow of doubt I totally agree to yours. Haris, if you have been to the estates or the indian slum areas you would understand exactly what Nat is saying. The majority poor indians dont have anyone to turn to until now. This is the only way their voice could and can be heard. And I can totally agree and emphatise with them.

    PAS malays should go and defend the Hindus on Sunday. This simple act will totally win the Indians over and they won’t be hesistant to vote for PAS.

  18. I have deep respect for Harris. Seeing the way he presented himself. But after reading his justifications on why others(non-Hindus) should not attend the 25/11 walk, I must confess I see as True ethnocentric hypocrite. Of course, not to mention he considers himself 1/2 Malay.

    The HINDRAF issue is not REALLY about seeking British citizens nor any form pecuniary compensations for the marginalised Indian community. How many of them who attend the 25/11 dreams to get such? The Indians (Hindus) or Keling or whatever you may call or BRAND us (The NON-MIC TRUE MALAYSIAN INDIANS) had enough of 50 years of institutionalized slavery…WE KNOW FOR SURE NOBODY COULD US UNLESS WE HELPED OURSELVES.

    Thank you HARRIS for revealing your True Colours!! PERIOD!

  19. thank you Nat. a timely show of support from multi racial society.

    hope to see u all.

  20. Nat, much that I do sympathize with the Indians in this country, I cannot support a solely racialist move. Theis whole litigation idea to sue/petition the British Queen is in my personal opinion unwise, and if the goal is for publicity there are other ways of doing it, if they so wished it.

    I truly agree that the Indians have been marginalized, but noticing that there are Indians who get rich and are highly intelligent as well, I question why did they not fight for their collective rights actively from years before? Much that it is what I fell an overdue deed that needs to be done, the focus on Indians and Indians plight only is something that I cannot support.

    My prayers however, will be that they would be safe tomorrow, however unwise it is.

    I SO want to cekik the police who’s blocking the main road that’s nearby my house (Jalan Ampang). Menyusahkan orang je.

  21. Dear Nat,
    For all the shit BN govt have led me into .I have enough !The price of my toll ,kopl o,my lunch,dinner and rent have all gone up my gaji stay the same how COME soon i will eat sand.I am mad n angry but i cant be there my spirit will be.Good luck Hindraf!

  22. If Indian Malaysians are not being marginalized as claimed by our PM and his mediocre ministers especially “sami”,I just don’t understand why after so many years of independence,our Indian brethren are still living in poverty. Even Tamil schools are specially made to show they are poor !

    Malaysian should unite to support their cause and don’t forget to vote BN out for a better future.

  23. right with u on your thoughts.
    if i were to walk with my fellow malaysians tomorrow it will be because of that – being a fellow malaysian. if i were home, i will be there just as i was at bersih.
    i may not swallow the bits on british responsibility but i realised it was the straw they needed to clutch, the reason goes deeper.
    God bless tomorrow, may you all duck the baton, and may the water cannons water the lake gardens instead.

  24. to see so many people still living in poverty esp. Indian go to shows the failure of the NEP.
    One prong of the NEP is to eradicate poverty irrespective of race but look at what is happening in our country. The BN and their crony rentseekers have hijacked the NEP and enriched themselves

    It is sad and frustrating to see all this going on around us but are not able to do anything about it bcos the gov. controls everything including the police

    Maybe we should take a leaf from Mahatma Ghandhi and make the gov hear us

  25. My fervent prayers will be with you and I also pray God punishes the corrupted, evil leaders of this country… That the sins of the fathers be visited upon the sons!

  26. It is difficult to deny that Hindraf demands and criticisms are not racial or religous centric. Its fairly explicit.

    Nvertheless I sympathised with the Indians community. Poverty is a human disaster irrespective of race. Many have failed the Indians. Their own MIC leaders, community leaders, system and even themselves. I’ll not expand on my accusation at you’ll.

    Look even Malays are generally discriminated lots. Our leaders and ruling elites, including raja2 Melayu which gelombang kuning is trying to revive, have failed us.

    We may have article 153 to fall back, by virtue of our historical rights. Even that has been severely abused. The lower class of Malay society do not have that access. The help comes when votes are sought for. Anwar Ibrahim was part and parcel of it also.

    Your lawsuit agst the British could open possibilities for Malays to sue the British Government. Perhasp RM10 million for each Malay?

    I know this is stereotyping but in general there is some truth. In general, Indians have excitable, argumentative and emotional tendency. This could easily be exploted.

    I urge Hindraf to keep a cool head and not get exploited by interest group and politicians.

  27. You have a row of dominoes set up; you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is that it will go over very quickly.
    Dwight D. Eisenhowe

  28. A march of a thousand miles begins with one major step. Mountains cannot be moved but they can be burrowed. Hindraf had done the right thing.

  29. John Howard just lost as PM in Australia. He is the 2nd longest serving PM. goliath is slained…

  30. Am 100% agree with you….

  31. I am so touched, by your sincerity, sensibility, warmth, empathy and understanding. I am so glad you constructed this blog, for others to see from, learn from, participate and join in as one voice, as sensible Malaysians, of the future. My prayers go with you on the Hindraf walk. However, I do really, really, hope that ordinary Malaysian Indians are clear about the purpose of the walk. The claim made to the Queen is rather puzzling, it is like some idea somebody mentioned at a casual talk but has been thought to be so brilliant and now has gone out of proportion. Malaysian Indians should really march to highlight their plight in this country for equal rights, and respect for their great religion and culture. That I think is the whole point, it must address the failure of the MIC leadership in the BN coalition. Otherwise, the walk can be misconstrued as a move that fuels further ethnic divide in the country. There are already emotional expressions against sincere views, I am referring to Magendran speaking of Haris, no, this shouldn’t lead to that sort of thing. This is what sensible Malaysians MUST avoid.

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  33. Nate, this was absolutely brilliant!

    The notion of suing the Brits sounds ridiculous, even more blaming them for something that happened a century ago.

    Not many people understand this is not so much of a money-making venture (USD4tril is a rather impressive sum) than a statement that Indians won’t take it lying down.

    What other avenue is there to view grievances? Are Malaysians so stupid as to believe MIC and by extension the govt would do something when they’ve not done so for the past 50 years?

    It’s about public awareness, not just national but international.

    I’m a Christian Indian, an engineer and not exactly poor. But I know that there are many Indians out there (whom I can’t completely identify with) who have been abused by all and sundry. No one cares.

    But the fact that there are our Malay and Chinese brethren joining in this fight for justice is just heartwarming and something to be utterly proud of.

    People like you make Malaysia a great place to be in.

  34. Children who will be attending a Tamil primary school in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, in the near future may mistake their alma mater for a horror movie set.

    This is because the school is slated to be constructed in the midst of not one, but numerous cemeteries several times its size.

    Shuddering at the thought, Bukit Jalil estate resident V Loudesmary said she does not understand how the authorities can imagine children going to school under such circumstances.

    Maybe the Education Minister can be made to work as the gardener cum watchman at the school.
    PM can be the `sleeper` there.

  35. Truly agree! The details is not the point here. I would walk with our fellow Indian Malaysians this Sunday. But being here in Spore, I can only walk with you in spirit. However, I have been encouraging my friends in KL to show their support. Hopefully it will be a truly multiracial walk. And I strongly pray that nothing untoward will happen tomorrow. (PDRM, spare your kezaliman please. You should be a force to protect the people, not the opposite.)

  36. To all brothers and sisters,

    Stand united or the deprived lots ( the Malays, Indians and Chinese = Malaysians ) will be deprived for another 50 more years.

    Walk with the Hindraf……support the cause..not the rotten government or AAB.

  37. victim of New Economic Policy. Screwed up educational, economic policy. I went for 7 government interviews in 80’s…ask for citizenship. I don’t have one..but i have blue the back of IC written WNU2…meaning warga negara undang2…i’m citizen by operation of law…the PSD secretary shouted at me during during the interview…saya minta citizenship…awak tak faham ke..bodoh..keling cakap banyak..i cried and went back to registration dept for clarification..they assured …i’m a citizen…who’s bodoh

  38. Reading Nat’s article made me feel that there may be some hope for this nation of ours. I am glad to see a young man like Nat who is ever so willing to step up, not because he is a brave lad, to champion the plight of the minority.

    Nat, you are exactly the type of person whom I believe the rakyat should put in Parliament. For that matter, should you ever contest in the coming GE, I will support you, even if you stand as a PAS candidate.

  39. The Myanmar Buddhist monks and civilians had recently march to seek for justice. This Sunday our Indian brothers and sisters will also be doing the same. Let us send “metta” (loving kindness) to them and the arm forces so that the March will be peaceful and no unnecessary violence will happened.

    Let us pray that their petition will be submitted successfully.

    A Buddhist Brother

  40. sir, yes all must go…..50 years is enough…..

  41. My prayers with you and all of those going for the Hindraf rally today, nat. I agree with the reasons you’re walking, and I wish I was in KL once more hahaha..!

    As for this rally not being multiracial, I don’t think it’s a sufficiently good reason not to be going – the suffering of one community (be it Indian, Malay or Chinese) should be seen as the burden of every Malaysian.

    Good luck, stay safe and bring your goggles. :)

  42. after 50 years of merdeka most indian are big supporters of BN govt, like ijok by election, indian should channel your dissatisfaction to vote out BN, not to support them like a chinese and malay.

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  44. The plights of Indian started with the Indian called Mahatir. He extracted himself from the race , turned himself into another creature brain-wahed the nations changed its prioroties till it is what you see today.

    Putting this man aside, it is high time that we all need a change. Every Indian, Malay chinese has a right to live and earn a decent living.

    Whether the rally is multi-racial or not is another question. If it is a success, it will be a force to reckon with in future.

    Go for it. You have my support.

  45. My prayers go to all those folks brave to march alongside Hindraf. Your sacrifice, like what the beloved Burmese monks did for their nation, will empower the rest of the population and shed off discrimitory ideas about Hinduism. I hope all those attend will stay cool, not lift their hands to strike those who provoke, but stay cool, with hands clasped in prayer for the cause of a peaceful malaysia. – LOKA SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU!

  46. Nobody will stop you from doing business, education, work, etc……
    Why Malaysian like to blame everybody for thier mistake.
    Open your eyes, see the world. See the reality.

  47. I think this is not really an issue about Indians anymore. This is an issue of all Malaysians to unite as one race. When we go overseas, we never mention ourselves as a certain race. We say we are from Malaysia. Being multi-ethnic, we must respect each other’s religions. All Malaysians should respect one another and be as one. Then only we are able to develop and move forward as a country and as a united community.

    I will say that I will walk, for only one reason. For me to take a part in the change for a better future. I will walk for all my Malaysian friends.

    We are one. We are together.

    I think this shouldn’t be looked at as a ‘Hindu walk’ anymore. It should be looked at as a ‘Malaysian walk’.

    For me, suing the Queen can be looked at as stupid and illogical. But I feel that this is symbolic. All efforts have been thwarted. We have to overcome roadblocks and police to even walk on our own roads. Of course she doesn’t care. But the government better open up their eyes and take into account how serious Malaysians are now in demanding a fair and better future.

    I say, don’t walk as an Indian. Walk as a Malaysian.

  48. those umno people especially the pm no matter what u trow at them its unless … And the agong needs to speak for himself … who else can stop this filthy country ?

    Its either the agong or us …

    Gd luck in hindraf dun let those !@#$% police stop you in what u believe best of wishes – jesse

  49. WAY TO GO NAT!!! this is my 1st visit to your blog.
    With this article am putting your blog in my browsers favorite list.

  50. Five buses load of ppl left our plant today from Prai, Penang early morning to BE THERE.
    Its either NOW or NEVER.
    We all know this has nothing to do with inciting racial slurs [ as what they are being charged for ] actually they are just telling the ppl how much the umno lead govt had neglected them with slides taken from their own umno lead print medias. Actually the umno lead govt should be ashamed of this unfair treatments to their own citizens. I now strongly feel that this umno lead govt has no conscious of helping anyone else other than their own. But on a happier note i have more malay frens than any other races that which am happy about. Meanwhile we should be ALL UNITED to rid off this umno lead leaders who are korap to the core in every aspect.

  51. This is not about religion but about marginalisation. I resent comments that Indians here and better off them Indians in India. That’s not the point. These are Malaysians we are talking about.
    Hindraf has taken the initiative and we all need to support them. i am hoping to be there.
    I pray for a peaceful rally.

  52. well,me.reading all comments can sum up to only one thing.we malaysian need to show our true BROTHERHOOD is the time regardless of race or faith.we malaysian whether we agree or not can proudly walk down the streets and knowing deep inside we live in harmony with all colours of people.this is the only unique thing about malaysia.the best place on earth.hope this not only an indian agenda.i see and believe all middleclass malaysian regardless of race are been margnalised.brothers and sister we are sensible people,lets not get emotional on anyone statement.its thier personal view.tq and god bless all and god save malaysia………….

  53. When they came for the people a certain national origin,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that national origin.

    When they came for the people a certain gender,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that gender.

    When they came for the people of a certain color,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that color.

    When they came for the people of a certain race,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that race.

    When they came for the people of a certain creed,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that creed.

    When they came for the people a certain belief,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that belief.

    When they came for the people a certain political affiliation,
    I remained silent;
    I was not of that political affiliation.

    When they came for me,
    … There was none left to speak out!

  54. and pls bring along raincoats…………..just incase only lah….

  55. I am proud of our 3 brothers who formed Hndraf and highlighted the issues. We have waited long enough and I think thats enough, we Indians should wake up, get ready and go for it. If we don’ t get united now then when ? after all we are requesting and not taking. If t his is wrong then what is right ?
    I would like to share my personel experiance at the job interview in 20-11-1985 for a govt job, whent I entered the interview room, I heard one of the officer saying burung gagah datang bertemuduga and the rest of them was laughing.It was a pain .I was happy not getting the job because working for those who do not appreciate is like killing my self. So what we want is equal right thats all and my full support is for all malaysian who feel for each others.

  56. i should be there for this cause… i don’t want to regret 20 years later. This is a wake up call for me. Thanks guys!

  57. Guys, see the great difference between Nat and Harris’s view. You got full marks Nat.

  58. I am walking too!
    Getting ready now.
    Black said I should meet you one day. Hope so.

  59. Malaya originated from the Tamil/Sanskrit word: Malai- Mountain & Ur – Land.
    The Ancient (Hindu} Kingdom of SriVijaya extended all the way thro Malaya{Bujang Valley} to Indonesia & Cambodia.
    The word Bumi is sanskrit – Earth & Putra also sanskrit – Prince.
    The Indian race,culture & civilization if the heritage & foundation of Malaysia{along with the Malay,Chinese,etc}
    So form NGOs small but effective.
    Link up with malays,chines,ibans,dalayks,melanaus,eurasians.doing smallish things and achieving big results.
    And pls remember we are Malaysians of INDIAN ORIGIN, not just Hindu and not just tamil.
    File legal action here in Malaysia citing the Br.Government as Respondent/Defendant.Serve it on the Hign Commission.BRING THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HERE TO OUR COURTS! Then come out 100,000 strong at Jalan Duta.
    Incidentally, the name PATIL is from Urudu{an indian language} and is a common name for a person/family especially the Gujuratis!

  60. off-topic : a forsaken victim of SUHAKAM !

    SUHAKAM has humiliated and treated me as merely a silly old ‘guinea-pig’ for its commissioners to try out how INQUIRY could be conducted on 24-7-2000 when I was called up to KL from Ipoh to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY on my issue of ‘quest for justice’!
    Nothing was done even till 2 years later when a new committe was formed and my case was closed, NFA !!

    The chairman,exDPM ate his words although he has on 31-7-2000 shook my hand and promised me, ” dun worry , well do our BEST to help you !”

    Millions and millions have spent on SUHAKAM,…SIGH !!

  61. it is obvious why musa was granted an additional 2 years’ contract. And then the attempt to extend Fairuz’s service and now this idi*t of the EC’s Chairman.

    But I digress. God bless and keep all the marchers safe.

  62. Well, the Indians of Hindraf were really brave today. They were generally peaceful around the Jalan Ampang area. Around 5,000++ estimated to have been there hundreds others stuck at Batu Caves, KLCC, buses detained at Setapak and other police stations. I must give credit to them, they did well facing the FRU. The FRU has just succesfully broken the demo and are now arresting people.

    For the pics go to

    For previous pics go to http:[email protected]/tags/hindraf/

    Update: Al-Jazeera reports that the rally has turned violent with demonstrators throwing back tear gas canisters at the police.

  63. This is truly an expression of a marginalized race of the Malaysian community. The Indians have no opportunity to express their suffering and noone to turn to for restitution.This action is bold and it is a voice of dissent. It is actually saying enough is enough; it ends right here. I know of pregnant women and children who are going to the rally. Fear is certainly not on their minds. This is the beginning of the voice of dissent . Many who have felt relentlessly marginalized regardless of whether it is racial or otherwise , and many more will be emboldened to speak now.

    There seems to be a confusion in regards to why the Queen or the British Government is being summoned in regards to this matter. Some call it ridiculous, some call it nonsensical; and others call it a demonstration of driving home a point. Many of our young Malaysians dont know our history and how we got our independence. The book ‘ The Reluctant Politician’ on the viewpoints and the life of Tun Dr Ismail explains it. Malaysia got its independence through an assurance from the British Government , that all Malaysians are united in their demand for independence. That they were together in one purpose. That all of their rights were to be protected and represented by the independent manifesto of the independence movement. All of this understanding then went on to be enshrined in our constitution. The constitution unfortunately is not being referred to as the guiding light and spirit in the establishement of policies and the passing of laws today. You will also need an independent judiciary to protect and defend the constitution. So here we are. The voice of dissent has started , thanks largely to the information age . And it will continue until it finds justice. Shabas Malaysians!

  64. mmhm.

  65. nat you’ve got this amazing thing where you can really speak bout what you’re passionate about :) i think its great.

  66. […] had previously objected to the rally itself, and I respect his decision. Nat will be walking with Hindraf for his reasons, too. For whatever reasons for and against, the violence to which the Indians are […]

  67. Amen

  68. Why Indians still not as progressive as the Chinese can be seen from the comments posted here.

    Hitler declared, “We think with our blood” and we all know what happened to him and his Third Reich….

    There is too much emotion and very little thinking involved in our Indian society.

    No need to speculate or accuse me being a MIC person (fyi I am not even a member). I am an Indian who made it from the poor estate to a management position in a MNC without any political connection or help.

    Don’t talk about 50 years of suffering. Think back 50 years ago…most of us were still in estates and living in abject poverty. And look around now, most of us are in a decent situation economically (may be not rich but quite comfortable nevertheless). If you show me one Indian who lives below poverty line and I will show you that the fault is his/her by being lazy. I can’t understand why a Bangla or Indon who is an immigrant can own house and bangalows but we Indians keep harping about a lack of opportunities.

    You think MIC never help ? Hello think again. Without MIC we will be still in rubber/palm oil estates. How many Indian can get into a public U on pure merit ? No way we can beat the Chinese on academic results and if not for Samy, we will still be tapping rubber as his constant fight helped us gain U places with special Indian quota.

    You think Samy sold out ? Think again. There is no Indian in Malaysian history who is as dedicated and determined as him and rendered more service to the community. Indians have benefitted so much because of his stature as senior minister. How many Malay ministers can stand with him in terms of seniority ? Only PM,DPM and another one or two.

    You think HINDRAF can help ? Do you know the leaders’ history ? You think the Malaysian govt will ever negotiate with HINDRAF ? They will NOT. All this stupid demo is going to harden the govt position. If things go out of control, forget about ever getting any help from the govt. We are already being viewed as a criminal community and these actions will only re-inforce it.

    You talk about freedom of religion ? You mean you don’t have it ? Please tell me where in Malaysia Hindus don’t have a temple. In fact we have far too many temples in Malaysia. The temple demolition is a legal issue as the ones demolished are ILLEGAL, each and everyone of them. Don’t get misled by HINDRAF, there NO legal temples have been torn down.

    Malaysia is the only country outside India to have so many temples and Tamil school and a vibrant Indian culture. And we are far better off than the Indians in India.

    My appeal is DON’T destroy the things that our forefathers and Samy Vellu build thru sweat and blood in the last 50 years by some idiotic action that led by HINDRAF.

    And this suit against the British govt has 0% chance of success.All the talk about Reid Commision are lies, you can find out if you do some simple research yourself.

    There are problems facing us and I don’t think we are in a situation where we are unable to talk further. I believe the present govt is a lot more open and willing to listen to our grouses. Don’t do something silly and bite the hand that feeds.

    If something bad happens, the generation of Indians to come will blame HINDRAF and us for that. The future of Indian community is our hands, don’t destroy it your anger.

    Think, think and think.

    Remember, we are only 7%, and there is no way we can succeed with violence. Look at the Sri Lankan Tamils, you want to be like them ? That’s what will happen to us if we choose to fight. Anyway to be fair to the Sri Lankan Tamils, they were oppressed unlike us who is enjoying much economic health and social/religious freedom. But the point is if you choose to use force against a much larger majority, you can’t win.Even if you don’t lose, you will destroy the generation.

    And my last advice is, for those people who think we have gotten worse in the last 50 years, please apply for PR in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. and good luck. And then you will realise why we should be thankful to live in Malaysia.Anandha Krishnan is one of the most richest man in Malaysia…and that is what we call opressed?! If you want the indians to go foward,help yourself and move on.

  69. Ananda krsna is no ordinary indian. He survives by kissing the ass of UMNO goons. He has done zero for the indians or anyone else for that matter. I never consider this guys human.

  70. What has become to us? When i was born into this multiracial country i was proud because we as a nation were UNIQUE in our on way….What has happen to equal rights? Has it been flushed down the toilet bowl? Tell me because i myself fail to understand the term ” bersatu kita teguh,bercerai kita roboh that has been drilled into my head from standard one…..i have yet to see to see in materialize !
    Don’t you people know that a indiividual colour is only skin deep? I keep asking this question in my head after hearing about this protest…To all my friends whom were there ,I salute you!!!

  71. “You think Samy sold out ? Think again. ”

    No need to think. We all know he sold out the Indian community to the tune of 9 million Telekom shares.

  72. I think there is no better person or government to sue than the Queen and the British Government. Why? because, the British brought indians not just to Malaysia, but to Fiji, Singapore, Africa etc…But in countries where there are no discrimination (or at least like in Malaysia) Indians have prospered. But in Malaysia and Fiji, (even African countries like Zimbabwe) Indians were not given equal opportunity to uplift themselves. The indians who were able to improve themselves in Malaysia, had the opportunity to do so before the NEP went into effect. The British just left Indians in these countries without leaving any safeguards for the plight of the Indians. The british did not bring Indians to well to do countries like UK or Canada. Infact the Komatagaru incident shows that the british had no intentions of having indians in their country or any other anglo-saxon country and only wanted to use them as indentured labourers since using African people as slaves has been stopped.

  73. Nat,

    I salute you. Please share with us your experience participating in the Hindraf rally.

  74. Hi every1…. my msg here is for ‘Dont Destroy Ur Self’ who wrote a msg earlier on Nov 25, 2007 at 1:52 pm.

    Pls read that msg 1st before reading mine to get a better understanding..

    1)pls dnt talk abt indons,bangla,sri lankans or whoever.. now u r in msia! wht all indian msian r askin is only equal rights!! we r not askin to b rich like the UK Indian or Spore indian or whoever! we only want the cake to be share fairly n accordingly…

    2)y must the malays b known as bumiputra n be given very special priveiledge such as buyin a house for a lower price,easy entrance in goverment bodies, i think every1 should already knw all the preveiledges, dnt hv for me to say..

    3)its not wether HINDRAF can help or not?! at least something is being done by them to help the indian..

    4)who said tht we hv freedom of religion? just for ur info,
    we r not talkin about hindus, ITS ABOUT INDIANS!!!
    i have alot of friend who r indian muslim n unable to convert to other religion!! what u call this?

    5)dnt compare us with India indian, n tht we r better than them.. WE ARE MALAYSIAN INDIANS!! if i’m in India, i won’t b comparing..

    6)there’s no need in doin any simple research to knw the truth, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING JUST RIGHT INFRONT OF YOUR EYES.

    7)Wat indian r doin is not FIGHTING its taking action.. as said ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!

    8)I do agree tht Anandha Krishnan is one of the most richest man in Malaysia, but who told.. news,papers,radio or etc.. I think its you who should be doin the research..
    And you will come to know that there are tonnes and tonnes of malays who are UNDECLARED MILLIONAIRES just by CORRUPTIONS!! They r not in papers or any media for you to find out….

    9)And finnaly from me, WELL DONE HINDRAF!!! SYABAS!!!

  75. i get this feeling of intense solidarity when reading the posts and comments. Kudos to you guys. if the same situation were to happen in my country, i wonder if the other races would stand by mine. ;) Good luck, and all the best.

  76. […] 27 November, 2007 by shmishtabel So I hope that many of you (especially, but not only Malaysians) are keeping up to date with all the brouhaha that’s occurring in Malaysia… with the Hindraf rally, and much more alarmingly, the government’s response to the rally. Read about what’s behind the rally in the first place, and my brother’s view on the importance of the nation uniting to march. […]

  77. Its interesting how the issue with the petition placed in the british courts has created so much uphoria in the international media. I guess that was the purpose. Don’t see any claims will ever be paid. The ploy seems to have worked. Now its international news which a lot of people are reading and updating themselves on the situation in Malaysia. The first bunch of idots that should be kicked out should be Samy and his henchmen.
    Reading all the contents in the blog just shows how angry and frustrated the younger generation are feeling. The issues raised by HINDRAF are very valid as they have been the most marginalised together with the poorer ones from the other communities. What these guys have done is a monumental task under much constrain to awaken the sleeping giant called “Justice for all”. Don’t let it sleep again until fairness and equal opportunities are given to the poor from all communities. Remember its the fate of your grand & great-grand children you are fighting for…

  78. It was with a sense of deja vu when after reading your “WHY I WILL WALK THIS SUNDAY” that I read this rather quaint poem sent to me by a friend:

    A Mouse Story

    A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package.

    ‘What food might this contain?’ The mouse wondered –
    he was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

    Retreating to the farmyard,
    the mouse proclaimed the warning…..

    ‘There is a mousetrap in the house!
    There is a mousetrap in the house!’

    The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said,
    ‘Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it.’

    The mouse turned to the pig and told him,
    ‘There is a mousetrap in the house!
    There is a mousetrap in the house!’

    The pig sympathized, but said,
    ‘I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do about it but pray.
    Be assured you are in my prayers.’

    The mouse turned to the cow and said,
    ‘There is a mousetrap in the house!
    There is a mousetrap in the house!’

    The cow said,
    ‘Wow, Mr. Mouse. I’m sorry for you, but it’s no skin off my nose.’

    So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer’s mousetrap– alone.

    That very night a sound was heard throughout the house — like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey.

    The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was caught.
    In the darkness, she did not see it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

    The snake bit the farmer’s wife.
    The farmer rushed her to the hospital and she returned home with a fever.

    Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup’s main ingredient.

    But his wife’s sickness continued,
    so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock.
    To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.

    The farmer’s wife did not get well; she died.
    So many people came for her funeral,
    the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them.

    The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness.

    So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it doesn’t concern you,
    remember — when one of us is threatened, we are all at risk.

    We are all involved in this journey called life.
    We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another. ”

    My fellow Malaysians, do we still look the other way? Can we afford to keep looking the other way?

  79. Thank you Nat for this really good piece.

    Hey Eli…how come people dont react when you call them “brainless reactionary liebrals?” (btw, i love that). but my “hypocrite” label offended some people. sigh…

    Well, the rejection of Hindraf isnot about multiculturalism but politics. We all see how clearly UMNO was mentioned as the perpetrator. But clearer still for me is who people’s political master is, and that’s where they throw their support.

    I am glad the Hindraf rally happenned. It gave many of us a chance to re-think our politics and actisim.

  80. Gosh i am chinese and still remembers my old indian and malays friends and joked about Bengalli Singh which was then so close. How long was that ? Exactly 16 years ago when I was in primary.

    Why did the government break us up ?

    Its really a blessing that we are in Malaysia with other races together. The government thinks otherwise.

    Why government you destroy our nation ?
    You talk about violence is not the malaysian way.

    You should Proved it to us. Not only you have failed to do it but trying to incite hate among my Faizal, Joseph, Mandy lee, and Gurminder Singh.

    To tell you the truth, you may not suffer from your greediness but your children will and maybe 10 fold because of your wickedness.

  81. Kudos to all those who attended the rally and showed the international media and people how badly we are treated here
    in Malaysia.
    The tamil schools are in such a deplorable state but the malaysian goverment is magnanimous in wanting to build schools for indonesian children. About the indons and banglas having
    bungalows, the issue here is not about being a malaysian. you can be be from any country, as long as you are a muslim, you can find paradise in malaysia.You don’t have to born here to qualify for bumiputra status. The chinese and indians here, can die for their country, but they will never qualfy for any ‘special privileges.’
    The Indians need HINDRAF but anything to be conveyed should be done in a peaceful manner. Use your voting rights. Come out and show you can do it!

  82. […] and petition. I understand that the massive turnout on Nov 25 was a cry of distress. Nathaniel Tan’s ‘Why I will walk this Sunday’ is an eloquent peroration on why all Malaysians must wake up, […]

  83. Malaysia’s State controlled media is very biased and white washed by [deleted].

    Berita Harian should be called “berita Hairan”

  84. I thank God thhere are thinking individuals like you that are able to see beyond the watchtower walls of comunalism. I am reminded of the statesman Dr Tan Chee khoon, he was one of the few who had the capacity to speak for the downtroden without fear or favor.

    As a non-Tamil Indian of Christian background I am deeply disturbed by the lack of non-Indian voices in their support for this legitimate walk for justice and human rights. Unfortunately, the umno putras have conveniently camoflouged it as a racial issue to diver attention from its ethnic cleansing of Indians.

    As you have rightly pointed out the Indians have been crushed for decades. The tared our roads and they became like the melting tar, their children faced the same cycle of poverty, discrimination and bullying.

    The Indians have often stood with others in the cause of fighting against injustices, often to the point of losing the little fincances they have got and often losing their lives. However, when Indians stand up for their own plight, they stand alone. Nevertheless, it is time to stand up and be counted, it is time to speak out against the “Police prison lock up mystery deaths”, it is time to speak out against the establishment’s silence and refusal to prosecute those who perpetrated brutal killings of innocent Indian families in Kampong Medan.

    Selective journalism has been with us long before the oldest profession. And it does exhibit its “assets” for maximum appeal. Rock, of Rocky Bru blog quotes a Singapore news paper interview as it is a “credible source.” It is like quoting ‘what i did to my sister’s husband’ from “True Confessions” magazine.

    It amuses me to varying degrees of hilarity and sorrow as to how far some would go to legitamize their prejudice and religous bigotry against Indians. After all Rocky as well of the dearth of former Barisan media enuchs are only too familiar with the tradition of the boys at NST group and party.

    Feeding off the crumbs of Umno printing press act table can have an adverse effect on your sense of loyalty or allegiance. Rice bowl journalism does create a dependence that is hard to disenggage.

    It is interesting to observe that none of the goverment-controlled media has dared to break ranks from the establishment leash or to feature an independent non-biased interview giving Uthayakumar’s view or version of the Hindraf march.The issue of multiple deaths of Indians in prison or to the Kampong Medan killings has been deliberately concealed.

    I have yet to see Rocky or any of the BN concubine media take Umno Youth keris waving jihadists to task for inciting racial and religous violence. The simple fact is threats of ethnic cleansing by Umno putraa and ultras are to be gotten used to…. and we the non-bumis must not make a big deal of it.

    After all, are we not to smile and politely nod as hamba Melayu? We must softly repeat that we are are just servants of the ketuanan Melayu. Dalaut bumiputra! Silakan guna keris anda untuk hapuskan orang kafir cina dan india dan lain bangsa Malaysia yang bukan islam. Dalaut bumiputra!

    The legitimate issues brought up by Hindraf will not be eclipsed by selective journalism, nor the deliberate twisting of statements. As Malaysians witnessed, none of the goverment-controlled media told the truth about the Police and FRU bulldozing the Batu Caves temple and its shooting of chemical-laced water jets and tear gas into captive crowds.

    Infact the media went on a rampage to feature a tirade of fabricated “scoops” like the allegation that Hindraf members allegedly attacked an Indian restaurant in Brickfields(Paandi). Even in their retraction (when the restaurant owner himself exposed their blatant lies), the Star failed to acknowledge its fabrication.

    The Malaysian public will no longer be bamboozeled by media fabrications, and neither will the threats of Umno putras or their agents be succesful. Indians of various religous background and persuasions will stand with Hindraf for the following reasons:

    Firstly, Hindraf has a legitimate right to speak out against the systematic ethnic cleansing of poor and marginalised Indians. There is irrefutable evidence of this in the aspect of multiple deaths or “Police related lock-up deaths” and the involment of goverment officials.

    Uthayakumar himself has documented death threats against him and destruction to his car and property for his dedication in exposing these injustices.

    Secondly, Indians of other religous and ethnic persuasions have witnessed these injustice hapenning to them with the destruction of churches and property including the demolition of crosses and statues in Christian schools and Convents. There is documented evidence of these and other violations and the goverment must demonstrate sincerity in its claim to openess.

    Thirdly, the current MIC agents of Umno has continued to betray the trust the Indian community has given them. They will not receive any support either in the elections or in leadership. The Indian community has broken its silence and its voice will never be silenced.

    All the malicious propaganda that they are on a path of violence to overthrow the goverment is simply a pernicious deflection concoted by Umno. The blatant racisim and apartheid of Umno will not prevail. Malaysians of all ethnic and religous persuasion will see the witing on the wall and take a stand against it.

  85. […] “Why I will walk This Sunday” – Nathaniel Tan “Why I will not walk this Sunday and why the walk must not proceed” – Haris Ibrahim […]

  86. […] didn’t go for him,” Stephen said.Click here for Al-Jazeera’s video clip on You Tube.Original postingWhy I will walk this Sunday, by Nathaniel TanWhy I will not walk this Sunday (and why the walk must not proceed), by Haris […]

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